“Flex X Cop” Episodes 1 And 2 Review- Not What I Expected

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The newest weekend SBS drama “Flex X Cop” is finally here! let us discuss the premiere of the first SBS weekend drama of 2024!

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

“Flex X Cop” notably marks Park Ji Hyun’s first EVER leading role on a terrestrial channel. She made a splash in the hit drama “Reborn Rich” and all eyes were on her next role following that hit drama and its finally here! and unexpectedly, she commands the screen so well, I knew she was good, but still was pleasantly surprised by how good she is. She has done a marvelous job so far.

“Flex X Cop” is written by screenwriter Kim Ba-Da who notably wrote the recent Netflix drama “My Name,” which was technically a hit [in Netflix’s standards] but had a typical script, in my opinion. I remember thinking “My Name” had a very predictable plot which made the drama feel rather tedious, so I wonder how she’d do here with not an 8-episode drama, but a 16-episode drama. This will become the longest drama she’s ever wrote. And interestingly, she has written as many movie scripts as she did dramas, so…. that is something to keep an eye on. I wonder how she’ll fill 16 hours.

Now onto the script. I wasnt that excited at first, but of course, because I got curious about Ji Hyun’s first leading role, I checked it out. This concept, in theory, didn’t/doesn’t work for me. Despite that, I walked away from the premiere of “Flex X Cop” pleasantly surprised. Let me unwrap each point I made.

I say this because the concept of a rich man coming in and helping police solve cases wasn’t something I was excited for. Also, considering South Korea, its stance on chaebols and the intricate-complicated-toxic relationship its citizens have with conglomerates, its not far-fetched to think of this as a fluff piece about how a rich guy came and helped police using his own resources which further amplifies how society ‘can work’ better if a nice chaebol blessed us with their presence and resources. Further highlighting just how unjust the entire system is in an unironic way. This is not to side with certain police systems and how they favor the rich, but its about how poor hardworking people [the detectives in this situation] will get stepped on and feel further helpless due to the sense of inability to solve cases based not on incompetence but money and connections.

Its just a sad realization that I wasn’t necessarily excited to be reminded of…

It might sound a bit much to some of you, but if you know about South Korea’s economic history even a bit, some of these thoughts might have crossed your mind. I also expect the younger fans not to relate to what I said or understand my point.

Which is why I found it nice when he was being humbled constantly, as he should. While Gang-Hyun screwed up I-Soo’s arrest, it was more a misunderstanding that compounded rather than malicious intent. This makes the entire angle of how she’s constantly disrespected by her sunbaes for this slip-up even sadder because most would have not batted an eye if he wasn’t rich af. This makes me feel even more upset for her for she has to deal with a brat who knows no boundaries and will act/react impulsively and could end up costing the police more issues than solving any, aside from saving face.

If you look at it objectively, hiring an untrained citizen to work in such grueling police work revolving around murders doesn’t sound like a good idea. Even if he has MMA training and is a lawyer, being a lawyer is one thing, being a police officer is another. I-Soo, in theory, could end up causing more issues due to various reasons which would then backfire mostly on his superior Gang-Hyun because she’s expected to pick after him due to how everything is by design.

I hope in coming episodes, he continues to demonstrate why it was a horrible idea that he wasn’t relegated to desk work and how a normal average human, even if possessing of good qualities of what would make a police officer, shouldn’t have been given this role.

I also look forward to whether the screenwriter shall tackle this in a deeper manner than a buddy-cop comedy about a fish-out-of-water scenario. She certainly has all the time in the world given this is a 16-episode drama.

Some fans say the detectives were being harsh, but if you are on the older side or have worked a while in any field, then you know when someone throws an untrained newbie onto you how difficult it’ll get before they learn, and this counts if they’re already educated on the said topic. Since there is always an adjustment period, now imagine an average human who knows about police only from dramas….. I feel for the team.  

I wouldn’t say I-Soo is a bad character, I don’t know that yet, but he seems a ticking time bomb in my opinion, yes, he might work but he needs to step back, and realize he needs to follow orders to achieve the best results and I am sure he’ll thrive in this position.

I suspect the drama will end with him actually studying to become a cop after solving many cases with the team.

I got a little heavy on you guys for this review, but I’d like to hear what you thought of “Flex X Cop” premiere!

Whats your reaction to this article?

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