Netflix’s “Chicken Nugget” Ending Explained- Did Min-A Come Back?

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Netflix’s “Chicken Nugget” was released earlier today on the platform, let us discuss the drama’s ending!

Netflix’s “Chicken Nugget” episode 10 recap

The episode begins with a forward to 50 years in the future. Ko Baek-Joong is a famous and huge singer in a band named Yellow Pants, he toured many places and is now back to his birthplace. He will hold a concert there and everyone is celebrating him. As he greets the viewers, he sees a woman in the crowd that looks like Min-A, he rushes outside to see her.

Back to the present

Choi Sun-Man is faced with a difficult decision, he takes his daughter as a chicken nugget along with the entire gang. Dr. Yoo begs to also go and he does.

at night time, they find the exact place of the device and put the two remaining machines standing upright. Baek Jung ends up taking Min-a and entering the machine, he transforms into his real self as an alien and then gets out. He is then taken away by his peers up in the sky.

Sun-Man can’t help but cry as he lost his daughter.

back at his office place, Sun-Man asks his employee [played by Kim Nam Hee] to take over the company, he will now wander into the wilderness and try to stay alive as long as he can to meet his daughter in 50 years. He also tells Baek-Joong to pursue his passion in music. They have a team dinner and after that they split.

On his way home, Baek-Joong is spotted by high schoolers who recognize his songs, he names himself the Yellow Pants and he now has a following.

Back into the future, Baek-Joong goes down to see the girl and it turns out its not Min-a, he shares a chicken nugget with a woman who happens to be the granddaughter of the first high schooler who recognized him and became his fan 50 years ago.

Yoo Tae-Man is now the CEO of more than machine, they have invented a machine that allows you to sleep as well as you can for as long as you want. People in the future don’t age as much anymore due to the machines their company invented.

In his sleep, Baek-Joong gets up and sees the alien Baek Jung, he’s back with Min-a. She’s not back to normal, he explains 250 years ago when earth invented weapons of mass destruction, earth became banned for the aliens to travel in, but these two machines remained. He took back the machine but he needed one more day to recharge its energy, but one more day means no one will now remember Min-a.

He presents him with a button, if he presses it, he can go back to the time he desires, but he’ll lose all memories of what happened until now, fates won’t change but Min-a’s life will be added to it.

He says he’ll back in three days, if Min-a is still in this condition, he’ll take her back. He promises to meet him in a better day when humans have evolved beyond now and became better.

Thus, Baek-Joong asks for his team to get Sun-Man who is still alive, he is even a legend and can even jump so high and tame wild animals, he puts on a suit and takes the car. however, on the way to see his daughter, he passes.

After taking care of the funeral, Baek-Joong goes back to see Min-a as a nugget, he asks how it felt to live as 5 years as a nugget and she says it doesn’t matter as much as he’s lived for 50 years. He presses the button, and he returns to the moment Min-a showed up with chicken nuggets, Baek-Joong and Sun-Man happily greet her.

The end.

Netflix’s “Chicken Nugget” ending explained- FAQ

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