“Penthouse 2” Episode 10 Recap And Review- Bae Ro Na’s Father Identity Revealed + Is She Alive?

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Just when you thought “Penthouse 2” couldn’t get any crazier, screenwriter Kim Sun Ok surprises you with another twist, expected or not, this was still somewhat shocking, so lets delve right in to whatever the hell happened in “Penthouse 2” episode 10.

“Penthouse 2” episode 10 recap

The highlighted takeaways

Joo Dan Tae surprises Cheon Seo Jin by setting up her ex-husband and beating the poor janitor to a bulb in order to falsely confess that Ha Yeon Cheol asked him to kill Bae Ro Na.

Ha Yeon Cheol decides to confess to everything. Cheon Seo Jin visits him but he instructs her to go back and care for their daughter, he is worried sick about what Joo Dan Tae will do next.

Ha Eun Byeol regains her memory, she refuses to see Seok Hoon who pesters her about what happened that night.

The housekeeper taking care of Ha Eun Byeol starts to show cracks by ‘confronting’ Cheon Seo Jin telling her that her daughter regained her memory.

Ha Eun Byeol recalls that night events, she says she’s hurt her but didn’t kill her, she heard a phone ringing and snapped back to reality, Cheon Seo Jin gets suspicious. Her daughter sings her the melody she heard.

Cheon Seo Jin and Joo Dan Tae get into another fight, she wants to be free but he traps her and eventually after a fight, he drags her, beats her, and locks her up until she answers to his demands.

Na Ae Gyo is also starting to show cracks and letting on that she’s Cheon Seo Jin. Joo Dan Tae begins to seriously suspect her and attempts to clarify his suspicions on many occasions this episode, it seems that he’s onto something.

Oh Yoon Hee meets Ha Yeon Cheol who admitted to killing her daughter, she’s signed the divorce papers and ends the conversation by dropping a bombshell on him, that he is Bae Ro Na’s father. He collapses.

During Joo Dan Tae and Na Ae Gyo meeting, he hands her the bloody necklace Ha Eun Byoel wore, Na Ae Gyo then questions him whether he’s really had nothing to do with Bae Ro Na’s murder. It turns out he saw the incident with Bae Ro Na but instead of stopping it, he stabbed the trophy part in her head causing her to bleed, he orchestrated the whole thing. Na Ae Gyo also knows Oh Yoon Hee is spying on her, Oh Yoon Hee hears the conversation and loses her cool.

Cheon Seo Jin gets out of the room she’s been held in, she goes to attempt to kill Joo Dan Tae but hears his phone ring and suspects he knows something or had something to do with it. She opens his phone to see a woman named ‘Na Ae Gyo’ calling him.

She goes to her daughter to ask her about the ringtone again and assures her suspicions, she’s dragged outside by Joo Dan Tae’s men

An auction is held for someone to buy the land owned by Oh Yoon Hee, eventually, Na Ae Gyo wins the bid. She is confronted by Logan who still thinks she might be the one he knows, she successfully convince him otherwise, he stops tailing her.

But as Logan’s assistant shows him photos of her, he notices a necklace that only Shin Su Ryeong would have, he goes there to see her and hug her after knowing its her. She cries.

Cheon Seo Jin escapes her house duties with the help of Seok Hoon. Cheon Seo Jin meets Oh Yoon Hee as they talk about revenge, she admits her daughter had something to do with Bae Ro Na’s death but knows there is more to it, she asks for her help.

A young girl [presumably Bae Ro Na] awakes from a hospital bed, after she gets up, she calls Seok Hoon who is hella shocked to see her alive.

“Penthouse 2” Episode 10 review

I mean… wow! I kinda… wow!

I said it guys, I knew Joo Dan Tae pulled the plug on Bae Ro Na’s life support, I knew Ha Yeon Cheol wouldn’t have killed her. He’s too weak to do so.

What I am surprised by isn’t that Ha Yeon Cheol is Bae Ro Na’s father but that throughout the entire damn ordeal, Oh Yoon Hee never once mentioned she was his biological daughter, at the most crucial moment, she didn’t reveal it. I’d like to think this is a lie on her side, but I have a feeling its not. I just didn’t like the theatrics of the ‘reveal’ so to speak. I wished he would’ve known earlier because it would’ve made more sense.

Next week is the finale of “Penthouse 2,” there are rumors that the creators of the drama will air only one episode per week of the third season. I don’t know how to feel about that or about the episode count of the 3rd installment, I seriously can’t of anything the screenwriter can pull anymore. The drama is becoming predictable and episode 10 has to be my least favorite this season.

The fact that Bae Ro Na is not dead is annoying me, don’t get me wrong, I like knowing she’s alive, she’s been through hell but the screenwriter is making it so difficult for me to find any strain of believably left in the drama. If you’re going to ‘kill’ characters then resuscitate them, then what’s the point? Why would the audience even feel sad for a character’s death if they know you will most likely bring them back to life?

I suspect Bae Ro Na didn’t die and Logan hid her from her mom and used her mother’s pain to drive his plan forward.

I talked about this in my review of the finale episode of the first season, I knew the screenwriter wouldn’t kill Shim Su Ryeong the main actress in the drama and I was right.

The only character they should now attempt to kill then resuscitate is Joo Dan Tae, the screenwriter isn’t left with many options. And at this point in the drama, it would be foolish to ‘kill’ Na Ae Gyo then bring her back again.

The “Penthouse” was never the most believable drama, its a makjang drama, I know, but even in the most extreme of cases, if we’re dealing with any life drama, death is a permanent event, the way the screenwriter has been treating this particular point has made me laugh more than I should but also, left me slightly disappointed.

If you focus on the writing, like I do, then you’ll start to notice patterns. the screenwriter uses every cliché in the book but the way she does it and the frequency is what makes her stand out, however, as the drama runs beyond its intended course, you begin to see cracks.

If I wanted to delve deeply into every plot point, I could easily point out more inconsistencies and plot holes.

I just hope that if she kills a character in next week’s finale, they won’t bring it back to life again. Its becoming ridiculous at this point.

So these are my thoughts on “Penthouse 2”, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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