“Gyeongseong Creature” Season 1 Part 2 Ending Explained- When Will Season 2 Release?

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“Gyeongseong Creature” Season 1 has released its 2nd part which consists of 3 more episodes, let us go through the season 1 finale and explain the ending.

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“Gyeongseong Creature” Season 1 Part 2 recap

The members of The House of Golden Treasure are discussing what to do and Beom-O tells them Maeda has taken Chae-Ok hostage. Tae-Sang decides to go there to save her, he also asks Mrs. Nawol to sell the place if he fails to come back.

Chae-Ok is taken to where her mother is and Colonel Kato says her father will be there soon too so they can see how it goes and what the monster does. however, the monster breaks the barriers and ends up killing a bunch of soldiers in the process.

Colonel Kato threatens the monster with Chae-Ok and makes a run for it.

Meanwhile, Tae-Sang goes to the hospital again and loads explosions onto a cart that distracts the soldiers as he enters the place again. In the vents, he runs into Chae-Ok’s father and gives him the tickets to leave overseas, however, the father declines and says he wants to be with his wife and he should take his daughter and go with her instead.

Chae-Ok is being escorted by soldiers and Tae-Sang ends up interfering and helping her out.

Chae-Ok’s father loads explosives everywhere, he then sees his wife who is now a monster and says its time to go home, he explodes everything with her inside too. Chae-Ok cries her eyes out finding out what her father did.

Ryu Sachimoto then helps the couple escape but Tae-Sang refuses for him to tag along endangering his life, Ryu Sachimoto apologizes to them for being a bystander in this situation as he cries. Colonel Kato ends up taking the samples of the drug and making a run for it before discovering Myeong-Ja who is about to give birth, so he sticks around.

The couple makes an escape for it but then Chae-Ok tells him to stop here so she can go alone, he refuses and asks if its because she dislikes him, she says she cannot let him through danger because of her actions, he refuses so they go together.

The House of Golden Treasure members prepare gold and money for them to escape and Beom-O delivers it, however, he’s followed.

as they wait for him to come, he eventually does but he’s soon followed by many cars with dangerous men. Lady Maeda steps out of the car and talks about how she’s about to lose a friend and how they should both die here tonight, she leaves.

The gangsters begin attacking and injuring them both.

In that time, the monster did not die and was able to track down where her daughter went, so she follows and soon comes and begins killing the gangsters who are harassing her daughter, however, she then sets her eyes onto Tae-Sang who she perceives as a danger, but Chae-Ok interferes and gets hurt by her mother. She tells her mother it’s the love of his life and asks her to stop.

Chae-Ok ends up dying in Tae-Sang’s arms as she tells him the blossoms have fallen.

In the aftermath of what happened, Colonel Kato has taken out the baby from Myeong-Ja who is now dead. He can see the baby has different eye colors and the virus runs inside him. he’s happy.

at the funeral of Commissioner Ishikawa, Jun-Taek shows up to deliver a message to lady Maeda, the letter reads ‘Farwell’. turns out they bugged the funeral home and set it with explosions on fire, she gets caught in the middle of it.

After it was over, Jun-Taek thanks Tae-Sang for being a true patriot but he rejects that notion and says he’s the owner of The House of Golden Treasure. He keeps waiting outside after he’s done drinking as if he’s waiting for someone but nothing happens.

On another day, Colonel Kato goes to lady Maeda who is now disfigured and a part of her body is burned from the explosion, he hands her a drink and tells her that Japan has lost the war and now surrendered. She is also now in a wheelchair. He tells her to make a choice whether she’ll continue to explore opportunities or go back to Japan.

In the after credits scene

Chae Ok and her mother are submerged in water, Chae Ok is dead but her mother releases a virus from her body and that virus goes inside her daughter, Chae Ok wakes up as her mother sinks to the bottom of the ocean.

Then, we’re shown a montage of what happened after Korea gained independence and how it evolved, a man is looking at the TV screen in what seems to be close to modern South Korea, he then opens the window and a man calls out for him, Ho Jae. He looks exactly like Tae Sang.

the end.

“Gyeongseong Creature” Part 2 ending explained- FAQ

“Gyeongseong Creature” Part 2 ending review

Well… that was something. I mean the ending leaves me even more confused but not in a good way. Why the time jump? does it mean there is now people who have a part of the virus inside them like monsters in disguise?

I mean, if it had ended without that final scene featuring a Park Seo Joon from a different time, I would have understood, but this leaves me even more frustrated than I already was with the 1st part ending.

The rollout for “Gyeongseong Creature” has been unnecessarily complicated and prolonged. With Koreans, specifically reviewers, slamming the series for many valid reasons, Netflix seems confused by it too.

I definitely think it would have had a bigger impact if part 1 was released in its entirety, and not like this. Besides being frustrated by the drama’s production, writing and CGI, I am equally, if not more, frustrated with how Netflix is handling this series.  

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