“Hellbound” Shocking Ending Explained- Will There Be A Season Two?

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Netflix’s “Hellbound” has aired earlier today, here is “Hellbound” ending explained and thoughts on the potential second season.

“Hellbound” ending explained

What happens to the parents of the child who was condemned to hell?


The parents decide to broadcast the death of the child as it will show people that the new truth organization has been spewing nonsense.

Things go rogue and eventually, the mother So Hyun decides to tell people around the apartment complex to film it and take a look at what will happen.

What happens to Toughie?

The parents see the creatures coming to get him but decide not to give in, they have a fight with them and attempt to do their best to protect their child, at the end after knowing they’ll likely fail, Young Jae ties a rope around them while So Hyun hugs the baby tight, the creatures suck the soul out of them, the parents die.

It is assumed that the baby died too but that didn’t happen, people hear the cries of the baby and find out he’s alive.

Who is Dong Wook? Does he die?

Dong Wook turns out to be the crazy broadcast BJ from the arrowhead in the earlier episodes. He was told he’ll die five minutes after the baby. He ends up ratting on the family and to humor him and gain his trust, the organization tells him he’s the messiah, he believes that and goes on a rampage believing he’s the chosen one.

He leaves a clue; his cell phone; and while the organization tracks him down, he ends up murdering the people who came to help out the family broadcast the death of the child. He gets into a fight with everyone but doesn’t manage to kill them.

When he sees the baby was alive, he believes he must kill him. Despite being injured from trying to defend the child and the parents, Hye Jin tackles him and before could kill the child, the creatures come and condemn him to hell.

How does The New Truth react to this?

Throughout “Hellbound” finale, the organization attempts to get to them, first with the little clues Dong Wook left. But the mother ends up telling people to broadcast it and the organization fails to get to her in time.

When Deacon Yu-Ji arrives, the baby has been taken by Hye Jin and while he tries to get into it, the people defend her and block him.

An elderly man tells him to stop so he beats him up, he’s arrested on the spot. It appears the organization might be falling.

What does “Hellbound” ending mean?


In the last scene, Jungja’s place, her ashes begin to turn around and she’s suddenly rebirthed. She comes back to life. But why is that? The drama ends there without explaining why.

But what could it mean? If we apply Christian teachings to this, the child could be interpreted as the messiah, the chosen one. The one whose parents love enabled him to live on. The one that will come back before the world ends.

In regards to Jungja’s rebirth, I have a couple of theories: first, it could signal the second coming and that everyone who was killed that way will be brought back to life once again for one final showdown, the judgment day is upon us. The second explanation is that the survival of the child disrupted the cycle of the angels and the people who shouldn’t have died came back to life. The third explanation could be that the person’s death has an expiration date, that being 4 years.

“Hellbound” season two, when is it happening?

While Netflix hasn’t publicly commented on “Hellbound” season two likelihood, one can’t help but conclude there will be a second season due to the cliffhanger ending.

If Netflix ends up confirming “Hellbound” for season two, you can check it from here.

What did you think of “Hellbound” ending?

“Hellbound” ending review


Was that a disappointing ending or what? Man, I really wanted to like this… like really… why would you do this to us writernims?

I didn’t like the ending at all, and not because its sad or depressing but because its shocking and not in a meaningful or impressive way. Talk about subverting expectations in the worst way possible.

It almost seems as if one person wrote the first half and another wrote the second half and they couldn’t have been more disconnected from each other. I will discuss the drama in details in a review coming out tomorrow, but for now, I’ll focus on the ending.

Even with the explanation I gave for the ending, there are still many holes in the story. The fact that people are reborn defeats the entire purpose of the drama, regardless of whether these angels are killing people at random or not, bringing back people to life renders the entire experience useless.

“Hellbound” has so many structural issues with the script that I don’t even know where to begin tackling them.

Also, the angels could have easily pushed the parents aside and killed the child, the fact that the child was somehow ‘saved’ doesn’t make any sense. We’ve seen it before, these angels will hurt the living but not enough to kill anyone beyond the intended person, they eliminate all obstacles in their way to get to that person, so the sheer fact that these angels ended up killing two unrelated humans makes the entire drama’s idea fall apart.

The unraveling of the story has been shockingly disappointing. I still had hope watching the finale but I would have never expected it to end like that. From their point of view, I guess, the writers didn’t know how to end it on a note that could logically tie up everything but the way it ended felt like someone built a building only to blow it up right after completing the construction.

For such an idea, a slightly longer kdrama would’ve been needed, yes, I can’t believe I just typed this but I would have preferred a slightly longer drama that meaningfully explains everything and not whatever we ended up with.

Even with setting the messiah idea aside for a bit, the rebirth part is truly what annoys me, we can explain away the child staying alive some way but the rebirth of Jungja was so unnecessary. These last minutes truly ruined the ending for me.

I had such high expectations of this… I can’t believe this…

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