Disney+ “Soundtrack #1” Ending: Episode 4 Recap And Review

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Disney+ has aired “Soundtrack #1” finale earlier today, here is the recap of the final episode.

“Soundtrack #1” episode 4 recap

The episode begins with Eun Soo carrying on with her life after Sun Woo leaves overseas. They still keep in touch and talk once or twice weekly but he isn’t always available.

Eun Soo gets with PD Kang who tells her Taeyoon wants to work with her because he likes her lyrics. Apparently, Jay Jun [Seo In Guk] and Taeyoon are close friends and he talked about her to Taeyoon. It was Eun Soo’s dream to write for Taeyoon one day, she’s one of her favorite singers. It is said that Taeyoon is a very famous singer and one of the best in the country.

Then Eun Soo recalls that she got a new dream after making her debut as a lyricist. She was talking to Sun Woo and told him one of her goals is to write for Taeyoon who is his favorite singer. He was very happy about that goal at the time.

Eun Soo remembers her time with Sun Woo and misses him dearly.

A year later.

Eun Soo arrives at his studio to pick up her profile pictures that he had shot for her a year ago. She sees he has a photo of her in the middle of his wall collection and the card of her mom’s reading she’s done a year ago. Donghyun says Sun Woo can’t get reception easily and talks to him shortly before Eun Soo can reach the phone.

Eun Soo then gets a call from PD Kang who invites her to dinner. She had left him hanging for a year, he tells her how much he likes her and wants to be with her and he’d like an answer. Eun Soo tells him she even when she’s sitting next to him in this fancy restaurant, she feels no excitement and her mind wanders somewhere else. She says there was a period her heart fluttered for him but its gone.

He takes the rejection like a champ and despite Eun Soo thinking this means their partnership is over, he assures her he won’t let go of such a talented person to not feel awkward.

Later, when she returns home, her mother is there, she cleans her place. Eun Soo asks her to read her cards, she picks three. The three cards are ‘new opportunities,’ ‘a determined heart,’ and the card Sun Woo had also picked, the card that means ‘someone close by.’

The mother tells her she lied at the time because she felt Sun Woo was gonna get caught for something he shouldn’t, thus, she lied.

Later, Eun Soo picks a card, she picks the ‘determined heart’ card. Her mother had found the teddy bear of Sun Woo. She sees an opening in it and pulls out a necklace and a note that reads, ‘in every moment of your life, I wish I could be by your side.’

The next day, she rides the bike he fixed and stops by the flower shop, there, Sun Woo comes out. They hug and are happy to see each other, he brought her chocolate and says he’s staying for 10 days.

Later, they celebrate Ma Ri’s birthday together. When they’re done, he walks her home, when they arrive at her place, she wraps a scarf around his neck.

The next day, she comes visiting with food from the bakery and sees Sun Woo is busy with a woman younger than him named Seoyeon, she’s been helping him out. She can sense they’re close and Seoyeon is especially touchy.

At night, she suggests they meet up for food and drink. She sees he’s still working with Seoyeon and she gets jealous and starts behaving like a child. Later, when they’re done eating and drinking, she’s outside when Sun Woo calls Seoyeon a cab, she tells him ‘is it a yes or no,’ saying she likes him a lot and will treat him well. Sun Woo shuts her down and Eun Soo hears that.

After she’s gone, Eun Soo asks Sun Woo to walk her to her place and asks him whether he plans on dating her, he says no. When she playfully asks him what if she says ‘lets date,’ he also shuts her down recalling what she had said in the past.

She misses her timing to tell him her feelings again.

The next day, she rides the bike and recalls their past together, she texts him to meet up at night. They meet in their friends’ cafe and she confesses her feelings.

She tells him she’s struggling with the last line of her lyrics, the lyrics are basically a confession. She tells him she cares for him and realizes how bad he must’ve felt for 8 years he spent liking her without her knowing, she apologizes for only looking him in the eye just now. He writes down his answer on the notebook she gave him, he wrote, ‘please stay by my side, I love you.’ He then goes up and kisses her.

In the bonus track section, they’re a happy couple in the restaurant of their close friends. They’re all over each other and inseparable. Its hinted that Sun Woo never went overseas again.

The end.

“Soundtrack #1” episode 4 review

That was such a cute ending, I loved it.

This drama was so adorable and heartwarming from start to finish.

Some people think I dislike rom-coms or romance dramas judging by my reviews, but I honestly don’t. What I do dislike is when my time is wasted. Current Korean rom-coms with their current format aren’t what’s best. 16 episodes for a very basic plot that needs some action most times isn’t really that fun to watch anymore. You don’t need 16 or more hours of content to tell a rom-com.

And “Soundtrack #1” gets it. It came, told a cute short story, and left. It didn’t linger on for longer than it needed nor tried to add unnecessary fluff to it.

What did you guys think of “Soundtrack #1” ending?

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