“Radio Romance” Episode 1 Review And Recap

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“Radio Romance” is KBS newest Monday-Tuesday feel good romance drama.

If you’re a fan or Korean romance dramas, this one is for you, your average romance drama filled with good old romantic comedy clichés and great acting.

“Radio Romance” first attracted attention for being child-turned-adult actress Kim So Hyun first adult drama. She turned 18 not long ago and has decided on this drama as her comeback drama following the huge success of “Ruler: Master of the Mask.”

I couldn’t get behind “Ruler: Master of the Mask” mainly because it was a historical drama (hate that) and it bothered me to see Kim So Hyun playing a role clearly designated for an older actress.

If you follow my blog then you know I have been very critical of the casting choice. Aside from the huge age gap between the main leads, Kim So Hyun; again, plays a character way older than her real age.

This has nothing to do with Kim So Hyun’s talent, we all know she is one of the best young Korean drama actresses out there, she is a veteran despite her young age, dare I say.

But I am fan of actors who play role that suit their age, this was my biggest concern walking into the drama, which is why I had low expectations.

I have watched episode 1 and decided to review it. I am actually pleasantly surprised.

It pays to have low expectation in some cases. It was the case with this particular drama.

Is there any special about this drama whatsoever?

So far, NO!

Will it ever change?

Probably no!



I have tried googling the writer of the drama and it appears that this is her/his first writing project. I could find no record of the screenwriter.

“Radio Romance” doesn’t stray away from your average romantic comedy plotline. Its as you’ve seen from the teasers. A hot cold male lead with family issues (in this case mommy and daddy issues), and a hard-working middle class main female lead with passion and a baggage she must attend to (in this case, her blind mother).


I can’t fully judge a script from one or two episodes, but so far, I see that the writer is really playing it safe. The drama introduces its main characters well, includes many average scenes we’re used to.

Song Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) is a hardworking assistant writer who get degraded often, she takes it all in because it her dream to be a radio writer. She is a fighter, a good gal, and plain average.

Nothing about her character sticks out for me, her character resembles many other romantic comedy characters, they’re made to be loved and related to. There isn’t one particular thing that stands out about her, not one thing so far.

Basically, she spends the first episode chasing after a star named Mi Nu (Ukwon), he parties hard, shows up late for his DJ job, he keeps everyone on the edge of their seat.


Due to his demeaner, he ends up leaving the DJ show, Geu Rim is fired because of that. Then all of a sudden, the crazy PD Lee Gang (Yoon Park) shows up and proposes an offer Geu Rim couldn’t deny.

He tells her to recruit the hottest actor there is, Ji Soo Ho (Yoon Doo Joon). Of course, she accepts.


Throughout the first episode she runs into him and he behaves (you guessed it) badly, he’s sort of dismissive and fake. He is cold but not particularly rude unless you get on his nerves, and even then, he manages to put on a fake smile while politely asking for whatever it is he wants.

Soo Ho is basically a puppet, controlled by his mother Nam Joo Ha, the CEO of his agency. His father is a veteran playful actor.

So far, I liked Lee Gang’s character. He is crazy and fun to be around, he will be a lot of fun to observe throughout the drama course.

There isn’t a character I particularly hate so far. They’re all written okay.

The Performances


As you’d expect. Everyone puts on an amazing performance. As usual, Kim So Hyun gives it her all, for a moment I forgot she was the successful young actress beloved by everyone.

She disappears into her character who’s rather dull, she gives it her all. I would never doubt her acting abilities.

She actually did better than I had expected her to do with her role, sometimes, I felt like she was truly 26 years old (her character age). The makeup and the fuzzy messy hairstyle adds to her character, the way she dressed.

The staff of the drama put a lot of thought into “how to make So Hyun look like she’s 26 years old.” They pull it off well.

I feel this character suit her well. Determined but not so serious. Way better than the character demeaner she was trying to pull off in “Ruler: Master of the Mask.”


Since the majority of the main cast are actors not idol-actors, they all put on an amazing performance. My favorite performance had to be Highlight’s Doo Joon.

