Get to Know Park Solomon [Lomon], The Breakout Star From “All Of Us Are Dead”

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All Of Us Are Dead” Actor Lomon [aka Park Solomon] is taking over the internet with his looks and good acting.

“All Of Us Are Dead” premiered on Netflix last night and its already generating many responses from fans and critics alike. The series is on its way to dominate the Top 10 TV shows on Netflix Worldwide.

Many people have already begun looking into the actors who led the drama and among the ones who received massive attention is Actor Lomon [aka Park Solomon].

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But who is Actor Lomon [aka Park Solomon]?

Actor Lomon, born Park Solomon, is a rising rookie actor born in 1999. He’s been active as a child actor since 2014 but took a break from acting in South Korea in 2017, he came back five years later with “All Of Us Are Dead.”

He first gained attention appearing in the 2017 drama “Sweet Revenge,” he didn’t return for the second season of the web drama.

He’s been gaining massive attention from “All Of Us Are Dead” following its premiere. The rising actor is being praised for his acting and his good looks.

How tall is Park Solomon?

Park Solomon is known for his amazing physique, he’s 1.83m tall [6 ft].

Where was actor Park Solomon born? and how old is?

The rising actor was born in Uzbekistan in 1999, Park Solomon is 22 years old. He moved to Korea at the age of 5 where he currently resides.

What role does Actor Park Solomon play in “All Of Us Are Dead”?

Lomon takes on the role of the cool and strong Lee Su Hyeok in “All Of Us Are Dead.” He’s the faithful friend who isn’t afraid of sacrificing himself or putting himself in danger if it means saving his friends from a zombie attack.

What are Park Solomon’s TV Shows?

Park Solomon has been active in the industry since 2014. He’s been in many TV shows including Bride of the Century, 4 Legendary Witches, Lookout, Shopaholic Louie, Doctors and more.

What is Actor Park Solomon Instagram account?

Actor Lomon is active on Instagram, his Instagram handle is @lomon991111. It has been a little over 24 hours since the release of “All Of Us Are Dead” and he’s already gained over 250,000 new followers. Lomon’s Instagram account had around 250K followers when the drama aired, he’s currently sitting at 500K followers as of this writing, he’s seen massive growth after the drama premiered as people began searching his name.

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