“Our Blooming Youth” Ending Explained: Episode 20 Recap

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Our Blooming Youth” has wrapped up its run earlier today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

The episode starts with Right State Councilor Jo Won-Bo finding out the truth about the queen and what happened in Byeokcheon 10 years ago.

The group is somewhere in the wood discussing some sort of fish and its adverse effects that could affect the crown prince.

The queen and  Right State Councilor Jo Won-Bo end up confronting each other and she reveals she’s planned it all along, he threatens to kill the group who is in the woods looking for the victims from 10 years ago. She tries to stop him and stab him, but fails, he tells her she should stay as is and not do anything if she does not want to be held accountable in front of the king. She must become the queen dawger so he can be on the top and the king of the king.

Left State Councilor Han Joong-Eon and his men meet up and find out valuable information including Min Jae-Yi’s real identity, they also find out that the group is in grave danger.

Right State Councilor Jo Won-Bo gathers his men and tells them to assassin whoever they see if they carry a weapon, they must slay the crown prince and everyone with him too.

After that confrontation between the queen and Right State Councilor Jo Won-Bo, he reveals he’s gravely injured her court made and she passes away in the queen’s arms.

While walking the woods in the morning, the Byeokcheon armed men find them and hold them captive, they’re close to murdering them but Hwan announces he’s the king and agrees to be taken away.

Once he arrives at that location, he tells them he knows they’re not bandits and not horrible people. The men and women agree to give the crown prince a chance to clear his name and listen to their story.

He reveals they wrote a collective letter 10 years ago and wanted to send it to the king but were caught by the governor, since they signed their names on them, they were tortured endlessly.

Meanwhile, the queen speaks to Princess Hayeon and tells her to take care of her younger brother and have her deliver the original paper that the Byeokcheon people wrote their complaints on, the king sees it.

Turns out, Song Soo-Cheon was encouraged by the family of those who were tortured to merely open the doors so they could defend them. Once they arrive, they find out the governor along with his men are gone and they free their family members.

However, the governor pretended to have been stabbed by them and Right State Councilor Jo Won-Bo ascended on them to murder them, he framed them as bandits and horrible humans and slayed many of their members including the queen’s original husband. Thus, the queen decided on her revenge after her husband died.

After listening to their story, the crown prince promises to clear their names and to help them return to their land. He also promises many other benefits to them.

Once the king sees this, he goes to the queen and sees she’s taken poison. She’s spitting blood.

After having lunch with the town’s people, the crown prince, who feels guilt because of what happened, begins digging wells with his group members. He wants to show them he’s truly genuine and wants to help them clear their names.

Once he’s tired the next day, Right State Councilor Jo Won-Bo arrives with his armed men. He has a verbal confrontation with Hwan. Hwan promises he’ll make him regret this and receive judgement for his actions .

A fight ensues and the king’s people interfere and protect them. Hwan and Right State Councilor Jo Won-Bo face off and he break his sword, he asks his men to take him away but he breaks away and as he’s about to stab Hwan, Tae-Gang’s hyung steps in and takes the hit. He makes the king promise him he’ll correct the mistakes, he dies.

We later find out that the queen didn’t die from the poison but lost her mind because of it, the king sees this and tells her he’s found great comfort with her in the palace but realizes she’s lost her mind. He allows her to leave the palace. She carries a blanket thinking she recently given birth to her son.

Through announcements made to the public, the Byeokcheon people names are cleared and everyone who did anything bad was punished properly. Right State Councilor Jo Won-Bo is killed by having his limbs cut off by torturing device. Jae Yi’s name is also cleared.

She goes back to her place and is served by Jang Ga-Ram who asks if she’s forgiven the queen, she says she doesn’t want to be held back by this, the same thing the crown prince said.

One year later

Things are going well, Hwan is now the king. He has tea time with his sister who gets a rejection letter from the one who she had a crush on, she ask Hwan to then make her marry someone else she’s also had in mind. Hwan is told things are going well, the queen had returned to the same town and saw her son whom she left behind. Even though she’s now crazy, she gets to at least reunite with her son. The princess is happy to know the queen will at least be happy with him.

On an afternoon, Kim Myung-Jin’s mother comes to see Ga Ram, who talks badly about her not realizing who she is. When the father and Kim Myung-Jin also show up, she realizes she screwed up. The parents end up jokingly telling their son he’s not theirs anymore and are removing him from the family register. He must use another name. he has one in mid.

The doctors have been working hard treating the king, they end up diagnosing him with being ‘lovesick’ and suggest he reunites with Jae Yi.

A little later after that, he ends up visiting her place. He says he has not been ok and she pressures him for a clear confession, he tells her, ‘I love you,’ they end up hugging and kissing.

The end.

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