With all honesty (don’t ask why) I have never seen a drama of Highlight’s Doo Joon. He gained popularity playing the foody in “Lets Eat” series. All kdrama reviewers were praising his performances.

I am in love with his acting y’all! He’s amazing.


If you hadn’t told me he was an idol, I would have trouble believing he’s anything but an experienced actor. His character doesn’t speak much throughout the course of the first episode, he’s a cold character, and does a lot of acting using his facial expressions, which I loved.

You can clearly tell that he’s struggling and that he’s somehow hiding his frustration. He is a sad human being who’s being monitored 24/7. It all shows on his face, sometimes I feel like he’s so frustrated he’s about to burst into tears, it’s like he’s asking to be saved. Doo Joon perfectly pulls off the character and brings it to life.

I wished the character was a bit different, but I can’t complain much, as a kdrama fan I am (also) always attracted to the good rich guy pretending to be a bad guy. We all are, let’s admit it!

I am a bbc (block b fan) and I was shocked when I saw Ukwon in the drama. I literally screamed. My sweetie, my bias in Block B was in the drama, he played the role of Mi Nu.


He wasn’t bad but not entirely amazing. He pulled it off well. This is his first official drama role. Even if he was my ultimate bias, I was still critical of his first drama performance. (because I am mean!) 😉

It was a memorable cute performance. I loved that he was calling So Hyun noona (elder sister) when he’s 7 years older than her in real life. It was hilarious and slightly awkward.

The Chemistry


I like the drama atmosphere so far. The cast doesn’t appear to be awkward around each other on screen much. Of course, I am not expecting amazing chemistry because during the first couple of weeks filming, you’d expect they’d be a little awkward around each other since they’ve only met recently.

I also (can’t believe I am saying this) like the chemistry between Doo Joon and So Hyun. Its not half bad. Of course, its not amazing but I feel like it’ll develop to something great.

God knows how much I wish So Hyun would choose roles that actually suits her age. I feel a bit awkward and weird to ship an 18-year-old with a 28-year-old. Is it just me who feels like this? Am I overreacting?

I don’t know!

Final judgment


Do I recommend you watch the drama?

It depends.

If you’re a sucker to romantic comedies, this will be your new favorite drama. If you liked “I am not a robot” you will probably love this. if you’re into that, go ahead and watch the drama, you’ll like.

If you’re into more dramatic shows, into horror or fantasy or crime-related dramas. You might want to pass on this one. Mostly because kdramas with serious topics keeps you on the edge of your seat. “Radio Romance” will rarely keep you on the edge of your seat, it will probably make you wonder how will the main leads romance progress, but it will rarely excite excite you. You will enjoy it and enjoy the average plot but it won’t be THAT interesting.

What about you guys? Did you like the first episode? Did it live up to your expectations?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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By Jass K.

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  1. I’m on the fence about watching this one. Good 1st. ep review. I may need something light soon since i’m usually a fan of dark, heavy themed dramas, thrillers and mysteries.

    I don’t think you’re overreacting about the age difference. 18 is a far cry from 28. At 28 I remember being so anxious that I was pushing 30. At 18 you’re a noob to the world, fresh out of school, ready to conquer. Supposedly. Some emotions are still childish, etc. But here’s another reason I’m not keen on her or other actresses playing much older roles. – It takes away acting jobs from the talented women who fit the age! I’m SURE SK is fine with an 18 year old playing 28, they worship youth and freshness, but it still seems unfair. I can’t believe how when a woman is 30, they’re often considered close to middle age. But it’s all ridiculous.

  2. i love your review. exactly what i feel after watching few eps of this drama. i loveeee kim so hyun and do joon! they are really good actors, but the plot is too cliche for me. i think good dramas like kill me heal me (my all time fav drama), age of youth,while you were sleeping and all great dramas from the last few year spoiled me too much. i’ve been too picky to start watching new drama XD . anyways, you are right. this type of drama is not my cup of tea. that’s why i gave up on im not a robot after a few eps.
    been thinking to continue to where i left off but i guess watching other dramas is the best now . XD what do u think about cross?

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