“Narco-Saints” Ending Explained: Episode 6 Recap And Review

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Netflix’s newest series “Narco-Saints” is finally here and its time to talk about the ending and recap the finale episode.

“Narco-Saints” episode 6 recap

did Kang In-Gu flee back to Puerto Rico?

No, he couldn’t Jeon Yo-Hwan kept him with him because he was doubtful and afraid something will go wrong, thus, he was stuck with them on the island as the troops moved in on them.

Was Lee Sang-Jun arrested?

Yes, he was arrested without injury. He went instead of Kang In-Gu as per the pastor’s instructions. He met with Choi Chang-Ho and they tried their best to play it off and see the drugs were there first. Lee Sang-Jun insisted he sees the money and when he did, he was arrested by them.

He made a deal with other NIS agents and when the pastor called he lied and said everything was ok but he let it slip that he would like to drink with him when he gets back.

The thing is…. He doesn’t drink.

Did Jeon Yo-Hwan find out they were scheming against him?

After Lee Sang-Jun says that, Jeon Yo-Hwan becomes suspicious. He corners Kang In-Gu and questions him, then he’s told that the American forces are in their air by the president of Suriname. He tells him to shoot at them and bring him soldiers to defend him.

As he’s about to kill Kang In-Gu, the tropes move in on him and he’s surrounded, he decides to escape.

He’s extradited back to South Korea and faces jail time.

Did Byun Ki-Tae die?

He did not die. He tried to take out Jeon Yo-Hwan and pointed a gun at him which shocked Jeon Yo-Hwan because it was then he found out that he’s been tricked. But when Jeon Yo-Hwan escapes, he’s stuck fighting one of his men, he ends up fatally injuring him in a fight.

Was Jeon Yo-Hwan arrested?

Yes, eventually, he’s surrounded by soldiers from all sides and Kang In-Gu makes it his mission to trap him further. They engage in a fight in the water and he tries to shoot Kang In-Gu but fails because the gun isn’t loaded. He gets arrested by Choi Chang-Ho. He laughs when he finds out that Choi Chang-Ho was with the NIS.

Did Kang In-Gu die?

No, he did not he survived. He goes back to Korea and reunites with his family. They live happily ever after.

How does “Narco-Saints” end?

6 months later. In the last scene of “Narco-Saints,” Choi Chang-Ho comes to visit Kang In-Gu at his repair shop. He wants to give him two of their karaoke bars because the rest of the money he was promised never came through but he refuses the deal.

We find out that Jeon Yo-Hwan is appealing his trial, Jeon Yo-Hwan asked the NIS to meet Kang In-Gu and ask him for his signed baseball back saying it was the only thing he ever truly owned.

“Narco-Saints” episode 6 review

WOW! That was a ride… an intense ride that had me on the edge of my seat…. Very well-acted, an amazing finale, and the best of all? It doesn’t tease a second season.

Watching the last scene of “Narco-Saints,” I was afraid Choi Chang-Ho was going to ask him to join them on a new mission or something. Glad that didn’t happen. I am also glad this wasn’t longer, 6 episodes were more than enough.

For an average Joe, Kang In-Gu is definitely ballsy. The dude went after Jeon Yo-Hwan to make sure he was arrested. I liked how he took initiative too.

From a performance angle, everyone gave their best. Hwang Jung-Min was truly amazing. I just HATED Jeon Yo-Hwan. He’s so infuriating and callas. He annoyed me beyond what an average kdrama character would because I know this is based on true events, so such a dude actually existed and did those things. When I tell you this frightened me, you have no idea…. its all fun and games until its ‘based on true events.’

“Narco-Saints” is the type of kdrama that would have never been made without Netflix’s help. We all have our issues with them but to be truthful, most of their Korean projects [specifically kdramas] are above average. I can tell a lot of hard work went into this and it makes me happy to see such an ambitious vision come true. Some of the best and biggest A-listers of Korean entertainment unite for one amazing project.

Neither Hwang Jung Min nor Ha Jung-Woo take on kdramas easily. Ha Jung-Woo’s last kdrama project [not a cameo] was in 2007. A great kdrama for a comeback to the small screen if you ask me.

I don’t know whether “Narco-Saints” will be very successful or not, its not an easy kdrama to watch, and not because its bad but because its VERY heavy in certain areas. Its difficult to stomach too, at times. I struggled at first but when the ball got rolling, it was a smooth ride.

I wouldn’t say this type of project attracts a good portion of those who watch kdramas based on my knowledge of the fandom, but I believe that whoever will end up watching will enjoy it. I hope this turns out to be a success. It deserves it.

Hwang Jung Min deserves the daesang for his acting in this drama.

What did you think of “Narco-Saints” ending?

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  1. I got interested because it is inspired by a true story. Also, the acting was done well. I always wondered about the psyche of addicts, and it appears that the vulnerability comes from the need to belong. This view is supported by the fierce loyalty expressed by the body guards towards the drug dealer (pastor) right to the end.

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