“Mouse” Episode 5 And 6 Review- Are There Two Serial Killers? Jung Ba Reum Shows His True Colors

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oh dear lord, “Mouse” Episode 5 And 6 have aired this week and I am ASTONISHED AND HEARTBROKEN.

“Mouse” Episode 6 was especially sad and shocking and I am here to discuss whatever the hell it was that I just saw.

Note: this is a spoiler review

“Mouse” Episode 5 recap and review


“Mouse” Episode 5 was very very sad. Before I begin talking about my thoughts on it and everything in between, can I just take a moment to applaud Lee Hee Jun on his amazing acting skills?

He is simply… honestly, I don’t have a word that could describe just how amazing he is as an actor. I could write an essay about it, but I wanted to point it out because I am so pleased with his acting.

Now moving on onto whatever the hell just happened in “Mouse” Episode 5.


As I’ve spoken in my episode 1 and 2 review of the show, I said I didn’t like the editing, and in this episode, there were moments; again; that felt extremely choppy and at certain moments I didn’t know what was going on because the editing team makes it difficult to follow. There are certain cuts that I wish had been done better, aside from that, the suspense in “Mouse” Episode 5 was through the roof and I was half-crying and half-screaming, that’s not a good combination, at one moment, I was drying my tears, in another moment, I was screaming at the serial killer.

I was sure Jung Ba Reum was trying to fool the actual killer with the phone call and it turns out my hunch was right. I liked the idea of tricking the serial killer, but since Sung Yo Han already knew they were working together, he bugged the place and knew about everything already.

Among the many many kdramas I’ve seen about serial killers, this takes the cake for being just so darn crazy and over-the-top disgusting. I mean who would’ve thought there was a bench mark for crazy serial killers, apparently, there is and “Mouse” exceeds that.

I thought the conclusion to why the serial killer has been doing that was a beautiful reveal but still, kinda doesn’t make sense in the grand scheme of things. Usually, serial killers punish those who deem to be ‘terrible’ which is why in reality, there are many serial killers who target prostitutes but his skewed perception of what ‘bad’ is… was… just a bit too much for me to understand.

Assuming its Sung Yo Han who is killing all of these people, his reasoning is pretty darn annoying and difficult to take seriously. So he kills people for being too kind and loving… that is weird in my opinion as a motivation but I kinda understand why the screenwriter would go that way, its such a difficult thing for normal human beings to comprehend and this could well be the reason why the screenwriter made it that way.

“Mouse” Episode 6 recap and review


Here is where the mind-fuck comes into place.

There was nearly no breathing moment for us in this episode, “Mouse” Episode 6 was long but just the way I like it, I wanted to see the end of it. And OH MY GOD… JUNG BA REUM IS A PSYCHO!!! Y’all, I was wrong.

Before I get into it, as I said previously. The child actor playing the role of Jae Hoon was said to be playing the role of Jung Ba Reum in the official press release of the articles about the drama. This is why I said I was very confused as to why we were guessing what character he was playing since it was already out in the public.


Throughout the drama thus far, I thought they might’ve changed who Jae Hoon turns out to be and that the press release was wrong but I am now back to point zero and still confused.

I just wish the drama production team just didn’t mention anything about who the child actor was supposed to play so we won’t be in this mess right now.

Because ultimately, Jae Hoon is a psychopath and if he is who Jung Ba Reum grows up to be, then he is a psychopath too. Was this supposed to be what we’re guessing or not??? I am genuinely curious.

Some people seem to theorize that Sung Yo Han isn’t a serial killer, thus far, I stand by my previous judgment, he is a killer, but a serial killer? That I don’t know, but I do know that he killed the doctor and his friend for sure.


I was skeptical about who killed the grandma, and said that Jung Ba Reum could’ve scared him off and done it instead because he thought she was onto him. He could’ve easily confused Moo Chi and told him the killer was left-handed then got into a car accident to further eliminate himself from suspicion…

This remains a possibility but I could also be reading too much into it. However, its not far-fetched, because now we know he is a psychopath.

The issue is, with most of the serial killings, Jung Ba Reum was in situations where he couldn’t have been the serial killer, not unless there is a 3rd person we don’t know about…

I said before that Sung Yo Han was gonna get caught soon and I think he’s been caught, it could be that he died, but I don’t think it happened. There are 14 more episodes until this drama ends, so I don’t believe this is the full picture.

