Oh My Girl Member Admits One Terrible Comment Made Her Lose 6 Kg (13 lb) Using A Harsh Diet

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Oh My Girl member Hyojung opened up about how a comment made her use a harsh diet to lose weight very quickly.

Oh My Girl member Hyojung was among the guests on March 26 episode of “Happy Together 4,” she was asked about how she dieted and revealed that she had undergone a severe diet to lose a lot of weight because of one harsh comment.

She says that she was only a 20-year-old trainee at the time, she was told this harsh comment,

“Hyojung-ah, I think you need to lose weight, you look like an ahjumma ‘auntie or older woman.’”

Hyojung said she took the comment very personally and worked hard using a harsh diet to lose over 6 kg (13 lb) in 3 months, she says after that she was able to make her debut in her group. When asked about how she exercises now, she explained that she does Pilates four times a week and if she doesn’t do that, she usually goes biking or to the gym to lift weights.

Fans were heartbroken to hear the news and to hear about how difficult it must be for idol trainees to make their debut and how harsh their diets have to be in order for them to make the cut. The Kpop industry is definitely not an easy place to be.

In related news, Oh My Girl is set to comeback in April.

Check out the video where she talks about this below:

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