“Strong Girl Namsoon” Ending Explained- Finale Recap

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JTBC’s “Strong Girl Namsoon” has concluded its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained!

“Strong Girl Namsoon” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with a drugged Nam-Soon attempting to face against Ryu Si-O who took a bit of the drug and now has more strength. They battle against each other but because she’s weak from what she was forced to take, she cannot fight him back as she’d regularly be able to.

While they’re fighting, she returns the rod he threw at her, it pierces him in the stomach. Hee-Sik comes and sees Nam-Soon collapsing. Ryu Si-O runs away. He takes her to the hospital and calls police to report a bomb on the airplane. He’s crying rushing her there. Her mother is also recovering and was able to get better and the grandma was also saved.

Hee-Sik knows he needs the antidote, so he calls his people and they search for some. He’s able to find some with the help of Madam Kim’s assistant. Both of them get arrested by police for violating the drugs crimes act.

Hee-Sik gives the antidote to Nam-Soon and she’s instantly better but he collapses from the stress.

Police are now looking for Ryu Si-O who ran off to the same place he used to box. And police are on his tail so they keep the doctor who worked with him as they chase after Ryu Si-O. one of the police officers ends up beating the doctor to get information. He sends it to them.

He treated his wounds and recalls a time with another young kid from when they were kids talking about possibly escaping this place they were in and starting anew in Hungary. The young kid is named Binbin and he comes to kill him.

Ryu Si-O is not exactly happy with this, he tells him they will discard him later, but he needs to kill him to survive. Ryu Si-O asks him to allow him to die on his terms not betrayed for the 3rd time.

Thus, Binbin escapes and gives him the gun. As police and Namsoon arrive, he shoots himself in front of her.

After that, everything begins to fall for the people around Ryu Si-O and police make several arrests. The issue is now supplying the antidote.

The police force discusses this among them and Namsoon mentions she remembers vapor coming out of the stationary place she went to, so they go there and find a lot of the antidote. Turns out, the owner of the place is actual Ryu Si-O’s birth father and he bought him that place for him to run.

Hwang Geum-Ju is allowed to talk to the doctor who worked with Ryu Si-O to convince him to give the recipe for the antidote. She fools him into thinking she’d invest in him so he can win a Nobel prize. He falls for it and hands the formula.

Later, Geum-Ju goes to see people who work for her who tell her Bread is now gone. She’s upset by it.

At the dinner table later, the three strong women all say they found their calling in their lives. Gil Joong-Gan now wants to stop scammers from targeting elders. Geum-Ju goes on the offense and sues a bunch of people who stood in her way as she was uncovering the drug crimes.

At a ceremony later, the police officers who worked on busting the case are rewarded for their hard work and Namsoon gets appointed as a police officer too. At the family dinner table celebrating this, Joong-Gan says she’s going to be with Seo Jun-Hee now and her former husband agrees to let her go. She also suggests her daughter gets back with her husband who refuses because he wants her to stand on her own as herself. They say they will discuss this later.

At the park later on another day, Hee-Sik proposes to Namsoon who accepts and even holds him up in the air because she’s so happy. The two families meet and despite Hee-Sik’s mother’s hesitance because of Namsoon’s lack of education, she finds out that they’re super rich. The mother even wants to gift Hee-Sik a building of his own later which he refuses. They want to hurry with the marriage and everyone agrees.

On another day, Geum-Ju’s assistant comes in with juicy news. He talks about their boss Nozh and how the organization sent him to Korea to study finance and he was a huge hit man but didn’t want to manage money. They’re getting closer to holding those people accountable.

As Namsoon gets finally deployed for service, she gets a case and starts working. Meanwhile, Hee Sik is told a man named Binbin is still using Ryu Si-O’s phone which was never found once he died. The police hacker now knows the next target is gold, and that is Geum-Ju. So he alerts her.

She’s then sent a message telling her they found out who Nozh is, turns out it’s the man named Bread she’d been talking to.


At work, Namsoon beats up the bad guys, when Hee Sik runs to check up on her, he sees she’s already done the job but when he finds out she threw them from the building because one man drew a gun at her, he gets angry and beats him up, only for him to run away. Namsoon ends up sprinting to get him and arrest him.

The end.

In post credit scene

We’re told that Geum-Ju went to a place to see Yun Hui, she asks her about her song Chung Dong, who is apparently a very strong man who is troubling his mother. They call for his name. he’s playing in a PC bang, he can hear their screams for him from far away and he loses, so he punches through the screen.

The end.

“Strong Girl Namsoon” ending explained- FAQ

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