The Real Identity Of K In “Bad And Crazy” Revealed And It Is Not What You Expect

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Bad And Crazy” has premiered over this weekend and has already become a hot topic among fans.

“Bad and Crazy” tells the story of a man who has lived his whole life as a materialistic police detective, but changes into a champion for justice and fights against corruption when a person named K shows up.

Lee Dong Wook is taking on the role of Soo Yeol, a competent but bad guy who is a senior inspector at a regional police station. He is materialistic and is willing to throw away his face and pride for success. However, his life changes when “K” appears in his life.

Wi Ha Joon is taking on the role of K, he is all about justice. He dreams of becoming the last hero of this era and will be the lamp in the dark of a world filled with wrongdoings.

During the final scenes of the second episode of “Bad And Crazy,” we get to find out who exactly K is. K has been harassing Soo Yeol, beating him up and nearly killing him multiple times. We find out that K is one of the personas Soo Yeol possesses, K is not a real character but a persona inside of Soo Yeol.

The reveal caught some fans off-guard while others had expected it. Many are excited to see how “Bad and Crazy” will address the crazy change in the story in later episodes.

Meanwhile, “Bad and Crazy” premiere ratings were promising, it scored an average nationwide rating of 4.47% and 3.68% for its first and second episode respectively.

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My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

So…. This was surprising but not in a nice way. I didn’t expect this nor do I like the reveal much. Let me explain.

First, I really wanted to see more of Wi Ha Joon. After the success of squid game, I was so excited to see his upcoming projects and this isn’t what I had in mind. This undermines his role quite a bit and makes me take the character way less seriously than I normally would.

This is very reminiscent of fight club but I don’t feel that happy about it. While watching episode 1, I was excited at first, but almost immediately figured out that K wasn’t real. I was hoping I was wrong but it turns out, I was right.

“Bad and Crazy” is only 12 episodes long which is… good news because such types of plots can’t be stretched, they’re more suitable to be a movie rather than a series and I have a feeling 12 episodes is also a bit too long for such a type of script.

The second reason I wasn’t happy is just how sad the revelation is. If you think about it, there is this man who is hallucinating so bad that he imagines a whole human being committing certain actions on his behalf when its him. This man has serious mental health issues and while I don’t know what it is exactly, it must be so bad that he’s at that level.

First, this is very disturbing, second, this is very very sad. It doesn’t make for a ‘fun’ plot if you pause to think about it.

This made my excitement about “Bad and Crazy” go down quite a bit, I hope it gets better.

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By Hilda Moore

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  1. I disagree with jass’ review. Even the best actors play small roles and most of them do it well. Plus I think that it’s good that they’re at least including something to do with mental health. I’ve been watching k-dramas for nearly 7 years now and some of them don’t even talk about mental health, it’s often just about beauty and love. E.g. birth of a beauty: a husband cheats on his wife and married his mistress because she is fat and ‘ugly’ in his eyes so he tries to kill her but she survives and gets plastic surgery and changes completely to get revenge. The husband cheats again on his mistress who he married again with the changed wife and eventually the whole revenge thing happens and the end. Most dramas are like this. But it’s only recently that they’ve started including mental health issues deeply. Take It’s okay to not be okay. It focuses nearly fully only on mental health which is rare, so it’s refreshing to see more dramas like this. As for wi hajoons role, his role in this drama is pretty big considering he’s one of the main characters of the show. I think it is completely weird how you think that this role undermines his success from squid game because there are a lot of people who think that this show is better than squid game including myself.

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