“Today’s Webtoon” Ending: Episode 16 Recap And Review

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SBS’s “Today’s Webtoon” has ended its run earlier today, here is a recap of its final episode.

“Today’s Webtoon” episode 16 recap

What happens to Seok Ji-Hyung? Did he quit?

Yes, he ended up quitting and starting a new company called Ginger studio that he now runs with some of the webtoon artists he knows but he still keeps in touch with the team and even comes to their office when they move locations to the main office.

Who becomes the next deputy editor?

Kwon Young-Bae takes the position, he has also improved his relationship with his team including On Ma-Eum, and now deeply cares about his cartoonists’ well-being, he also ends up working with Ma Eum on a project.

Did Baek Eo-Jin wake up or did he die?

He ended up waking up and going through rehabilitation. He’s set to return soon and is being supported by his loved ones.

What happens to Heo Gwan-Young?

After the anonymous tip, he is forced to go on a long vacation and will be asked to resign, he’s not quite happy with this. The CEO tells Jang Man-Cheol the informant shall remain anonymous and work for them.

Did Goo Jun-Yeong confess to On Ma-Eum? And did she accept his confession?

Yes, he ends up confessing to On Ma-Eum during a night when she asked him to come and listen to her stories. He confesses he likes her and doesn’t tell her she needs to answer him now. She still hasn’t given an answer and the drama doesn’t conclude whether On Ma-Eum and Goo Jun-Yeong started dating after his confession.

What happens to Neon webtoon team?

Due to their success with their cartoonists, the team gets transferred into the headquarters at last. Jang Man-Cheol life long dream has finally come true.

How does “Today’s Webtoon” end?

The ending scene of “Today’s Webtoon” shows the characters holding the boxes they had prepared to leave for the headquarters of Neon. They’re all smiling side by side as they cross a bridge.

“Today’s Webtoon” final thoughts

That was a cute calm ending that reinforces the idea that this drama really shouldn’t have been this long.

I have a feeling the ratings of “Today’s Webtoon” shocked SBS the most. I mean, I haven’t seen this specific time slot score such low ratings in quite some time, it could be well over a year if not more. Namgoong Min will have to do the heavy lifting once again next week as he did with MBC last year.

I think they believed that it could be similarly successful to “Business Proposal.” That drama didn’t really have much of a deep or heavy plot and relied heavily on cliches and stereotypes. The difference is, that drama had amazing cast chemistry and had only 12 episodes.

And while I do think “Today’s Webtoon” cast has good synergy, I wouldn’t compare it to how good the chemistry in “Business Proposal” was.

Added to that, the plot of “Today’s Webtoon” does not need 16 episodes and should not have been broadcasted in a weekend time slot. Heck, it doesn’t even need 12 episodes. I would say 8 to 10 would have been a great choice.

Moving that drama to a different time slot would have also done wonders. It had to compete with “Big Mouse” which had a considerably bigger and flashier plot.

But of course, it wouldn’t have been easy to just do that because these things remain in planning from 3 to 9 months. Its not like SBS just suddenly decided to pin it against “Big Mouse” like that. Who knows, I’d like to think not because this time slot is one of the most important to broadcasting stations.

In terms of performances, I loved everyones. Sejeong is SERIOUSLY amazing, one of my fav idol-actors. Her smile is infectious. I can’t sing enough praise for her passionate acting, she gives me hope that not every idol actor is wooden and difficult to watch on TV. I appreciate that as a kdrama fan. She will go on to do amazing things in the future with that bright attitude of hers and I will be there cheering on.

I still think “Today’s Webtoon” has a heartwarming plot and was filled with amazing performances, I just wished they had cut it by 6 episodes to condense it so it leaves behind a prettier memory. Even good scripts can get lost when stretched beyond what they can handle.

I feel that any Sejeong fan or Yoon Su fan or Daniel Choi fan will likely enjoy this if they like slower-paced office dramas about every day issues. But if you’re looking for something that is fast-paced and gets straight to the point, I wouldn’t say this would impress you.

So what did you guys think of “Today’s Webtoon” ending?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Yes, the length of the drama and the pace were an issue. They closely based the “Today’s Webtoon” on its Japanese original. The difference is that the original was packed with the stories and had a very fast pace. And had only 10 episodes. It also did not have any personal stories about those who worked in the office (or their families) and no romance at all. It was all based around the mangas and the writers. Korean version tried to replicate it, also digging deeper into the personal lives of the Webtoon Services department and adding a romance on top of that. The problem was that they tried to do it in another, usual kdrama format – long 16 episodes. So of course they run out of intensity and pace. In the middle it got boring, then they picked it up. Instead of a drama about webtoons where plenty of things happen every day, it became a bit boring. Oh, well – I watched anyway, but it could have been better for sure.

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