“Maestra: Strings Of Truth” Ending Explained- Episode 12 Recap And Review

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“Maestra: Strings Of Truth” wrapped up its run a couple of hours ago, let us go through over its finale and explain the ending.

“Maestra: Strings Of Truth” episode 12 recap

The episode begins with a throwback to what had happened, and how Luna tried to eliminate the people around Cha Se-Eum, she caused the traffic accident, killed Kim Bong-Ju, attempted to murder Kim Phil and Kim Tae-Ho and poisoned Cha Se-Eum.

after figuring out its probably Luna, Cha Se-Eum and Yoo Jeong-Jae ask about Kim Tae-Ho who asked for her address. They rush to find him and after police arrives, they discover his body, he’s saved and rushed to the ER.

Luna’s adoptive sister is questioned by police and has no idea what had happened, she’s baffled. when Cha Se-Eum visits their apartment, she runs into her and tells her this had happened before, she talks about how Luna was adopted and suddenly, their adoptive mother began falling ill, despite that Luna was always by her side recording her sugar reading levels and such ensuring she’s fine and whenever there was anything that required her to leave home and not be with Luna, something would happen to her. She suspected Luna had been fudging the numbers and giving her mother more than her allocated insulin intake before she passed.

Cha Se-Eum decides to lure out Luna with a concert performing her favorite piece. She also advertises it on TV and puts the spotlight on Luna too. Cha Se-Eum says she’ll perform alone but everyone insists otherwise and join her. they will have police stationed at the concert hall.

Cha Se-Eum then meets with Lee A-Jin to warn her about Luna, Lee A-Jin still thinks she’s arrogant but insists on playing the concert, as she leaves the meeting, she apologizes for what she’d done.

Tae Ho wakes up and he’s so innocently still asking about Luna. Yoo Jeong-Jae finds out about the concert and attempts to stop it but can’t. The police then arrests Luna’s sister fiance and when he’s questioned, he’s shocked to learn what it was used for, police concludes that they need to arrest Luna to figure out what had happened.

The concert happens as planned but Luna didn’t show up in the 1st half, then as Cha Se-Eum takes the stage to perform the violin for the 2nd act, she shows up and plays the stage with her.

After the concert, crazy Luna meets Cha Se-Eum backstage and talks about how happy she was to play with her, then police shows up, Cha Se-Eum tells Luna to live her life asking for forgiveness for what she’d done and Luna is not happy, she ends up taking a small tool saying she’d make sure she never forgets her. She stabs herself in the neck but survives.


a while later

Cha Se-Eum had quit as she said she would and comes visit her ex-husband who now lost his memory of the recent events and doesn’t remember anything he’s done due to what he’s been given, he comes and goes out of it.

The orchestra team holds a get together and happily share a meal, Cha Se-Eum reveals she’ll be traveling and not working for the time being.

Cha Se-Eum then tries to visits Luna in prison but she refuses to see her, she still wants her to remember her as she was when she performed that last stage with her. Cha Se-Eum leaves and goes to visit her mother’s grave to read her Remington’s disease. She appears relieved after reading them.


Yoo Jeong-Jae shows up and asks why she’s so busy, he reveals he quit his CEO job and wants to travel around with her, she doesn’t say no. The two walk off the cemetery together.

the end.

Maestra: Strings of Truth ending explained- FAQ

did you like “Maestra: Strings of Truth” ending?

“Maestra: Strings of Truth” ending review

That was a sweet ending that would mostly leave everyone feeling happy feelings. The wrap up was nicely done overall. Very expected, but still, nicely done.

I would say as a drama, “Maestra: Strings of Truth” was fine. it wasn’t out of this world but not bad either. I wouldn’t dare say its bad because I like some things in it. Mainly, Lee Mu-Saeng’s performance.

Korean reviewers have been saying its muddied by its inclusion of murder, affairs and stalker themes and to a degree I agree, but I have a different opinion on the entire drama, I just don’t understand why it was remade to begin with, considering the episodes count.

The original French drama is 6 episodes long, which, in hindsight, makes a lot of sense. Such types of dramas would struggle to capture audiences without boring everyone because classical music can become boring quite fast, what might make it interesting is the happenings or unravelling of things surrounding the said tortured musicians. I also think for orchestras and related, movies are better, its just the right dose. This is coming from someone who loves orchestras and has been to several ones in Europe. I love them but I wouldn’t necessarily think they fit a drama if it wasn’t heavily loaded with other things, like for example, murders and such. And even then, it should still be short.

And I think in part, this is why the drama has a serial killer basically. Some parts of the murders fail to make sense to me, but I won’t pester around much, what surprised me is that Luna decided to poison Se Eum with the same thing knowing it could kill her, I mean, maybe find something a bit less toxic? you could argue that she’s crazy and doesn’t know how to stop and honestly, I’d say you have a point. She’s been suspicious from episode 3 but what surprised me is that she actually tried to poison the one person she wanted to stay with her even when she can probably tell Se Eum never gave her room to get close to her nor showed much interest aside from her talent.

I guess, she be crazy and obsessive. I liked the structure of this character, because she walks that fine line where you can tell something is up but not be sure what exactly. Also, in the company of different people, such attention might be quite appreciated. She does a bit much, but not too much you’d be able to bring it up to her.

Hwang Boreumbyeol did well here. she’s a promising star.

Lee Young-Ae, Lee Mu-Saeng and Kim Young-Jae were all great but I am surprised by the writing for Lee Mu-Saeng’s character specifically as it seemed at first, his character was headed in the same obsessive direction until the affair was confirmed. At first, he also appears slightly unhinged and god knows what he would’ve done if Se Eum was still happily married and had no issues with her husband.

I think the writing for his character should’ve been revised a bit more.

Overall, it was a fine drama.

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