“Knowing Bros” Explain The Reason Why They Didn’t Edit Out “Single’s Inferno” Song Ji Ah [Freezia] From Their Latest Episode

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The producers of “Knowing Bros” share their reason for choosing not to edit out Song Ji Ah (Freezia) from the show’s latest episode!

Recently, some netizens noticed that Song Ji Ah was wearing fake designer outfits [such as Dior and Chanel] in “Single’s Inferno” and on her Instagram posts. Soon, many began to criticize her for her actions and choices, she then followed it by a handwritten apology she posted on her Instagram.

Due to her controversy, a representative from “The Manager” announced that they will no longer be airing the footage of Song Ji Ah where she appeared as a guest for the show’s upcoming episode that will be aired on 29 January.

Nevertheless, “Knowing Bros” decided to not edit Song Ji Ah out of their episode that was released on 23 January. Many viewers wondered why to which they explained that it was really hard to get rid of her footage and they would have been forced to cancel the episode, they also added that her controversy happened before the broadcast and that getting rid of all of her footage was going to be hard.

The producers also shared that editing out Song Ji Ah wouldn’t have been fair to Lee Young Ji, who appeared as a guest star along with her, and they did their best editing out most of her footage without causing damage to the show’s flow.

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  1. I think the culture is toxic and viewers in Korea are bullying her. She already apologised. Move on. She’s young and seriously, who among those who are criticising her have not made any mistakes in their lives? They should look in the mirror before criticising others.

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