“Mouse” Episode 9 And 10 Review- A Very Disappointing ‘Fictional’ Turn Of Events, But Why?

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I am back, again, to discuss the kdrama “Mouse” but not as nearly enthusiastic as I’ve always been and its all because I am disappointed.

“Mouse” started off confusing and all over the place, then it progressed to something more interesting as new episodes aired, it became a very thrilling game of catching up, it was actually a kdrama that got me thinking and attempting to solve things along with the detectives, it wasn’t ever perfect and had issues here and there but it was hella fun and thrilling, the screenwriter’s approach to revelations and crimes was a bit unusual and unlike what we see in kdramas, this, in turn, gave me hope that it would continue to be messy but hella entertaining.

But why on earth didn’t they classify “Mouse” as a fantasy drama? They just killed my vibe 🙁

Note: this is a subjective review. I will share my personal opinion while keeping in mind how others might perceive it. This is a spoiler review

kdrama “Mouse” episode 9 review

I was among the very few people who still had a strand of hope, that this wasn’t a brain transplant, but it was simply Jung Ba Reum losing his shit, which would’ve made an interesting turn of events, but noooo, the screenwriter gotta ruin it with an illogical and very difficult to process ‘plot twist.’ A part of me wants to believe this is all still a misdirection on the screenwriter’s behalf, but that small window of hope is closing.

“Mouse” episode 9 starts with revealing how Jung Ba Reum’s brain was so damage he was basically a dead person, he had no hope, but the headhunter operated on him and gave him a part of his son’s brain, specifically his prefrontal cortex.

What is the function of the prefrontal cortex? It is believed to be responsible for executive functions, such as planning, decision making, short-term memory, personality expression, moderating social behavior and controlling certain aspects of speech and language.

Now as most of you already know, brain transplants are impossible. Since this drama is supposedly in the ‘real world’ minus the part where you can classify a psychopath by his DNA, we were led to believe we were watching a ‘normal’ thriller drama, not a fiction drama, the progression is honestly frustrating. I was screaming at the screen when I saw it. I was so disappointed, mostly because I had been enjoying it so far and the screenwriter just ruined that.

Fans are arguing whether this is a deal breaker or not, it depends on you as a person. I am analytical and I like it when things make sense, I do suspend my belief when watching ‘fictional’ type of kdramas, but when you take your project one direction and then completely switch into another genre, this is where it leads me to believe you’re trying to be inventive without deeply realizing the damage you’re doing to your project.

Some say ‘its just a kdrama,’ and while yes, that is very true, it was a thriller crime kdrama, not a fictional kdrama based on something so out of the blue and so utterly unbelievable. If they had set it up from the beginning that such things can happen, I think it would’ve gone down better but noooo … god forbid we take the regular route. This decision could literally just make a ridicule out of the drama.

And I don’t get it, the screenwriter could’ve easily said Jung Ba Reum survived like a miracle, and the headhunter operated on him, but he didn’t change a thing. Going with the theory that Jung Ba Reum is losing his mind and slowly regaining memories that paint him as a psychopath and how this messes with his entire being.

Above is a very logical and very interesting approach, this is coming from a rookie writer like me so imagine what our screenwriter could’ve done with it and I am sure she thought of it, but why choose that? Why?

Aside from the entire brain transplant mess, “Mouse” Episode 9 was my least favorite, and its not only because of what I spoke about. This episode was the haven of exposition, characters repeating lines as if they’re teaching us a lecture and reminding us of what is what. It felt like I was being lectured, this episode didn’t feel nearly as thrilling as I had hoped it would be.

I understand we’re approaching the 2nd half of this drama, thus, the PD wants to wrap up one part and move on to the next. They know well their drama is hella confusing and all over the place which is okay, it’s written to be that, but still, there were so many things that could’ve played out better.

It’s as if the screenwriter will introduce so many new characters the second half that she’s lecturing us making sure we understand what we’re watching. Whats wrong with only working on what you have? I think the fact that we have 20 episodes is one of the reasons.

Its too early to judge properly but these are my speculations regarding the writing part.

And I know everyone has already brought it up, but why the hell is the evidence room being treated like a cafeteria? This part is very distracting because its intentionally and illogically sloppy, who leaves an evidence room unattended like that and how can just about anyone, even a PD go inside it?

