MBC’s “Big Mouth” Heartbreaking Ending Angers Fans- Many Plot Points Left Unanswered, Why?

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MBC’s “Big Mouth” ending has left many fans wanting answer, or a different outcome. The ending has been labeled one of the most heartbreaking endings among kdramas. Lets talk about fans reactions to it.


In the finale of “Big Mouth,” everything goes to shambles. Most of the 16th episode is spent on how our big mouse team fails to defeat Choi Do Ha until the very last 4 minutes of the drama run time.

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A quick recap of “Big Mouth” ending:

Go Mi Ho collapses after the court declares Choi Do Ha not guilty in the wastewater scandal due to lack of evidence. This is the same scandal she helped expose in the first place.

She’s transferred to the hospital after collapsing. Chang Ho is by her side during her last moments when she says she wants to rest, she tells Chang Ho she loves him before taking her last breath. She closes her eyes and dies.

Many fans thought the ending fell short of expectations. Many have also brought up just how much Mi Ho deserved better considering her unwavering support to Chang Ho during the entire debacle.

Many fans also believe Mi Ho’s character was poorly developed and her entire character arc was focused too much around Chang Ho leaving her no room for any existence outside of supporting her husband.

Fans’ reactions to MBC’s “Big Mouth” ending

“Big Mouth” ended up topping Twitter worldwide trend after its ending as fans’ shared their heartbreak over how it all went down.

Fans’ reactions to the “Big Mouth” ending range from sadness to anger. Here are some of fans’ tweets about the ending on Twitter.


What did you think of “Big Mouth” ending?

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