Some people are suggesting that Sung Yo Han and Jung Ba Reum were switched at birth or something since it appears that the mother knows things or is hiding things…. Others say, they’re half brothers and Sung Yo Han has been looking for Jung Ba Reum and he’s finally found him. He appears to have a grudge against him hence why he went to his house to finish him off but instead saw the girl…..


Sung Yo Han had run a DNA test and I think it has something to do with Jung Ba Reum.

No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think Sung Yo Han is the serial killer… it just seems too easy, plus, he is very sloppy and as I said was bound to be caught especially since he killed his friend, there was no way he could’ve escaped suspicion once he was under the police radar.

I am gonna come out and say it, I don’t know who has the child Kim Han Kook, but I suspect neither of them have the kid, its someone else.

I have another theory, I think Jung Ba Reum has multi personality disorder and that hit on the head woke up the other part of him, OR, he is trying extra hard to hide the ‘psycho’ side in him by being overly nice to people.

I find it difficult to believe that he was entirely acting everything with the help he dedicated to these people, he goes out of his way to be nice, even if he was lying, why would he burden himself further just to prove he’s a nice person? He’d be nice in front of people and that’s it, but why would he care enough to go out of his way this much?


Jung Ba Reum is definitely not normal but whether he is the true serial killer of this case or he’s just a bystander or an assistant, one thing is for sure, that kind act wasn’t all ‘acting’ in my opinion.

The sequence with Jung Ba Reum killing the bird could well be a dream of him since he’s bothered by the sound while he was sleeping, I had 5 of those birds and they’re hella annoying but super cute. This could well be a dream where he killed the bird in his mind, otherwise, how would he explain where the bird had gone? It seems to me to be counter-productive for him to kill the bird like that because he’s worked hard to cultivate the idea that he’s a nice person. This could well be another trick by the production team to make us suspect Jung Ba Reum even more.


I think there could be a 3rd person who is the mastermind behind all of this, I dont know, I am just throwing theories in hopes something lands.

So these are my thoughts on “Mouse” episode 5 and the mind-fuck that was “Mouse” episode 6, what about you guys? Who do you think is the serial killer?

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Jass K.

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  1. I really think JBR is the mouse even sung yo hun’s mother was afraid of JBR .Besides, I felt like there are some of the common features between JBR and mouse . On the other hand, he sung yo hun was crying at the end so maybe sung yo hun was not even a psychopath. If you want to check the amazing facts about mice -https://xpshort.com/0W8ZlZc

  2. Bareum is the real son of head hunter killer (Jaehoon). There’s a flashback scene where Yohan’s mother remember chocking his son after seeing Bareum at hospital with Bongyi and said “I should have killed him then.” My guess Yohan is Bareum half brother (Jaemi). When Yohan told his mother : “You know that your son is a killer.”, he refer to Bareum.
    He tried to kill Bareum because he knew that Bareum is a psycho who can’t be cured and killed his dad and his sister. Photos at his basement is his research in order to find who Bareum really is.

  3. My thought same as dilla. To add, Bareum seem to be in control of some situation as you can see he is able to point all evidences that came across. This shenanigan make him more suspicious in manipulating line of thinking investigation team. In my opinion, a typical symptom of psychopath is kinda manipulative in person. He can do whatever action without any emotion be it anger, remorse or even sweet/overly nice to others. So he can feel pleasure in crushing all that precious trust.

    1. El head hunter tiene una mirada parecida a la de Jung Ba Reum, puede ser que él sea el hijo de Han Seo Joon. Como actua Ba Reum me hace sospechar de él.

      Lo que quiero saber es cuál es el papel de la chica policía en todo esto y si tiene una relación muy íntima con Yo Han y siento que ella sabe algo de Yo Han.

  4. My thought same as dilla. To add, Bareum seem to be in control of some situation as you can see he is able to point all evidences that came across. This shenanigan make him more suspicious in manipulating line of thinking investigation team. In my opinion, a typical symptom of psychopath is kinda manipulative in person. He can do whatever action without any emotion be it anger, remorse or even sweet/overly nice to others. So he can feel pleasure in crushing all that precious trust.

  5. My thought is the same as Dilla. Bareum seems to be ‘overly nice’ to others which I find really suspicious, to be honest. Can a person really that ‘stupidly nice’? I don’t think so in the real world. My suspicious start from 2nd ep and came true in ep 6. To add, he is really really resourceful in pointing out evidence, I mean come on… are you that genius finding all clues or just luck. Starting an overly good character, building trust between peers, and pointing all clues whim to his intention. Plus, he would feel rushing pleasure in destroying one by one relationship he had, because he is a psycho! That sort of character is most likely a ‘manipulative killer’ at best. A typical profile of a psychopath in my opinion.

