“Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” Ending Explained- Did They Get Caught?

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Netflix’s newest series “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” aired earlier today, here is its ending explained and the finale’s recap.

Note: “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” has two parts, and this is part 1, Netflix has not publicly revealed when the second part will air but its reportedly airing sometime in 2022.

“Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” episode 6 recap

The episode begins with a flashback to the professor’s actual job, turns out he was studying the economic value of what would happen if the two Koreas reunited. He then met an important person and was told the North will open up to the South. He was tasked with developing an economic cooperation plan. He agreed to do it.

In the present, the professor is being chased by the police. He manages to smoke a cigarette and light the car on fire before it crashed into the river. Woo-Jin gets a call that the professor is indeed outside and it was likely him. He narrowly manages to escape.

Meanwhile, Berlin is let loose and goes up to the police officer trapped inside the Mint and shoots at his direction.

The task force has a discussion and come to the conclusion that she was targeted and they should change the public sentiment towards them by proving they killed that police officer.

So the two sides agree to stage a meeting where they can check on the group of hostages. The robbers team decides to stage it properly so they don’t get exposed.

Berlin ends up gathering the crowd and exposing who he is, he says his name, his age and such. He tells them its both his punishment and a warning to all that he has nothing left to lose.

Meanwhile, Anne and the director of Mint alongside another person decide to do something to let the outside know they’re printing money. They decide to write it on a bill and hand it to the person who shall come to the meeting. Anne agrees to take the fall as she believe its her fault the police officer died.

The day comes and they show the hostages one by one due to security concerns. Woo-Jin then meets Anne who tries to slip in the bill but she fails as she gets caught by Tokyo.

Woo-Jin pressures them and asks them to bring all the hostages outside, after some pressure, Berlin agrees and he brings everyone outsides. Its going well with checking until Woo-Jin brings up the dead police officer and says they’ve killed him. They fight back and eventually, Berlin shocks her by revealing that the police officer was not dead but in fact, alive. Berlin pretended to shoot him but didn’t do it.

Berlin then gives a lecture about how the police staged an operation to kill the leader and put everyone else at danger. The public then turns on the police in this situation.

The team celebrates their win over them as it was decided that one of the operation managers Cha Moo-hyuk is laid off. Woo-Jin fights that and says she’ll quit too.

Outside, she speaks with Cha Moo Hyuk who tells her he’s accepted it and believes she was lured in by Sun Ho whom she met recently, she denies it and gets defensive. The professor, aka, Sun Ho realizes they’re onto him.

Sun Ho and Woo-Jin meet up after that entire situation, and in voiceover Tokyo says the professor had fallen for her.

Meanwhile, Woo-Jin reaches into her pockets and finds a part of a bill, Anne had staged two bills and slipped another note to Woo-Jin. Woo-Jin rushes back inside. Moscow then shows the team dirt signaling that he’s done digging and they can now leave the place.

Was Sun Ho [the professor] caught?

We don’t know, but in the final scene of “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” Sun Ho goes back to his place and finds Cha Moo Hyuk greeting him. Sun Ho has a worried look on his face, is he getting caught or can he shake it off?

Part two will answer this question.

When is “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” part 2 airing?

Thus far, we have no idea when. Netflix is yet to release an official statement on the release date of “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” part 2.

Why is “Money Heist: Joint Economic Area” ending so open?

Its because the drama has two parts, it was made with 12 total episodes but Netflix has decided to split it into two parts, but the production team had filmed for both parts at the same time.

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