“Behind Your Touch” Review- Episode 1 And 2

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I finally had the chance to catch up to “Behind Your Touch,” let us talk about it!

Note: this article is a first-impression review, it doesn’t mean this is the writer’s final thoughts on the drama. This is a spoiler review.

I have had some expectations going into the drama mainly because it includes Lee Min Ki and Han Ji Min. While Lee Min Ki’s choices in recent memory have not been to my liking, with the exception of the masterpiece that was “My Liberation Notes” last year, I was still excited because I enjoy his acting. Han Ji Min, on the other hand, almost always chooses good projects and even if they’re not a success, they usually still garner positive reviews.

The combination was definitely intriguing, and I was on the lookout for the type of project Lee Min Ki would go for after “My Liberation Notes” success.

I am happy to say that I really enjoyed the “Behind Your Touch” premiere, way more than I had expected! It was so fun to watch.

The idea is super ridiculous and the fact that Ye-Bun must touch someone’s butt to see things adds to the absurdity of it. With this in mind, I think it does a good job balancing that ridiculousness with comedy and fun but not to the point it becomes overbearing. It might even be cringy at times but its also cheeky and knows it, it owns up to it and uses that to its advantage. I loved that about this drama so far.

This type of comedy is to my liking. Lee Min Ki has good comedic timing but he’s more dead-pan sort of comedy guy, and I love such type of humor when its done well and acted out well.

I think had it not been both those actors, I would not have liked the humor of the drama as much. The comedy does not seem like its much but its portrayed well by the main actors as well as the supporting actors. Others might not enjoy this type of comedy and that’s fine.

The fact that her auntie basically sent her to that ‘scary’ place was hilarious and the way she tries to run away too is so funny. Everything in the premiere was ridiculous and I loved it.

I also liked the addition of Suho, an idol-actor from a group called EXO. Its been like a couple of years since I’ve seen his face. I used to listen to EXO a couple of years back, but I mostly stopped following Kpop and now focus on Kdramas.

I have never personally seen him act but I came across some of posters of his past dramas so I knew he’s also been venturing out into acting. I enjoyed his performance so far, even though he had little screen time. I have nothing to base his performance on but from what I’ve seen in “Behind Your Touch” premiere, he seems natural and not awkward, and for idol-actors that’s like the base point. I need to see more to give a better judgment but for now, I like him with Han Ji Min.

Han Ji Min always has good chemistry with her fellow co-stars. I wonder if he’ll truly be the 3rd wheel in this drama, seems like it, but I kinda like them together a lot more than with Min Ki, it feels like she shares more siblings vibes with Min Ki, but that could also be the angle the creators are going for, for now.

His smile was swoon-worthy. I was in awe. I was like ‘why don’t I remember he had such a sweet smile?’ his character comes off so cute and there is always something charming about a man who cares for stray cats.

Since the drama also supposedly should discuss murders and crimes, I think his character might be a hidden villain because his character description says he’s mysterious. I have nothing to base this on but I have this feeling. I could be wrong tho, it would be interesting to see him play the villain role. I think it would be a waste if he’s only playing the good 2nd male lead.

“Behind Your Touch” will have 16 episodes, and you guys know how I feel about 16-episode kdramas. I personally do not see the need for 16 episodes for this drama based off the premiere. Of course, my opinion on this could change, but for a small town, what possible stories could there to tell about murder? if a detective who had been demoted came around and is aiming to get back to Seoul? Not unless this small town is filled with criminals. We shall see.

“Behind Your Touch” also gives off a Monday-Tuesday type of kdrama vibe and I am genuinely surprised JTBC put this drama in this specific time slot. I think it has a more homy good-feel vibe to it that would better suit a Monday-Tuesday drama than a weekend drama but of course, that could change in the coming weeks.

Regardless, I enjoyed the premiere a lot. I think this drama might become a hidden hit. I am looking forward to this weekend’s episodes.

So these are my thoughts on Behind Your Touch premiere, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. I watched 2 episodes and dropped it. The plot is utterly ridiculous. You need to be French to pull off a good comedy, even with the scrip which makes sense. Comedies are tough. Try to make people laugh, it is more difficult than make them cry. And here you have a story when a women can see things after touching the butts of animals. I don’t know what were the expectations of the creators ans I am super surprised Netflix sponsored it. Actually, in my opinion the quality of scrips of dramas showing this year is low. I feel some laziness, as if creators think that the viewers will take anything. I became very selective as I don’t want to spend my time watching rubbish.

  2. Hello,

    hope you continue to review “Behind your touch”, since episodes 3-6 are now out. I liked your review, and would especially like to hear what you think about Suho’s character now, and whether you picked up on the subtle suggestions. I agree, there is a good balance of humour and seriousness. *MILD SPOILER ALERT* I was worried the initial kidnapping/serial killer storyline would be dragged out, but it wasn’t, and it seems there are multiple mini mysteries, which I find more intriguing.

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