“Yumi’s Cells” Season 1 Finale: Recap And Heartbreaking Ending Explained + Season 2 Confirmed

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Yumi’s Cells” finale aired on October 30. The drama has come to an end, here is a recap of the final episode as well as the second season’s possible hints.

Did Yumi and Woong take a break?

Yes, at the beginning of the episode, Yumi asks Woong to take a break, and he obliges.

Yumi is heartbroken but doesn’t know whether she’s lonely because she misses him or because she’s afraid of being alone. She tries her best to move on and live her life. Bobby stumbles upon her many times and can tell they broke up. He encourages her.

She then goes to see her parents and it helps her a bit, but she feels lonely again the moment she goes back to her schedule.

Is Yumi still hung up on Woong?

Yes, one day, at night, she dreams of being in a place that she’s seen before. She writes down that she wants to be happy with Woong.

Did Chae Ugi and Ruby end up together?

No, they didn’t. Ruby sees Chae Ugi and asks him to go to a concert with her, he rejects her and shows her his card, the fact that he’s 0% interested in her. From now on, she has the heartbreak card on her face for display.

Does Yumi end up with Bobby? Who does Bobby like?

Yumi asks Bobby if his research is going well, he says it is and Yumi wonders who is in his hidden card that he doesn’t show to people.

She wants to suggest him to go on a blind date with Ruby but he shuts that idea down before she completes her sentence. Bobby is single and says if he finds someone interesting, he’ll play together with her.

What happens to Woong’s work?

Woong signs a very big outsourcing contract, things are picking up for him and he’s expected to do well. He tells that to Yumi who is very happy for him.

Does Yumi and Woong break up?

Yes, they break up.

Woong asks Yumi to see her one day, she decides to bring two cards, one for the breakup and one for deciding what to do based on the situation when it happens.

However, Woong throws her a curveball, he says he thought about what she said and how they turned out to be on completely different wavelengths. He realized it when she brought up marriage for the first time.

The pathetic cell, love cell and the pride cell fight over the two cards. The pathetic card wants to hold onto Woong when he said that but the pride card takes the cards from love and agrees to break up with Woong.

Yumi and Woong end their relationship.

Is Yumi over Woong?

Not, not entirely. She thinks of holding onto him at first but she lets go because he brought up the breakup first.

When they leave after agreeing to break up, she looks back at him, but he never looks back at her.

Yumi and Woong’s relationship lasted 1 year, 1 month, and 4 days. It was Yumi’s third serious relationship.

The end.

“Yumi’s Cells” season 2, when will it be released?

At the end of “Yumi’s Cells” episode 14, the drama announces their plans to return with season 2, they end it with ‘see you in season 2 soon.’ tvN has not yet issued a comment to confirm “Yumi’s Cells” season 2 premiere date but it is expected to be some time in 2022.

“Yumi’s Cells” has followed the webcomic more than expected. Fans expected “Yumi’s Cells” season 2 to focus on her next phase and her next relationship, there is a small likelihood that Woong will ever return.

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  1. As somebody who has read the webtoon, “Yumi’s cells” (ending included) has followed the webtoon to a tee. So if you like the webtoon, you like the ending in the drama, but I was actually supersurprised that they did not change anything, unlike other dramas based on the webtoons, like, say The True Beauty. We’ll see if the Season 2 will continue following the webtoon as well. Btw, I saw somewhere that the season 2 starts on 31 of December 2021, but maybe it is still unconfirmed.

  2. Yes i like this drama very much. I like the ending so it has to come up with season 2 and i hope there could be season 3. I like their chemistry their both versatile as an actors respectively. I hope we’ll see you on the big screen as well. Love you both. Love, francy from Philippines.

  3. I like the drama. It’s funny and at the same time heart warming. Anybody can relate to it. Kim Go Eun is very natural. She’s always consistent in her good acting. I also enjoy watching the cells. They’re so cute. I hope Season 2 will be released earlier.

  4. I still don’t get why Woong broke up with Yumi. It didn’t explain why, since Woong made Yumi first, and didn’t think marriage was such a horrible idea. Too left field for me.

    1. Have you watched the whole episodes of the drama? I think the cells have dropped a few infos here and there. There were some scenes depicting the predicaments of both Yumi and Woong. We also need to understand it is a ‘slice of life’ story of everyday’s lives. Each of them have different POV in life as do us✌✌✌

    2. It will he explained in the Season 2..No spoiler, but he did it for a reason (typical “Woong’s reason” let’s say:)). I know why he did it because I read the webtoon. They left it unclear on purpose. Patience, Season 2 is coming soon…

  5. This drama is so good. I hope that they continue to create the 2nd season even it receives low ratings in Korea. They should consider the international fans who loved this drama. The actors done well with their characters, the animation is so fun to watch, and the story follows the original webtoon story.

    1. There is going to be a Second Season definitely as reported prior to the commencement of the drama. It was even stated at the end of the finale scene.

  6. Enjoyed the series. Somehow you can relate to behavioural patterns. Both makes an excellent match but communication failed here with pride being the ‘culprit’. Same in true life. If Woong could open up, she would support him in his career path then your relationship will be based on trust, hope n love.

  7. I love Romantic Comedies and this sure had the humorous side to it especially with the animation and the cells reactions. Then it turned into a Melodrama with some sad emotions. You lite up my day and I was always excited for the next episode. Yumi’s Cell brought happiness and the way YUMI and Woong loved each other was so romantic, even when they disagreed they always had happy endings. I love the Chemistry and their acting was outstanding. Then came episode 12. 13 and 14, you lost me why couldn’t they communicate or show more of emotions to each other. Generally people who have as much love as they did would fight to keep their relation. I just saw pure pride and even through you did highlight using the cells some of Woongs feelings I could not understand it. I look to Korean Dramas because they feel my heart with enjoyment and our not as depressing as some of US Romantic dramas. I never read the webtoon so did not expect this type of ending. I will only watch Season 2 to hopefully get more understanding on Woongs feelings and want a happy ending for YUMI and Woong.

  8. Loved it and so excited for Season 2! I’m just going with the flow on this one and trusting the creators. Kdrama are such good escapism. Love them.

  9. I really love the drama and I am really excited for season 2. Although can someone enlighten me why Woong is Yumi’s third serious relationship when she only had one ex and the next one is Woong already?

  10. I rarely watch romance drama, but I get interested in this one because my mom watched it. I like the message that they show, try to love yourself before you love others. And I like how Yumi change from a girl who gave everything to someone she loved to making her own self the number one priority. I was feed up with over the top cheezy romance, but this one, is closer to reality. Not all story end in a good way, and I cannot wait for season 2. Would like to hear what you think about the show though, cause in My Name review you said you didn’t watch this one

  11. I don’t think Woong’s business took off and got an investment contract. I think it was just an excuse so that Yumi won’t cling to him out of pity. He doesn’t want to drag Yumi. His stupid pride decided to lie.

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