  6. JBR is the older brother Yo han is the youger brother. Their mother abandoned JBR instead of killing him, but she still knows where JBR is. Yo Han was looking for elder bro and was suspecting that it is JBR. Since then, He investigated JBR and found out that his suspecions are true. Yo Han knew that JBr and the grandma of bo yi are acquintances. Thus, when the grandma accidentally discovered the pictures of those victims in the basement, he hastily pursued the woman, trying to protect her against JBR.
    The scene where JBR discovered pictures in thr basement is a concrete evidence that yo han was investigating him..

    Rest assured ly, yo han killed Dr. Leem

  7. Maybe they are just teasing us like last time. Maybe he was under the sedative influence, or just had this intention and imagine it in his head. It may be that the head injury might have triggered something or this tv series might transform to a fantasy where they switch bodies.

    But I’m very sure there must be one good person between the two children with the psychopath gene. Or else the whole show would be plea on how our life is a predestination based on genes. At the beginning Dr.Daniel said that he could not tell if the child would be a psychopath or a genius.

    I think it would be a twist that the son of the psychopath will be Ba Reum, and he would end up to be good, proving that the genes do not matter. Also they would push up again for abortion of children detected as having the psychopath genes.

    1. i kinda agree with this theory, i think Ba Reum may have dreamt of breaking the bird while sleeing due to its “annoying” noise while he was sleeping and he may even feel guilty when waking up to have actually dreamt about killing the poor bird.. plus the child of the gov official who voted against the abortion of fetus with psycopath gene may have turned a psycopath though its not yet disclosed who and what happened to that child but PO who is involved with investigation is a son of an important gov official and this gov official might even run for presidency..

  8. you missed the prev episode where an official voted against the legislation to abort fetus with the psycopath gene because he learned that day that his wife is pregnant.. present day shows PO as the son of an important official who might run for presidency, Dr Lee also gave an envelope to someone inside a VIP car the same day the two mothers found out their babies carry the psycopath gene.. which means, there might be a third psycopath at play here..

  9. There are clearly three psycho when you count even more including the head hunter.

    The first one being jaehoon, the kid with a grudge against God.

    The second one is YoHan.

    The third one is is kid in the fancy yellow raincoat who used the mouse to get to the snake, who I think is in the shadows orchestrating all of this.

    YoHan is too sloppy to be a psychopath, he’s impulsive something that throws him off our suspicions of him, though why he went after Baruem make me really question his character, he clearly knows something about BaRuem or he’s out to get revenge since he asked his mother is she knew her son was murderer and he didn’t refer that to himself, the mother too is extremely suspicious.

    Did the mother give the kid up as a child and adobt another boy (YoHan) and the kept close tabs on her psycho kid over the years and tried to kill him when she found out he killed the animals and even tried to kill his step brother?

    Baruem is extremely fishy, he’s constant change of his cruch from left to right makes me wonder if the writers are playing with us, him being around the grandma died also is one clue. His facination with headhunter was the biggest giveaway and him being close to a family he knows is extremely valnerable, makes me really scared for bongyi

    There’s also PO the lacky officer who I find very suspicious who I think might be the ministers kid who refused to pass the abortion bill, he I think is the kid in the yellow raincoat. And the mastermind who has both YoHan and BaRuam looking suspicious. So many possibilities, my brain hurts.

    The journalist too, her assisting in murder as a kid, her being around YoHan and Moochi makes me think she’s working for someone or someone has something against her making her do it.

    But who knows we’re only 6 EPs in, there’s so many to go and too much is already happening, the writer is knows for her mysteries, and weird connections all over, so we’ll probably be kept guessing till the last few episodes.

    1. Nice theory. I don’t have anything conclusive at this point as this K-drama is literally brain-racking, mind-boggling, and mind-f*ck*ng. But the kid in yellow raincoat is actually also Jae-hoon when he was younger. Jae-hoon grew up to be Jung Ba-reum. Based on Episode 7, Jae-hoon appears to be an accomplice of Han Seo-joon back in his Head Hunter days.

  10. This drama seeks to uncover whether psychopaths are shaped by “nature” (genes) or by “nurture” (environment and experience) so I guess one of the babies/children shown to have the “psychopath gene” in the drama would grow up to be a good person. Oh well, we can only keep on guessing until the writer reveals who the killer(s) really is(are) and if one of the babies/children with the “psychopath gene” does end up to be a good person.

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