“Dr. Romantic 2” Review- One Of The Best Medical Kdramas I’ve Seen In Recent Years

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“Dr. Romantic 2” was a wonderful start to 2020, returning with its second season four years after its precedent massive success, “Dr. Romantic 2” brought back familiarity while also tugging our heartstrings in the process with new medical dilemmas.

I know I am probably very late but I had to review “Dr. Romantic 2.” I loved the drama a lot but have been extremely busy to review it. This review will be subjective and very short; it’s also a spoiler-free review.

“Dr. Romantic 2” was probably not fans first choice for a popular kdrama to return with a second season but it certainly proved itself to be worthy, it played around with the familiarity nostalgic feel and also presented some very interesting and compelling renewed plot.

The plot

“Dr. Romantic 2” is by far one of my favorite medical kdramas that I’ve seen in recent years. Personally speaking, I find medical kdramas to be a tad repetitive. They always start with an impossible case that the team slowly works on to solve; it becomes pretty repetitive pretty fast. This makes any medical series difficult to take seriously, at least for me, since I know they’ll save the patient and call it a day, “Dr. Romantic 2” is somewhat similar but still different in its own right.

“Dr. Romantic 2” could’ve easily turned out to have been a disappointment but the way the plot is written gets you addicted to it. The writer is just amazing and very consistent till the very end. “Dr. Romantic 2” is one of those rare kdramas that don’t fizzle towards the second half.

What I liked about this season was the stories shared by patients. There was one episode about organ donation that I absolutely loved. I am an organ donor myself and seeing the process in which a body’s organs are taken out after its death was surreal and very emotional.

“Dr. Romantic 2” also felt educational in a sense; at least it felt like that to me. It taught me about how things get run in trauma centers and it did with so much care. You could tell the person who’s writing the script was passionate about these topics.

But that doesn’t mean “Dr. Romantic 2” doesn’t do certain things very similarly to its first season, but again, I wasn’t bothered by it. It would be nitpicking to say it felt ‘repetitive’ or ‘too similar’ in certain places. I am talking about character development for our two new resident doctors played by Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung.

It was typical and expected but I enjoyed it a lot and it didn’t overshadow the great drama.

I would say “Dr. Romantic 2” strength point lies not in how unique its characters are but how touching the stories are. The stories covered throughout the series were not only amazing but also grounded in reality. I liked that we didn’t always have a perfect ending and it was unpredictable at times, this helped keep “Dr. Romantic 2” from becoming just another medical kdrama. It also helped tremendously with its ratings, it was always scoring higher with each episode and deservingly so.

The characters

Han Suk Kyu is, again, the backbone of “Dr. Romantic 2.” He can be a jackass but has a moral compass in a sea of doctors scrambling to please the higher-ups.

What I like about Teacher Kim’s character is that the writer never tries to portray him as this ‘perfect’ doctor who has answers to every issue, he’s flawed but his positives outweigh the negatives of his characteristics. I don’t usually like rude male lead characters, I am so over them but Teacher Kim is just too irresistible.

Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung characters were very typical to me. I didn’t find them amusing in the least bit. They could’ve been written better but I didn’t mind them. They weren’t memorable to me, that’s all.

I personally found the new supporting characters Yoon A Reum and Bae Moon Jung to be more interesting in my opinion. They were a breath of fresh air among the characters we’re so used to and the characters that feel familiar despite being newly introduced.

There were many lines Ahn Hyo Seop’s character would utter that I found cringy, his actions towards Lee Sung Kyung’s character were not as good as I had wished they were. 

I think I will get hate for saying this but I felt these two actors were easily replaceable with any other talented actors. They played their characters well, don’t get me wrong but there is nothing memorable or special about their portrayal and I don’t think its their fault, its because of how their characters were written, the focus was never on how unique their characters were, the focus was still on Teacher Kim.

They end up believing and following Teacher Kim’s every command to tee.  

The chemistry

I honestly found Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung chemistry okay, it wasn’t groundbreaking to me and I honestly didn’t feel THAT spark but they were fine. They felt comfortable around each other, thank God.

The romantic relationship in “Dr. Romantic 2” wasn’t the focus of the series and I found that to be a great decision. I wasn’t that invested in their romance, personally speaking but it was nice to have it there. I honestly liked the supporting characters chemistry a lot better.

Bonus: the choices

Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung should thank whoever they worship for this drama; it was a massive success enough to put them on the map. Ahn Hyo Seop gained lots of new fans with his role which is perfect for fangirling (I am kinda old for that) and Lee Sung Kyung found her footing in the industry again after a series of poorly performing projects.

Ahn Hyo Seop and Lee Sung Kyung previous last projects didn’t do well with critics or fans as much I think they would’ve wanted. I think they made a good choice to starr in this drama.

Should I watch this drama?

The short answer is… YES, please do.

If you like medical dramas you will love “Dr. Romantic 2.” It crosses everything people who enjoy medical dramas care about. Its unique in its own way and very memorable.

There are certain plot points that would make more sense if you’ve seen the first season but they’re not too difficult to be understood without. As a second season, “Dr. Romantic 2” doesn’t really require any prior knowledge of its first to thoroughly enjoy it.

So these are my thoughts on “Dr. Romantic 2.” what about you guys? did you like the drama? if you watched based on my recommendation, please tell me how you felt about it.

By Jass K.

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