“Unlock My Boss” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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In this article, we will be recapping episode 12 of “Unlock My Bossand discussing the ending.

“Unlock My Boss” episode 12 recap

In Seong discovers that president Kim Sun-Joo was not trapped inside a phone but he was in a coma and the Baro AI acted like he’s him. He booted it before he was hurt.

The team ends up allowing Oh Mi-Ran to obtain Baro 4.0 for their plan and with the police officer scheme to put her away.

In Seong also ends up telling his parents the truth. Later, he tells the AI also the truth and the AI is surprised at first but understands the situation.

Oh Mi-Ran has a fight with Vice-Chairman Oh Young-Geun and has him arrested. The team uses that to instigate him to turn on her for good and hand in evidence.

The team planned for the Baro 4 to become faulty during the testing period to embarrass and catch her in the act.

Police is later able to get evidence to make Chauffeur No Wi-Je turn on Oh Mi-Ran and cooperate with the police. They also get Ha Jong-Baek to hand in evidence of Oh Mi-Ran attempting to harm president Kim Sun-Joo. He gets arrested too as she finds out and attempts to take him out.

On the day she shows off the self-driving car, In Seong shows up and gets into the car with her. Baro 4.0 then makes it drive around recklessly, and In Seong exposes her as people are watching live, he also shows video evidence of them conducting surgery on president Kim Sun-Joo.

She then attempts to escape and gets driven by the same car into a police station. She’s arrested and Butler Shim Seung-Bo turns himself on the spot. They also bring out president Kim Sun-Joo’s body to show them what happened. She denies over and over again.

2 years later

we fast forward to two years later, and the situation has calmed down. President Kim Sun-Joo’s daughter was made aware of his condition and he continues to be hospitalized inside their home.

In Seong is now an actor and he’ dating Se Yeon.

Its a happy ending.

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