“Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938” Ending And Finale Explained- Episode 12 Recap

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tvN’s drama “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938” has come to an end a couple of hours ago, let us go through its finale and explain its ending!

“Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938” episode 12 recap

Lee Yeon sends a letter to the Lee Yeon from 1938 and tells him at the end of the letter that she is in the time he’s from. He’s motivated to go to Gyeongseong.

Ryuhei Kato meets Lee Yeon at the tailor shop and tells him he must choose between the two hostages he’s taken. The same is told for Hong-Joo’s group.

They have about 6 hours left before the eclipse, so they gather to plan and then split. Sunwoo Eun-Ho takes some girls and plant weapons in the flowers as she enters for her wedding.

Hong-Joo goes to see Taluipa and finds out the original mountain god is back and he took her eye. She failed to seal him and this happened.

Lee Yeon says goodbye to Lee Rang and tells him he’s his brother and one day he’ll even be able to surpass him, he tells him to believe in himself. He tries to say, ‘I love you,’ but Lee Rang tells him to shut up.

At the hostage prison, the two workers are given two injections of Gwiso, a haunted whistling tree that makes whoever is injected with it go mad. Lee Rang arrives at the prison but gets his as* kicked by the two workers. Meanwhile, Bodyguard Yoo Jae-Yoo is strapped to a tree, Hong Joo goes to find him and frees him, but he’s hearing the whistle and going crazy, he hurts her with a knife. Then he decides to stab himself to make sure he never hurts his owner.

While Lee Rang watches his lover nearly get killed, he then recalls what his brother told him and gains enough strength to become a nine-tailed fox, he kills both of them.

While Hong Joo is crying over the body of Bodyguard Yoo Jae-Yoo, Lee Yeon from the year 1938 shows up, he gives her a present, an elixir that will bring him back to life.

With little time left, Lee Yeon shows up at the wedding disguised as Eun-Ho, he then takes the stand and tells everyone they’re dying here today. Fire erupts. Meanwhile, the real Eun-Ho is on the hunt for the emperor who barely escaped Lee Yeon.

Lee Yeon and Ryuhei Kato get into a fight and they’re neck in neck. Meanwhile, Eun-Ho manages to kill the emperor and is almost killed by her father who claims she is not his daughter, but Shin-Joo saves her and takes bullets for her. They part ways. Some soldiers follow to find the emperor dead, they shoot her father believing he was who killed him.

As the fight draws to a close, Lee Yeon transfers into his fox self and kills Ryuhei Kato. When he’s done, Hong Joo shows up and assures him everyone is fine. She takes on the rest.

Lee Yeon and Shin-Joo get into the car but its not starting, an army of soldiers show up and begin firing at them, then, Moo Young shows up. Turns out, he did not die and was saved by the fortune god. Lee Yeon took the risk and saved his life despite knowing the risks. Moo Young asks Lee Yeon why he did that and Lee Yeon says its because they always protected each other. Moo Young destroys the soldiers while the duo leave.

The duo arrives at the place with little time left, Lee Yeon wanted to say goodbye to his brother Rang and just before the gate is about to close, Rang shows up, he’s hurt and crying telling his brother he’s alright. He gives him a gift so he won’t forget him, both of them cry their eyes out. Lee Yeon goes back to his place.

Moo Young asks Hong Joo if she believes he went back into his time, she says ‘yes,’ Moo Young tells her he wants to wander around now being a doctor helping others, for once, he wants to be the person she always thought he was. Of course, he promises to come back.

Back at her place, Hong Joo reads a letter left by Yeon who also left a sweet gift for her.

After that, things are back into normal, for now, at Gyeongseong. Yeon from the year 1938 comes back and is now interacting with Rang a lot more and they’re having fun.

Then one night, the three gather to kill a man who wants Governor-general of Korea.

At the year 2023

Lee Yeon is back and it begins raining, he reunites with Nam Ji-A and they hug, he apologizes for being late and she says she always knew he’d come back.

The end.

“Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938” ending- frequently asked questions

Did Moo Young die?

No, he did not. Turns out, he did not die and was saved by the fortune god. Lee Yeon took the risk and saved his life despite knowing the said risks.

What happens to Hong-Joo?

She does fine. She reunites with her two besties Yeon [from the year 1938] and Moo Young, they continue to fight side by side. She’s doing fine despite Lee Yeon from the year 2023 going back home.

Did Lee Yeon reunite with Nam Ji A?

Yes, he did. At the end of the finale, the couple reunite and share a sweet hug.

Did Lee Yeon manage to go back to 2023?

Yes, he does. He manages to do this at the last moment.

How does “Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938” end?

The drama ends with Lee Yeon back in the year 2023, he is in the heart of Seoul. As it begins to rain, Nam Ji A runs away from the rain and Lee Yeon arrives with an umbrella, Lee Yeon says he missed her and Ji A says she always knew he’d return as he always has.  

Does “Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. The bad guy is eliminated and Lee Yeon manages to go back to his time.

What happens to Ryuhei Kato? Do they manage to eliminate him?

Yes, Lee Yeon kills him in the last battle.

Will there be a 3rd season of “Tale Of The Nine Tailed”?

Not yet. tvN has not yet publicly commented on the likelihood of a 3rd season, if they do, this question’s answer will be updated.

Have you seen the ending of “Tale Of The Nine Tailed 1938”? did you like it or not?

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