“Hospital Playlist 2” Ending Was Beautiful- “Hospital Playlist 2” Episode 12 Recap And Review

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“Hospital Playlist 2” has sadly come to an end, today, we’re to talk about “Hospital Playlist 2” ending, and recap its finale.

“Hospital Playlist 2” has ended with its 12th episode earlier today.

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Note: the below recap goes over the highlights of the episode, it is not a detailed recap of every single scene in the episode.

“Hospital Playlist 2” Episode 12 Recap

The episode starts off with the doctors’ friends going about their day, their schedules are packed and after all of them finish surgeries and meetings, they meet up for lunch, Ik Jun is the only one who couldn’t join due to a surgery that was still ongoing.

During the conversation, Jun Wan asks what everyone is doing but is shut down by everyone even Song Hwa who casually drops that she and Ik Jun will be going on a date and a walk, they don’t take her seriously. She says they’re dating but the boys bet their most precious things to that, when she asks them to say it again so she could record it, they’re all stunned.

Later, Jeong Won meets up with Gyeo Wool and she encourages him to take on a risky operation, she agrees to meet on the weekend because she has something to tell him. They end their meeting with a hug but once interrupted shake and act as if nothing happened.

At night, in the garden, Seok Hyung tells Song Hwa he’s dating and will tell his mother today, he’s prepared a lot of things to make sure she doesn’t interrupt. Song Hwa tells Seok Hyung again about dating Ik Jun he’s surprised and keeps laughing, he almost can’t believe it. He’s very happy for them.

Chairman Jo decides to resign, he talks to Rosa and is happy, she agrees to let him stay with her but he has to pay a monthly rent. He later tells her he will grant her her lifelong wish. She’s so excited and starts tearing up, she makes preparations. Seok Hyung’s mother arrives at their place and tells them her son is dating, she’s actually had a good reaction to it and tells them he’s decided not to go to the U.S because of his girlfriend. The mother seems to have a happy reaction to it, unexpectedly because her son planned this out well.

On the weekend

Song Hwa and Ik Jun meet up for a date, later, his sister shows up too and is followed by Jun Wan, the two siblings get a bit stunned but they have a good dinner and then go to karaoke

Meanwhile, Jeong Won and Gyeo Wool are out on a date, she tells him her mother is helping out her aunt at a local deli shop. He’s happy for her, Gyeo Wool then asks him to empty a day because she’d like him to meet her mother, she told her she fell in love with this nice man and she wants to have dinner with him.

Seok Hyung and Min Ha also finish up their date for the night and she refuses to let go of him, she says, ‘I know understand why people get married, I don’t want to say goodbye,’ he answers, ‘shouldn’t you get to know me better? Right,’ she says, ‘it might be new to you but I’ve waited for a long time.’ They kiss.

The next day

The friends are discussing finances and find out about Chairman Jo’s resignation. They ask what he’ll do and Jeong Won says he’s going with his mother to walk the Camino De Santiago.

Later, Seok Hyung meets Dr. Do’s wife and makes sure she’s okay since she’s pregnant while taking chemotherapy.

After doing shifts at the hospital, Jeong Won asks Seok Hyung if he’s dating and he says yes, Seok Hyung plans on telling the rest this weekend.

The doctors continue to perform life-critical surgeries, some of the patients survive while others must prepare to say goodbye. [this takes a chunk of the latter half of this episode]

On the weekend

The friends meet up and after dinner, Jeong Won tells them he’s leaving to the U.S early next year with Gyeo Wool to study small bowel transplantation, he wants to do it because he’ll regret turning down that offer. He’s doing this because of a kid’s case he had to work on.

The friends are super sad and they get the feeling this will be their last session together.

The next day

Dr. Ha gets a phone call, the police caught the person who scammed him, that person wants to settle. He ends up settling with him and manages to get back his money. He cries talking about it to Jun Wan.

On another day

Jun Wan shows up at Ik Sun’s base, he says he’s here for food [that they talked about on the dinner date with Song Hwa and Ik Jun], Ik Sun ends up crying and they hug.

4 months later

Dr. Ha’s wife successfully gives birth to her baby.

Seung Chae that Jeong Won has been seeing is doing great and going back to living a normal life. He’s so happy for her.

At the roof of Yulji’s hospital, the friends gather around and look at the sunset and talk about how beautiful it is.

The end.

“Hospital Playlist 2” episode 12 review

That was beautiful and true to the “Hospital Playlist” brand, I wished we’d seen more of the couples’ interactions rather than scenes where doctors do surgery but it was still a beautiful ending.

“Hospital Playlist 2” has been a fun ride, this is the type of slice-of-life kdrama that you really can’t say many bad things about.

I did think the episodes run time was too long and the surgeries topics became tedious after a while, but my complaints are more of a nitpick rather than something major, truly, the drama was masterfully made, the production team leaves not much room for criticism. You can tell they pay special attention to details and this alone makes me happy.

As you guys know, “Hospital Playlist” is likely not returning with a 3rd season. I don’t think there is a need for it, but at the same time, I understand why so many would love to see it return again. It carries a sweet message and a fun relatable cast, the drama is well-made and it’s fun to catch up with these doctors every once in a while.

I am glad they sort of closed it and alerted the audience to the fact that a 3rd season is going to be difficult.

“Hospital Playlist” is one of those kdramas that are nearly perfect, they are not for everyone but almost everyone who watches it has nothing but nice things to say about it.

Hopefully one day, we get to catch up with these amazing doctors doing amazing things.

Thank you to the cast and crew of “Hospital Playlist” for doing an amazing job.

So these are my thoughts on “Hospital Playlist 2” ending, so what about you guys? did you like the episodes? let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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  1. Just now I completed it!! And man whoever did watch it they r missing a beautiful journey and roller coaster of emotions!! And yes I think they same as u they could have cutted the surgery part a lil.. but the ending was so beautiful.. I missed our u ju in the end!! Hope we can see more dramas like these!!

  2. Maybe its be because they did not have enough time to put that scene in but I would have love to see seokhyung tell him mum about minha. Another thing I felt like bidulgi’s reunion could have been abit better. But other than that ep 12 has been honestly so good and I feel like the director and writer tried their best to give tie all the stories together

  3. I’ll probably be a party pooper here, but I have to say I was really disappointed by the Season 2. I couldn’t believe it was the same tandem or writer-director who made the Season 1…During all 12 episodes it was mostly “tell, not show”.. The mysterious illness of Ik-sun, which caused her to disappear from the season 2 and breaking up with Jun-wan – the writers never bothered to shed a light on what happened, the story of Gyeo-ul’s mom (also told over a dinner with Jeong-won, once again – told, not shown), which the writers deemed to be enough to put a stop in their relationship. At the end – out of the blue, the announcement that they go to US together, again told over a dinner..How is it ok? At the end I had an impression that I am watching a play in a theatre, not a drama. The patients stories were less interesting (except in 11 and 12th episode when they finally made an effort)..Overall, 2 out of 5 main characters did not have any development at all in the Season 2 (Jun-Wan and Jeong-won). I was also expecting some funny moments when the mom of Seok-hyeong would recognise the girl from the cafe in Min-ha, but again, his mom just told her friend that she met her or smth….again told not shown…So yeah, pretty disappointing season 2 for me..

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