SBS’s “Trolley” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap

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SBS’s “Trolley” has come to an end today, here is a recap of its finale episode and its ending explained.

SBS’s “Trolley” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with Hye-Joo walking towards a conference room, she’s holding a press conference to expose her own husband, she says he sexually assaulted a woman. Chaos erupts. Joong-Do is so out of it once Woo-Jae tells him she’s done it.

She recalls Yeo-Jin telling her he has not properly apologized and merely said he’d do his best to make things better as a form of atonement.

Yoon-Seo lashes out at her mom and screams at her for exposing her father to the world saying they could have resolved it privately.

When she gets back, she tells Yeo-Jin she did her best to be courageous while it took her 20 years to do so.

Meanwhile, Woo-Jae is urging Joong-Do not to do anything and not to turn himself in, he gets angry and yells at him saying he shouldn’t do that after everything he’s done for him. His office remains unreachable and people begin to speculate and some blame the woman.

Choi Ki-Young then shows up to Lee Yoo-Shin and tells her he’s decided to sell the land and donate all the profits. She begs him to contact Joong-Do and tell him she’ll forget about Jae Eun. Choi Ki-Young tells her, ‘you can’t make a deal with this, you lied about Jae Eun to begin with.’

Jin Seung-Hee is there and hears everything, she asks her if its true that Jae Eun was molested by Seung-Ho. The mom admits she lied for her son’s sake, she collapses due to the stress. At the hospital, Choi Ki-Young says he took the risk wanting something to be done about either the land or Seung Ho. Jin Seung-Hee is too stunned and says she thought Jae Eun was the one lying.

Woo-Jae takes Joong-Do somewhere far, but during the way he stops at a gas station and when he comes out, he finds he disappeared. Joong-Do listened to his wife’s voice note telling him she’ll expose him.

He takes away the car and goes to the beach where he tries to commit suicide. Woo-Jae calls Hye-Joo to let her know her husband is missing, she goes to a place she knew he’d be and rescues him from the water. They both cry.

Later, on another day, he apologizes to her for what he’s done. He then leaves to the police station to turn himself in. Woo-Jae watches in complete horror and recalls what he’s done for him.

He recalls talking to their son Ji-Hoon, he had drugs he tried to implant to hinder his father’s career. Woo-Jae stops him and tells him to come with him, when he turns around and turns back, he finds he’s nowhere to be found, then he sees Ji-Hoon drowning. He does nothing to stop it. He also deletes the footage taken by the car dashcamera.

The chief of the national assembly party Joong-Do belonged to says he’s fired and apologizes for his actions, she had been aware his wife was going to expose him and helped her set up the press conference.

Soo-Bin one day talks to Jung-Dae whose insulting Hye Joo and the victim, she tells him the child was his but she aborted it because she didn’t want to deal with him. She promises she’ll make him pay for his crimes. She goes to police and turns in evidence against him and also exposes the prostitution committed by another assemblyman. Later, she hands in photos of Ji Hoon to Hye Joo and tells her that her son lashed out because of his father but wanted to always make her proud and not hurt her.

Choi Ki-Young ends up leaving overseas while Jin Seung-Hee stays behind to handle the mess her mother created, she goes to meet Hye Joo and asks her to sue them.

Jang Woo-Jae also ends up leaving the office after what happened but he does not pay for his crimes.

5 months later

Joong-Do trial is coming up, his wife hands him the divorce papers along with his former diaries of what he wanted to be. He apologizes again. Soo bin is also told Jung-Dae was arrested, she’ll be able to escape with a fine.

Yoon-Seo turns around after her friend says her mother gave her inspiration, the mother also receives letter from people thanking her for giving them the boost they needed to expose others. Yoon-Seo then reaches out to her mother and apologizes for being so harsh on her.

Yeo-Jin is seeing a psychiatrist and is getting better.

how does SBS’s “Trolley” ends?

The final scene of the drama shows Hye Joo at her shop, she still maintains friendship with Soo Bin and Yeo-Jin. She then opens a big white paper and lays it on the table, she looks at it happily signaling she’s starting something new.

Does SBS’s “Trolley” have a happy ending?

Its a bittersweet ending, Joong-Do pays for his crimes while his assistant doesn’t pay anything for having witnessed their son drown and done nothing about it. All-around it was a bittersweet realistic ending.

What did you think of SBS’s “Trolley” ending? Did you like it or not?

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