“Big Mouth” Episode 2 Recap And Review- Things Became VERY Interesting

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The new MBC drama “Big Mouth” has aired its second episode today, lets recap it and discuss it!

“Big Mouth” Episode 2 Recap

“Big Mouth” episode 2 begins with Park Chang-Ho having flashbacks of when he was young, he’s doing pole vault and says hi to his girlfriend Go Mi-Ho. While he does pole vault, the stick breaks in half and he falls off.

He wakes up and asks where his phone is, its nowhere to be found and his car was towed and destroyed, someone also took the USB evidence.

He gets arrested for drug charges and recalls his drink was laced with drugs. At the police station, he says he’ll tell them who supplied him with drugs if they bring him Choi Do-Ha. When he comes, Choi Do-Ha finds out he spoke to Kong Ji-Hoon and finds out the evidence doesn’t even clearly point to him. Park Chang-Ho asks for his help but he turns him down.

Meanwhile, police raid his place and find tones of cash, drugs and even guns. He gets reported as ‘Big Mouse.’ He also goes to prison and meets the three men he was supposed to defend. The three men admit they’re the ones who drugged him and got him into this mess and eventually after some struggle, they beat the sh*t out of him and even hang him, they remove the chair from his legs and he suffocates. He dies.

This happens while the mayor and Kong Ji-Hoon are having a lavish get-together and we find out that Kong Ji-Hoon was swindled by Big mouse. Hyun Joo-Hee goes on the offense because he insults the mayor.

Through news, they find out Park Chang-Ho is big mouse. Kong Ji-Hoon calls the warden and tells him he must keep him alive since they need his money back.

They bring doctors and they resuscitate him back to life. Go Mi-Ho and Kim Soon-Tae go to visit him in prison but they’re told he won’t accept any visits.

Go Mi Ho goes on TV and tells reporters her husband is not big mouse and cries while telling him he better not reject her visit next time. Park Chang-Ho goes to the police station and gets interrogated, the prosecutor is hellbend on proving its him despite Park Chang-Ho poking holes in his arguments. He takes a lie detector test but gets worked up and is eventually taken back to prison.

At prison, Kong Ji-Hoon visits the three men and warns them, if they kill him, he will deal with them. He later meets the prosecutor responsible for Park Chang-Ho’s case, the prosecutor promises him to retrieve his 100 billion won [roughly $76 million] and lies saying he’s definitely big mouse.

After leaving their meeting, the prosecutor meets up with the mayor who hands him in a list of the drug deals book big mouse had put in Park Chang-Ho’s place. The mayor asks him not to betray him, he needs to take them down.

At prison, Park Chang-Ho continues to provoke the wrong people and one old gang member beats him up, he gets beaten around a lot and disrespected. He cries in solitary confinement as he refuses to admit he’s big mouse.

Go Mi-Ho applies to join the same hospital of the doctor who died and triggered this whole thing. She’s been working with her father and her husband’s good friend to clear his name.

Park Chang Ho later meets his friend Kim Soon-Tae and asks him to draw the divorce papers because he knows the creditors will soon come after his wife and it’ll make her life a living hell. He recalls he has a life insurance policy in his wife’s name so if he dies, she gets a lot of money. He decides to commit suicide. However, one mate from prison tells him if he tries to do it and fails, he’ll be could be left with a disability for the rest of his life so he decides to get himself killed in prison.

Park Chang Ho then goes through many prisoners who are deemed tough but he beats them up and people start to fear him which is not what he wanted. He then decides to escape because he knows he’ll get shot and killed.

He is surrounded by many police officers as he begs to be shot.

“Big Mouth” Episode 2 Review

“Big Mouth” episode 2 was both fun and honestly quite heartbreaking. Great acting on Lee Jong Suk’s part, he’s doing amazing and his character is so pitiful.

Its honestly terrifying how they roped him into this, there is incompetence on multiple levels. However, there is also a lot of what I’d call ‘slip ups’ already on the screenwriter’s part. The first one being the biggest and it is how they managed to convince everyone he is big mouse. If this goes to trial, any good lawyer would be able to clear Park Chang Ho’s name. Firstly, he probably can distance himself from some instances where the actual criminal committed crimes and was being chased by police.

I get police would want to arrest someone and get it over with but its a stretch to assume they would just accept he is the man even with all of that corruption covering every single aspect of it. It seems so far-fetched and so easy to clear his name so I hope the screenwriter will use a bit of common sense on that part otherwise its asking too much.

Some say big mouse is the mayor but I highly doubt he is because it just doesn’t make any sense. I suspect we’re yet to meet who big mouse is. But if police followed the trail of anyone who has been in and around Park Chang Ho’s office, they can probably identify whoever hid that cash there. It won’t be impossible.

There is a possibility that Park Chang Ho is big mouse but I highly doubt the screenwriter would take this direction because now it makes Park Chang Ho extremely unlikable. Big mouse is a horrible human being, yes, he did steal from rich people but he also supplies drugs and is involved in so much more sh*t that caused so much pain to many people.

I would honestly be impressed if it turns out to be the case but I highly doubt the screenwriter would deliberately try to make his character this unlikable and horrible.

Other than that, I enjoyed “Big Mouth” episode 2 a lot, what about you guys?

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