“Big Mouth” Episode 1 Recap And Review- Lee Jong Suk Is Back!

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After months of teasing, MBC’s highly anticipated new drama “Big Mouth” has finally premiered. Here is a recap of its first episode.

“Big Mouth” Episode 1 Recap

“Big Mouth” episode 1 begins with a montage about the notorious big mouth, a mysterious man responsible for so many crimes including stealing about 100 billion won from NR Forum. He’s also responsible for gang activities as well as drug distribution and much more. Korea has formed a special team to arrest him.

In voiceover, Park Chang-Ho is heard talking about Seoul. He meets his wife and his father-in-law at a fancy restaurant he obviously can’t afford. While reluctant, Go Mi-Ho sits down to eat. Park Chang-Ho gets a call from a prosecutor and we find out he’s involved in the defense for the Gucheon hospital murder. He goes to see him. When he exits, a server hands him a coffee drink which he accepts.

As he drives, we find out the drink was spiked and he gets into a serious car crash.

We go back 7 days in time.

Park Chang-Ho gets ready for work as his wife Go Mi-Ho grills him over getting scammed. He is representing a bunch of people who lost due to a scam of crypto currency and he’s actually one of them. He blew away Go Mi-Ho’s hard earned money for this scam.

He’s confident he will win but he finds out the judge has changed and the sentence is handed out, they lost. All of his clients whom he represent are mad at him for losing the trial and he barely makes it out alive without them beating him up.

Go Mi-Ho finds out he lost and is furious as you’d expect. He vents at night with his friend over food and has his father-in-law bring him some clothes, he’ll sleep in his office because he knows how upset his wife is. She even mentions divorce.

At night, Park Chang-Ho gets a call from the mayor of his city himself Choi Do-Ha who tells him to meet him at a remote location. He asks him to represent the three men accused in Gucheon hospital murder. They got into a car crash and the body of a doctor was found inside it. Each one is blaming the other and they’re now awating their trial.

The mayor says he needs someone as a front and that everything will be prepared for him, even the judges have been bought to a degree. Park Chang-Ho refuses at first, but Choi Do-Ha convinces him with sweet words about making it big and what not. He also hands him money. He tells him he needs to take care of it because they helped him get elected but they now want to control everything he does. He adds that he wants the truth whatever that is.

The next day, Park Chang-Ho goes to meet Jung Chae-Bong, Han Jae-Ho and Lee Du-Geun in prison. They occupy a place deep down and are treated with luxury. He butters them up and talks about how he’ll do whatever they ask of him. He throws away a coffee cup with a listening device as he leaves. The three men then get a call that someone has found a piece of evidence on them, they panic.

He overhears the piece of evidence is the blackbox camera and Dr. Han’s wife has it. They panic knowing that they can’t let THAT man get his hands on it or else they’re screwed.

Park Chang-Ho finds out there is another accomplice and alerts Choi Do-Ha who goes to see the wife. As he arrives, a mysterious man attacks her and they barely rescue her. She’s threatened with jail time if she doesn’t hand the blackbox footage.

Eventually, she agrees and goes with Park Chang-Ho to the mountains in a temple and pulls it out, she also tells him this could bring him great misery and that he should be really careful.

Park Chang-Ho sees the video later at his office and finds out there is a forth man involved, they all contributed to killing that poor doctor because they had an issue with his paper that he wanted to publish. However, they do not mention the man in question and Park Chang-Ho remarks it won’t be easy to get much out of this. He knows its Kong Ji-Hoon who has a lot of prior history for doing crimes but getting away with it.

He also finds out that the loan sharks he borrowed from have seized his house and his wife wasn’t aware. She’s livid as you’d expect. He returns home and hands his wife chicken and the pile of cash he received from the mayor.

The next day, Park Chang-Ho gets the brilliant idea to call Kong Ji-Hoon and threaten him with the video. When he does there, he doesn’t bite the bait and he leaves empty handed, he asked for 3 billion won [around $2 million] but of course, he was not given that. So, he calls the mayor again. He says he’ll give the footage to the prosecutor.

We circle back to where the episode began. In voiceover, radio hosts can be heard talking about big mouth again and what his identity could be. In that time, Park Chang-Ho gets into a serious accident, he is injured but survives.

“Big Mouth” Episode 1 Review

That was a fun start.

Personally speaking, I like noir movies and dramas, a lot.

I see a lot of potential in “Big Mouth” and I expect it to be a hit among international fans for the sheer fact that its Jong suk’s comeback. He’s paired with YoonA too and they make a cute couple.

The chemistry isn’t shockingly amazing but I have a feeling it’ll get better as time goes by. I sense a bit of awkwardness between them that is possibly due to the fact that they’re filming a married couple out of the get-go with zero progression on scenes prior.

I am sure we’ll get a backstory as to why she married him because Park Chang-Ho is a loser. Personally speaking, if I married someone like him and he wasted my savings on getting scammed, we’ll be divorced before he can say ‘I am sorry.’

He says he has high IQ but is unable to win trials so…. I don’t know, is it true he’s smart or is he just speaking out of as*? We’ll find out soon.

The remaining main and supporting leads of this projects are some of the best and most skilled actors so I am excited to see how they play their roles. Yang Kyung-Won looked particularly intimidating. I also enjoy Kim Joo Hun’s performance thus far.

A good promising start.

So what did you guys think of the episode?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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