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tvN’s third installment of the beloved series “Let’s Eat 3” might have been reduced from 16 to 14 episodes, that was upsetting but it meant that “100 Days My Prince” would air one week earlier and that was good news!

Kyungsoo is one of my personal favorite idol-turned-actors; you guys know well that I am very critical of idol-actors in general because I mostly believe they don’t excel at acting much.

Kyungsoo is one of my favorite idol-actors because of the way he proved himself and because of the path he followed to prove his worth. Unlike some of his fellow SM artists, he didn’t start with major roles in kdramas and movie but made his way up slowly proving himself.

This is his first drama leading role and he’s opposite Nam Ji Hyun, one of my personal favorite child-turned-adult actors. She is exceptional and has made the right transition from child to adult roles.

The supporting cast is also stellar and filled with actors I love and admire, adding to that we have one of my favorite underrated Korean actors Kim Sun Ho. You can understand just how happy and excited I was to see the drama.

Episode 1 and 2 do a good job of introducing the main characters, I loved the pacing. I loved the fact that they didn’t feel the need to rush to the meat of the plot before establishing the backdrop of the drama.

I was anxiously anticipating the moment he loses his memory and becomes a commoner but I appreciated that the writer took time to introduce us to the key players of the drama who will influence our leads in the future.

Its important such characters are introduced correctly to us because if they were introduced badly or not introduced at all, there would a lot of confusion in the future.

Pre-produced kdramas don’t always do well with editing; we have seen many examples of that throughout the past couple of years. I was worried because “100 Days My Prince” is a Pre-produced but was happy that so far it looks and feels great.

I can’t say I was blown away by the premiere but it wasn’t disappointing, I wasn’t expecting anything grand but I was hoping for the details of the plot to be different.

Kyungsoo chooses good projects usually, I have seen his drama roles and most of his movies so I can say that he doesn’t pick ‘average’ plots and it seems that’s the case with this drama.

Since it’s a historical drama we basically have all the clichés in the book covered in the first two episodes. The king is weak and is controlled by someone who stands in the background (which is very similar to Ruler: Master of the Mask core plot), the prince is hot-headed and can’t be tamed, his mother tragically passed away and such.

I found the drama funny at times especially when prince Yool would say that he felt uncomfortable, it was very funny how he often he said it and he looked so cute… go,d Kyungsoo can’t be so cute and appear deadly at the same time, how can you not love him? he looks like a cute angry tiny bird~

Nam Ji Hyun puts on a great performance as the fallen noble Hong Shim, as you’d expect. I wished I had seen more of Kim Sun Ho but it seems that he will be interacting more and more with Hong Shim more in the future.

I also liked just how smart Prince Yool was and how he cracked the mystery behind who boldly tried to kill him, the person behind it as well as the plot twist was entertaining and refreshing. I don’t often see that in many historical kdramas, it was a nice touch.

The leads also seem to have good chemistry at first viewing and I feel like I am going to ship them together in real life so badly, so prepare for a lot of posts about just how much I think they suit each other in real life.

Also, I feel like we will have a serious Second Lead Syndrome. I must prepare my heart….

And just like a lot of other kdrama fans I was impressed with the custom design and the set design. Its obvious that they spent good money to make this drama, it doesn’t look cheap.

Cho Seong Ha playing the evil man is such a great choice; he has this distinct aura behind him and is an amazing actor. I wish he continues to cause our leads trouble but I also secretly wish that he won’t just be an average evil old man, I want there to be something big behind the reason why he’s behaving that way. *please writernim don’t disappoint me*

I am also super excited about next week’s episodes; it seems that they will get married. It will be extremely funny to see how he struggles to adapt to the average life not knowing why he can’t just juggle things like the rest of the commoners.

It will be so interesting to see how their chemistry progresses from there as well as the plot.

However, I have one simple thing about the plot that I really didn’t like. This is like the 15th drama this year alone that shows the lead male and female character sharing a connection from the past.

I am sick and tired of seeing this cliché twist-plot used over and over again its not even fun/innovative/interesting anymore. I was not happy when I found out that our leading couple knew each other in the past and had fell in love.

“30 but 17” is another currently airing drama that also uses this same stereotypical trope and I am not gonna lie, I am so done with it.

That’s not mentioning some of the most successful kdramas of this year who also had the same core plot such as “Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim” and “Come and Hug Me.”

The real question is “when will writernims stop using this?”

Despite the fact that the past-connection annoying me, I found the actors very good at their characters. They are so cute and believable, all of them. They picked very good actors.

Aside from this, the premiere was interesting enough to keep me coming back for more. In the case of pre-produced historical kdramas editing is key because it can make or ruin the drama.

I hope that the editing team will continue doing a good job and also wish that the writer will continue adding tiny details that will make this drama even more interesting and unique.

The thing is the writer behind this drama is writer No Ji Sul and when I found that out my heart sank a little mainly because I know he wrote the awful excuse of a drama “My Lovely Girl” which was led by Krystal and Rain.

Not only was that drama awful casting-wise but also extremely repetitive and too cliché, a part of me is still shocked Rain took on such a project to begin with.

This is why I am keeping my expectations low and wish that he will shock me with an amazing script.

There are so many interesting dramas currently airing and there will soon be Seo In Guk and So Ji Sub dramas, if this drama doesn’t keep it interesting there is a chance international fans will switch to something else because of the many options we have.

I think it has the potential to be big in Korea and I wish the cast and production team all the best! Fighting!

So what about you guys? What did you think of the drama?

By Jass K.

Hi, I am Jass k. the founder of Jazminemedia, in this site, I discuss some of the hottest currently airing kdramas, and if you have any requests for a kdrama review, please let me know in the comment section of any article.

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