7 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait To Watch “While You Were Asleep”

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“While You Were Asleep” airs its first highly anticipated episode in less than 24 hours, the drama is by far the most anticipated kdramas of 2017.

The news of cast were confirmed back in late 2016, and since the drama was 100% pre-produced, many photos of the two leads out and about filming were released to the public.

Some by fans who caught a glimpse of the two filming, others released by SBS itself. This drama cannot come any sooner.

Thus, and since we’re super excited about the drama premiere tomorrow, here are 7 reasons why we can’t wait to watch “While You Were Asleep.”

This is the last Lee Jong Suk drama before his military enlistment


The sad pending enlistment of Lee Jong Suk haunts all of his fans including us. This is the last kdrama by actor Lee Jong Suk before he officially enlists in the military.

The actor was supposed to enlist back on August 10, 2017, but he decided to delay it due to his prior commitments to his movie V.I.P and his upcoming drama “While You Were Asleep.”

The actor had to do enough press to promote the drama and his movie in which he played the villain for the first time, thus he decided to delay it for now.

But fans are well aware that the actor is probably enlisting this year, as far as we know the actor doesn’t have any more projects lined up, and is only actively promoting “While You Were Asleep” with the rest of the main cast.

The actor will enlist for 21 months, which is pretty long for fans, fans will miss him as they have to go without him for about 2 years before he is released and back again doing a drama or a movie.

We can’t wait to see his last project before he leaves us to fulfil his duty.

Suzy anticipated comeback drama


Suzy is one of the most popular Korean idols of our age, her beauty, sweet voice and polite attitude makes her the ultimate catch, many directors and writers would like to work with her.

Back in mid-2016 she took part in the melodramatic drama “Uncontrollably Fond” alongside Kim Woo Bin, the two showcased great acting chops and good chemistry.

Many fans thought that this was by far the best acting performance by Suzy, she was highly praised for the way she played her role in the drama.

Shortly after the drama wrapped up, Suzy was in the news for joining the cast of the upcoming SBS drama “While You Were Asleep”, Lee Jong Suk was also confirmed for the role.

Which made fans pretty excited, many were looking forward to see what would Suzy next move be, we can’t wait to see what she has to offer in her new role.

Suzy was also praised by many SBS insiders for her great acting chops, the teaser trailers also tells us that Suzy will be taking on a completely different character, a character she has never played before.

The intriguing plot


Lets all admit it, who here doesn’t like some prosecutor action?

“While You Were Asleep” tells the story of a prosecutor named Jae Chan who tries to stop a young girl named Hong Joo dreams from becoming a reality.

Hong Joo can see the future in her dreams, and everything she dreams of becomes a reality, she struggles to accept that, because in her dreams good things don’t always happen.

Together Hong Joo and Jae Chan team up to stop her dreams/nightmares from becoming a reality, will they succeed?

The plot is one of the most interesting ones in 2017, while there were many future-past-present dramas in 2017, there is nothing quite like “While You Were Asleep.”

The melodramatic drama promises viewers tension, suspense and romance in each episode, as the couple grow closer and fall in love while trying to catch criminals before disaster takes place.

Lee Jong Suk and Suzy’s chemistry


This pair was one of many kdrama fans dream-pairs that actually became a reality.

When the news of the two sharing the screen broke out, many fans were excited to see what will come out of their collaboration, will the two succeed in making us believe they’re a couple?

Lee Jong Suk couldn’t stop praising Suzy in the drama press conference, he said she did make his heart flutter while filming; he also called her a great actress and a very beautiful woman.

Since many fans already know of Suzy and Lee Min Ho’s relationship this might present a possible hurdle in the romance and fans believing it’s true. Fans love shipping kdrama couples together but not much when they already know the on-screen couple are already dating someone else.

The two look quite cute together, and they’ve been in a commercial before, so this wasn’t their first time working together, however this is their first drama project.

Will the two win best couple award at SBS drama awards later this year?

The teaser trailers didn’t give away much regarding their romance, although it gave hints here and there, it focused on the more melodramatic side of the plot.

We’re yet to see how well they do together, but we’re hopeful.

Star Studded Cameos


The drama not only boasts great cast but also a great set of cameo appearances.

Throughout the drama filming phase, 3 very popular talented actors have been confirmed to make cameo appearances in the drama.

Kim So Hyun was confirmed to be making a cameo appearance in the drama, the actress has been in the hit drama “Ruler: Master of the mask” earlier this year.

Fans expect the actress to bring more charm to the drama. But Kim So Hyun wasn’t the only cameo appearance confirmed.

Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Gyun Sang were also confirmed to be making a cameo appearance in the drama, mainly to support director Oh Choong Hwan whom they’ve worked with on “Doctors” back in 2016.

The two actors are really close to Lee Jong Suk in real life, they often meet up and get together whenever they’re free. Lee Jong Suk and Lee Sung Kyung have also been friends for well over 10 years.

Lee Jong Suk and Lee Sang Yeob’s rivalry


Two of our favorite talented actors are joining the hands in “While You Were Asleep.”

SBS has only recently teased us of more information about what kind of relationship the two characters have.

Apparently, Yoo Beom played by Lee Sang Yeob is the older character, the two have met each other when they used to be young, Yoo Beom used to tutor Jae Chan.

The two are embroiled in some mysterious events and end up meeting together in the present time, Yoo Beom is a lawyer while Jae Chan is a prosecutor.

The drama indicates that the two will possibly be rivals and get into various arguments and altercations in the future. Despite their long past together, something bad seems to have happened which led to a tense relationship.

While promoting the drama Lee Jong Suk talked about his on-screen relationship with Lee Sang Yeob, he said,

“I had lots of fun acting with Lee Sang Yeob, our characters have a lot of tension.”

We can’t wait to find out more about their relationship together.

Park Hye Ryun and Lee Jong Suk third collaboration


You might not be familiar with the name Park Hye Ryun directly, but you have probably seen one of her dramas.

Park Hye Ryun is a veteran writer, who has been active for well over 10 years, her first major hit drama was “Dream High” back in 2011, the drama is one of the most popular kdramas of all time. The writer also worked with Suzy once before on “Dream High” and this is their second time working together.

Park Hye Ryun has worked with Lee Jong Suk so many times before, in 2013 “I Can Hear Your Voice” and 2014-2015 “Pinocchio”, this is their third drama collaboration with SBS.

Their collaborations have produced some of the best and most successful kdramas of all time, writer Park Hye Ryun knows how to blend romance with suspense and come up with a stable enjoyable plot for the audience.

This is why many kdrama fans are super excited about this drama, Lee Jong Suk himself said that he thinks luck will be on his side with this drama as well, he believes that the public is going to love this drama.

This is writer Park Hye Ryun first ever 100% pre-produced miniseries, the writer had had enough time to write and establish the plot without the interference of audience which usually happens when dramas are airing as they’re being filmed.

So this makes up 7 reasons why we can’t wait to see “While You Were Asleep” tomorrow, we’re less than 24 hours away from its first episode.

We will be releasing the full drama recap and review of its first and second episode so keep an eye on jazminemedia.com for the review.

Are you excited about this drama? Do you think it’ll be a success?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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