Kpop Songs That Were Able To Achieve The Impossible, A Certified/ Perfect All Kill In 2018

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There were so many unique and amazing releases of Kpop in 2018, many went on to receive international recognition and even top charts overseas.

An indication of an artist or a group popularity is the term ‘perfect-all-kill’ which refers to Korean songs that were able to top all major and daily real time charts in South Korea (including achieving number one on iChart’s realtime and weekly chart). While the ‘certified-all-kill’ refers to songs that were able to top all major and daily real time charts in South Korea as well as iChart’s realtime chart.

The six major charts are Melon, Genie, Bugs, Mnet, Naver, and Soribada.

Note: For the song to achieve a “perfect all-kill,” it must take the No. 1 on iChart’s weekly chart as well.

In 2018, only a handful of the many releases were able to top the charts, here they are:

iKON: Love Scenario

BIGBANG: Flower Road

Park Hyo Shin: Sound of Winter

Kim Haon & c: Barcode

WINNER: Everyday

Loco & Hwasa: Don’t Give It To Me

BTS: Fake Love

Bolbbalgan4: Travel


Red Velvet: Power Up

Sunmi: Siren

Zico and IU’s: SoulMate

Lim Chang Jung: There Has Never Been A Day I Haven’t Loved You

pH-1: Good Day




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