Ailee Breaks Down In Tears Talking About Being Depressed Despite Losing A Lot Of Weight

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Ailee couldn’t stop tears from falling as she talked about her weight and how she felt when she was very thin on August 5th episode of JTBC’s “Hidden Singer.”

She was a guest among many others who also shared their experience with weight loss and gain, she opened up about her own experience in dieting and her attempts to lose weight, she tried not to cry but couldn’t help but shed tears as she opened up about her own experience, she said,

“I was very sad in the past. I am a singer but I was very sad knowing that I had to do that in order to stand on stage.

In the past I ate around 500 calories and dropped to 49 kg (108 lb), it meant I didn’t eat all day, this was very upsetting, I know that it was needed to be done to stand on stage and be a singer but it was very sad.

I was also upset knowing that my singing ability will be less if I weighed more, despite that when I sang when I was thin, I felt like I was still not showing 100%.  I might have looked good at 49-50 kg but I felt the most miserable back then and I cried the most back then.”

She then smiled and shared,

“I then decided not to care anymore. I am much happier right now, and I think its most important that I am satisfied with the way I sing.”

The singer received applause and recognition from the audience, they all pointed out that she looks amazing just the way she is.

Check out the clip below:

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What do you think of this? Are you surprised by what Ailee said?

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