“Jinxed At First” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap

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“Jinxed At First” has wrapped up its run last night, here is a recap of its ending.

Did Soo Kwang die?

Seon Dong-Sik had kidnapped Seul Bi and when Soo Kwang comes to rescue her, he’s holding a gun. Even after they push him away, he retaliates and shoots at them injuring Soo Kwang fatally in the process.

Seul Bi is distressed and screams for him to come back, with her powers, she turns back time to moments before the shooting happened, she whispers to him that there is a gun behind him and he should duck, he does, but after that, she disappears.

What happens to Seon Dong-Sik?

He gets arrested by police right then and there. But he’s gone crazy.

Why did Lee Seul-Bi disappear? And why did she lose her memory?

Its theorized that she used her power to save Soo Kwang’s life and in that process, the trade off was a memory loss.

Did they find Lee Seul Bi?

After her disappearance, everyone does their best to find her. One day, someone tells them they saw her in Namhae, when Soo Kwang goes there he finds her. However, she doesn’t remember him but still has their couple ring.

Soo Kwang slowly builds a new relationship with her. She’s very uncooperative at first, but eventually, warms up to him again.

Eventually, he takes her back to meet everyone hoping to bring back her memories, but she doesn’t remember anyone. She ends up liking him again.

Did Soo Kwang and Seul Bi get married?

Eventually, one day, Soo Kwang asks her to marry him. She says yes even though her memories never returned to her.

They also have a son later.

Five years later.

They’re at the church, their son comes up to Soo Kwang and tells him his mother found rocks where its written ‘I love you,’ its hinted that she might have regained her memories at last. They take glances at each other. The end.

What did you think of “Jinxed At First” ending?

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