The editing is still an issue for me, in “Mouse” Episode 9, I had trouble in certain scenes piecing together everything and I think its not entirely the editing team fault tho, since the screenwriter likely also wants it a certain way. We’re 9 episodes in and we’re still throwing around at least 20 character names at all times, even the characters keep repeating themselves as if they’re reminding us of who is who, this is very intrusive.

kdrama “Mouse” episode 10 review

“Mouse” episode 10 was far more interesting than its predecessor but still, a bit too long. At times, it was uncomfortable to watch because our Ba Reum is losing it. Its interesting to see how he begins to lose control of himself. In another dimension where the screenwriter could’ve set this part properly, “Mouse” would’ve been an amazing experience.

While I might have not realized it, this episode I do, Moo Chi is very disrespectful and at times annoying. It didn’t occur to me because I was so accustomed to his habits and behavior that I didn’t think much of it, but now seeing how Ba Reum is beginning to want to strangle him, I understand he can also be a frustrating character. While we’re on this topic, almost everyone aside from Ba Reum is also very frustrating, have you guys noticed that? Especially Bong Yi who chooses to remain in a neighborhood whether her rapist resides, I mean… why? Just why? So the screenwriter can add a scene where she’s almost raped again and Ba Reum sprints to save the date but ends up also killing that man?

As we see the police and detectives investigate, its beginning to daunt on me that they suck at their job, they’re completely hell bend on their ways and so inflexible. At times, it feels like no one there should be a detective and you can tell its intentional because it seems like no one aside from Moo Chi and Ba Reum want to get to the bottom of this despite its importance. You’d think they’d approach this more logically, but they don’t.

I find this frustrating because I know the screenwriter is deliberately making them dumb and this in turn makes me take this entire drama less seriously than I should. Even if its fiction now, it doesn’t mean police have no brains. How much more do we have to suspend our belief?

Also, the final moments of “Mouse” episode 10 took a very weird turn, and by that I mean how Ba Reum has become a killer. This could; again; be a misdirection on the screenwriter behalf but I doubt it is. As I have been preaching, Yo Han is a killer, but I knew he wasn’t THE serial killer. I get you find him hot and pity his tragic death but guys it was obvious, he killed people with his face visible to the screen.

I think the screenwriter wants to take the drama in the direction that Ba Reum becomes a possible serial killer and how he’d go about that while avoiding police investigation and suspicions. It would be very interesting if she takes that route.

Also, by killing the serial killer we’ve been searching so hard for so early on, I wonder how she plans on taking the second half of her drama, we have 10 more episodes to go, this could go either way and I am still kinda hopeful.

This could be an exploration of how much a brain transplant affects the human psychic. Ba Reum could also still have been a psychopath all along but nurtured well that he never became a serial killer but now with his surgery and fading memories, he’s becoming just that.

And with this, the first half of “Mouse” reviews concludes. Now, as you can probably tell I am still very disappointed, not to the point that I’ll stop watching this drama but to the point that it’s making me wonder whether I should. I know this might sound dramatic, but I had higher hopes as I watched, I thought that I might’ve been very harsh in my initial judgment of the drama. The brain transplant part didn’t kill the drama for me but it did affect the way I take it, now, I don’t take it as seriously as I once have and I find this an issue for my watching experience.

Now, I don’t know whether I’ll recap the second half of this drama because I am not as enthusiastic as I once was. So if this is our farewell, then I’ll see you at the finish line where I’ll review the final episode and overall drama once its over next month. I’ll continue watching most likely, either weekly or at once when it finishes airing, but I’ll surely put out a review at the end.

so these are my thoughts on “Mouse” thus far, what about you guys? how did you feel about this week’s episodes?

By Jass K.

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  1. I also think that there was no brain transplant done. Not possible. Ba Reum’s current condition could be the result of the damage the frontal lobes sustained when it was hit by the hammer. To make matters worse, Ba Reum’s psychological state is being messed up by the auto-suggestions he’s been fed by Head Hunter everytime BA visits him. BA should stop visiting Head Hunter.

  2. When Bareum first got that memory, I immediately thought probably he’s really have multiple personality and that brain surgery just open one personality memory to another one. I still have hope for that plot line cause we don’t really know who’s the real serial killer. And I agree, that evidence room scene is pretty dumb, like can you just change the password so Bareum can enter freely?

  3. While i read on the other site, the opinion goes like this

    Ba Reum is actually the killer not Yo Han. Being the real psychopath, Ba Reum has no memory, no empathy / feelings hence why Ba Reum didnt feel anything

    Now that he had a new brain, Yo Han’s brain, he started to develop some feelings from Yo Han’s and the memories that he had of the killings are actually his.

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