Kpop Idols Who Lost One Of Their Parents

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Kpop Idols are not strangers to tragedy and some of them ended up losing their loved ones even at a young age.

So today, lets go through a list of kpop idols whose parents died.

GOT7 BamBam

BamBam’s dad passed away when his son was only 3 years old. Once, he posted a photo of him and wished him a happy birthday. BamBam’s father might’ve not been there to see how his son grew up to become an admirable man, but we bet he would’ve been very proud of him.

BamBam’s mom, kochakorn bhuwakul, once opened up about raising four kids alone, his mom thanked him for working so hard to be able to give them a comfortable life. BamBam parents gave the world an amazing idol.

Park Bo Gum

The world of Kdrama was shocked when they found out that the sweet Park Bo Gum had actually lost his mother at such a young age.

He had once opened up during his audition for “Reply 1994” and said,

“In fourth grade, my mother passed away.”

He also added,

“I don’t have a family photo. After growing up, I realized that my family never dressed up and went to the photo studio to take a photo together.”


EXO Kai’s father has passed away recently, it was reported by SM Entertainment back on May 8, 2018, they said,

“Kai’s father passed away yesterday due to a chronic illness. Kai is currently staying at the wake, and the funeral will be held quietly with family and relatives.”

Super Junior Donghae

Super Junior Donghae’s father passed away back in 2006, he passed away after losing his battle to cancer.

It is said that Donghae’s father had been sick for 3 years and he found out quiet late. Donghae has spoken about how much he misses his dad and how much he wants to hear his voice whenever his group wins a big award.

Super Junior Leeteuk

Super Junior’s Leeteuk lost his father and his grandparents in the most horrible way anyone can ever imagine.

His father had been the primary caretaker of his elderly parents; they were both suffering from dementia. Police found 3 bodies at the grandparents’ residence on the 6th of January 2014.

It was later confirmed by police to be a murder-suicide, Leeteuk’s father had killed his parents then hanged himself. Back then his grandfather was 84, his grandmother was 79 and his father was 57.

The reason why Leeteuk’s father killed his parents was that he couldn’t afford to take care of them.

It is believed that the father had been suffering from depression ever since his business started to go wrong, despite his idol son’s success.


Sunmi’s story of why she wanted to become a celebrity will break your heart.

She wanted to become a celebrity because she can make money fast, her father had health issues and it kept getting worse. He had to rely on oxygen apparatus and had to stay in his house because he was so sick.

Sunmi then became the breadwinner of her family, back when she was 14; she auditioned for JYP and got accepted.

Her father used to nag at her and whine at times but she said that she used to reply to his calls and texts but the training was also difficult on her. She revealed that one day he sent a message that says, ‘dad will be leaving first.’

She said,

“I didn’t text back, thinking my dad is just whining again but he passed away the next day…”

She revealed that he passed away 3 months before her debut.


INFINITE Dongwoo’s father passed away on September 2, 2016.

Dongwoo’s father had been fighting a chronic illness; he passed in the early morning of September 2nd. Dongwoo had been in Japan for promotions with INFINITE, but he flew home quickly to arrange a funeral for his father with his family.


Hyunseung’s father passed away on September 20, 2012. Back then, Cube Entertainment representative revealed that he passed away during the night because of a heart attack.

Hyunseung was extremely shocked by the news because his father was healthy and he hadn’t been suffering from a longtime illness.

Back then, Beast put a hold on the activities to mourn the death of Hyunseung’s father.

Girls’ Generation Tiffany

Girls’ Generation Tiffany lost her mother back when she was only 12 years old.

For the longest period, fans believed that her mother passed away to cancer but she has revealed in a recent interview with VICE that her mother has indeed committed suicide.

Tiffany said,

“I found empathy and compassion after my mom died. All I could think about was how much pain she must have been in to have done this and how my father just lost the love of his life.”

3 years after her mother’s death, Tiffany went against her father’s wishes and traveled to South Korea to pursue her career in music.

In VICE’s website the intro paragraph of the interview said so, but it was later re-phrased.

Block B’s P.O

His mother has passed away on January 27, 2017 due to a chronic disease, and the family finished the funeral procedures on the 29th.

P.O stayed with his family and the wake throughout the mourning period. The funeral was held privately, away from fans and the media.

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