“Shadow Detective” Season 1 Ending Explained- Episode 8 Recap And Review

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Disney+ kdrama  “Shadow Detective” has come to an end today, here is a recap of its 1st season finale and as well its ending explained.

Just to note, Disney+ has already confirmed “Shadow Detective” is already in the works for season 2. The news came before the drama even aired. Jung Jin Young was cast in season 2.

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“Shadow Detective” Season 1 episode 8 recap

Did Kim Taek-Rok remain on the run?

Yes, everyone is looking for him but he avoid detection. He visits his friend who draws webtoons, he retrieves a gun and says he can’t turn back now and it all feels like his fault.

He continues to investigate Chairman Jang and discovers Kim Taek-Rok is working under his orders going around killing people for his goals.

How does Kook Jin-Han handle the situation after Kim Taek-Rok flees?

After pressure from Chairman Jang, he’d told to resolve this issue in three days or else. He begins by pressuring An Hyung-Woo to hand over evidence about the development committee members, he ends up doing so at the threat his and his son’s lives would be ruined.

Did Seo Gwang-Su turn himself in?

Yes, he does. He has a talk with Kim Taek-Rok and they reminisce about the old times and says they can return to how things used to be. He goes to the police station, and ends up showing a video of Kook Jin-Han holding Team Leader Bae’s phone and hands it to police. Kook Jin-Han’s place is searched and Seo Gwang-Su ends up admitting to all of his crimes, he wants to bring down that man.

He admits Woo Hyun-Seok used to do him deeds and only did as he was instructed and Detective Kwak Sang-Kyu handled Ma Sang-Gu, they both worked for him and did all sort of corrupt acts.

He says the slush funds were handled by Woo Hyun-Seok and he doesn’t know where those are.

Was Kook Jin-Han arrested, why?

Yes, he was. He ends up getting arrested as a result but refuses to admit to anything. He then gets released based on lack of evidence. He gets handed a message from Chairman Jang that says the appraisal is in two days and if its not resolved, bad things will happen.

How does Kim Taek-Rok resolve the mystery about the crimes?

He searches for Chairman Jang and finds he’s corrupt, he then remembers he actually met Kook Jin-Han in the past in the police academy and gave him an ill advice. He also has the feeling that Woo Hyun-Seok left him something, he goes to their old hanging spot and the ahjumma gives me a phone, he cracks the code and manages to find out that Woo Hyun-Seo filmed his own murder scene and a copy was stored on the phone. He sends a copy of that to Kook Jin-Han who knows he’s been caught and that its over. The two meet up one last time holding guns.

What happens to Lee Sung-A and Son Kyung-Chan?

After Kook Jin-Han is released because of lack of evidence, they end up arresting Lee Sung-A on charges of concealing a fugitive among others. Son Kyung-Chan sees that, he alerts Kim Taek-Rok and escapes.

Did Kook Jin-Han kill Kim Taek-Rok?

No, he didn’t. The two meet up at a remote location and Kook Jin-Han beats him up a bit and points a gun at him. Kim Taek-Rok pleads with him and tells him to turn himself in, he also remembers him now and tries to convince him he can still serve time, and go back to his family.

Kook Jin-Han is emotional, he refuses to accept it at first and then rants about how he had fun and life wasn’t all that bad while they worked together. Eventually as he removes his gun from Kim Taek-Rok’s face, he gets shot in the stomach.

Did Kook Jin-Han die? Why? And who killed him?

Yes, he is killed by a sniper from afar while talking to Kim Taek-Rok.

Its hinted that its likely done by Chairman Jang who had a heated conversation with him prior to it happening, before the two detectives meet up Chairman Jang tells Kook Jin-Han to stop and remove himself from the equation but he retaliates and says, ‘don’t tell me what to do you bastard, this matter is out of your hand now.’

Who is Chairman Jang and what does he have to do with this?

Back in the day, Kook Jin-Han tried to expose Chairman Jang and his securities company for alleged corrupt biding practices. Kook Jin-Han went in front of the press and promised to investigate this diligently, he also exposed the chief police officer of his branch. Chairman Jang was also exposed as the chairman broker named Jang through the investigation.

He is talking to an informant who works with him on the case, he tells him to hand in the evidence and they’ll catch him, however, Chairman Jang ends up killing that man and disguising it as a suicide.

Chairman Jang gaslights him into thinking its his fault. Kook Jin-Han then finds out his son who is very ill is experiencing serious issues and side effects. Chairman Jang says he’ll support him moving forward as long as he stops looking into him and also basically threatens him with his son and family.

From that point on, Kook Jin-Han begins working for him and receiving money for ruining his opponents and exposing them.

He is then handed his last case, the one revolving around this drama, he’s told its a matter of life and death and after this, he can grant him whatever he wants even if its the commissioner title.

What is the identity of the ‘friend’?

Kook Jin-Han is the ‘friend’ who called Kim Taek-Rok and forced him to investigate the chief of police in order to achieve his goals.

“Shadow Detective” Season 1 Ending Explained

To sum it up, it turns out that Kook Jin-Han is the ‘friend’ who has been calling Kim Taek-Rok.

The purpose behind it is to eliminate the committee of the men, including Seo Gwang-Su, who have been scheming to get a cut of the re-development plans so they can take profit to them when redevelopment officially begins.

The reason why is because Chairman Jang had instructed Kook Jin-Han to do so, thus, Kook Jin-Han took his time analyzing the situation and studying Kim Taek-Rok in order to make sure Seo Gwang-Su, as well as his friends, are held accountable for their wrongdoings, bribes and crimes while Chairman Jang gets to swoop in and claim the profits for himself.

He wanted Kim Taek-Rok to do that while Kook Jin-Han will cosplay as the diligent detective who was assigned to this smaller area outside Seoul who merely carries out his duties punishing Seo Gwang-Su and his friends. Despite the fact that he’s the one who originally orchestrated all of this.

“Shadow Detective” Season 1 ending- review

Wow! I enjoyed “Shadow Detective” Season 1 a lot more than I had initially expected due to the simple fact that Disney+ kdrama releases have not been up to standards, and generally speaking, most of what has been released thus far is mediocre at best with very few exceptions.

It seems that Disney+ is finally finding its footing in the ever-growing industry of Korean dramas and movies export. They’ve definitely had a better 2022 than a 2021, granted, to a degree, their releases for 2021 were very limited as they’ve recently joined this race.

Where do I start?

I loved everything about this drama. I loved how smart the leading detective is, he is actually smart. He picks up on cues and hidden details that you wouldn’t naturally pick up on due to seniority in the field. For the first time in a while, there is a kdrama character that is actually as smart as the script would have you believe, and its done beautifully.

I can tell this drama was written and re-written multiple times and proof-read too, this is what happens when you have to shoot a project completely prior to its release. This is also what happens when a high episode count is not forced upon the screenwriters, had this been 16 episodes, it would’ve been a totally different tale.

This is has become my favorite Jin Goo performance of all time and my favorite drama of his to date. In regards to Lee Sung Min, Misaeng is still my favorite drama of him, such an amazing actor, he’s always giving it 110%, huge respect.

The drama is definitely going on my list of the best of 2022. I love it when script get straight to the point. Seriously had fun watching this.

“Shadow Detective” is also slated to return with a 2nd season soon, at first, I was skeptic about the idea of renewing a project we haven’t seen yet but now that I have seen it, I can totally understand why.

I just hope the 2nd season is only 6 episodes or less as I don’t believe it requires more than that if the purpose shall shift into taking care of Chairman Jang.

what did you guys think of “Shadow Detective” season 1 ending?

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