Oh My Girl Seunghee Talks About Her Friendship With BTS V And Jimin

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Being a kpop idol isn’t an easy job to do and often comes with many sacrifices, one of those sacrifices is a social life due to the nature of the job, being an idol is extremely demanding and takes up all of idols times leaving them with little to no room of free leisure time.

The strict rules around being a Kpop idol were brought up again when Oh My Girl member Seunghee mentioned BTS V and Jimin.

Seunghee revealed that she is good friends with both V and Jimin on an episode of tvN’s “Idol Agency.”

During a segment of the show, she was asked to perform a song that she wanted to cover at one of her concerts; she picked BTS “IDOL.” She explained she knew the dance a bit.

She then danced to the song and was praised by the MC Tony Ahn or her skills who proceeded to ask her,

“Do you know any of BTS members?”

She answered,

“They were my high school classmates, Jimin and V. we graduated from the same high school. We are the same age.”

Tony Ahn then asked her if she’s still friends with both BTS members, she said,


But I couldn’t say hello to them when I just debuted [rookie days]. When we debuted our company was soooo strict, even when I met my friends I couldn’t say hello.”

Tony Ahn replied with,

“I hope your friendship lasts a long time.”

Oh My Girl are currently preparing for their comeback, their 8th mini album is set to be released on May 8.

Fans feel sorry for Seunghee but some understand the reason behind why her company was strict, usually, female idols get hate for associating with popular male idols and it leads to dating rumors sometimes.

Check out the clip below:

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What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

Man, that sucks but thank goodness her company did that. They made the right choice.

Every single time a female name is associated with BTS the female always ends up apologizing, it happened with Suran (for her collab with Suga) and Laboum Solbin (for her friendship with Jin), they both ended up apologizing to fans for what I thought were stupid reasons.

This is why you rarely see female idols talk about their friendships with BTS members because it brings so much exposure and possible hate along with it.

The agency knows just how vicious and cruel ‘some’ fans can be and decided not to cause harm to the girl by telling her not to say hi. Imagine if rumors spread at the start of their group career, it could’ve killed it.

It’s sad that she couldn’t say hi and I bet it hurt the boys as well, but that’s sadly the idol life.

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  1. I wish idol stars could have platonic relationship with out being crucified from crazy fans, they should remember they are human and need mixed
    Company or they may end up suicidal

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