“Go Back Couple” Episode 1 Review And Recap

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Taking over the time slot previously occupied by “Strongest Delivery Man” is the new time travel drama “Go Back Couple” starring Jang Nara and Son Ho Jon.

Haven’t we had enough of time travel drama this year? Seriously you guys, we’ve had more than enough and with the latest failure of “Manhole” you’d think KBS would think twice before approving of another time travel drama.

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But then you’d be wrong, and here we are talking about “Go Back Couple.”

Contrary to the expected, I am actually pretty impressed, lets discuss why “Go Back Couple” is the newest rom-com time travel drama you need to see.

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my face after watching the first episode

At first I was hesitant; I honestly didn’t want to review another time travel drama. This year the time travel theme has been used way too many times and by now me and many of my kdrama friends are sick of it.

“Go Back Couple” talks about a married couple of 14 years who have a cute son called Seo Jin, due to various reasons they end up divorcing, after finalizing their divorce they wake up the next morning in year 1990.

The plot itself wasn’t that impressing to begin with, “Tomorrow With You” had a similar but darker plot, somehow this drama actually impressed me!

I love Jang Nara, and her performance again in this drama is very emotional and overwhelming, she is great. Son Ho Jon is an amazing actor, for some reason I have never seen any of his dramas (don’t ask why) but he puts on an equally amazing performance and they actually suit each other very well.

In short, the first episode introduces us to the messy life the couple is living, they’re miserable, Jin Joo is stuck with her little toddler who demands attention and care all the time, on the top of that her loser husband doesn’t even bother look out for her or help her out.

He cherishes his work more than his wife; through an argument (which started because he forgot their wedding anniversary) she ends up throwing away his precious notebook which has all the important information vital for his survival in this cruel damned work place.

Ban Do (such a stupid name!) is miserable, he is stuck kissing up to his superiors, he works as a medical salesman and also works hard covering up for a doctor who buys lots of medicine from him.

He is a pushover and someone who gets treated worthlessly. Even when their son is sick he fails to pick up the phone and instead is too busy catering for his sunbaes and covering up for the doctor infidelity.

I found myself feeling sorry for both of them, for Jin Joo for being stuck and feeling like a loser ahjumma and for Ban Do who also feels like a total loser stuck with a dead end job pleasing everyone around him.

There is obviously miscommunication between the two, but it seems like we stepped in during a time where it had reached its maximum level.

She finds a bank statement detailing one of her husband cards which were spent in motels and hotels, she questions infidelity but even when she spoke to him on the phone she never directly brought it up.

This actually confused me, why didn’t she ask him about the card? And how could he afford to spend all that money they clearly didn’t own?

The card was only in his name but the doctor actually used it under his name to avoid his suspicious wife questions.

Ban Do ends up trying to cover up for the doctor and gets beaten by his wife, as he pushes the doctor wife away he gets punched by the doctor.


He’s furious and so angry at himself for agreeing to whatever that doctor tells him, he wants to beat him up so badly but he can’t because a lot of his good performance credit comes from the doctor purchase orders.

His son was in and out of the hospital and he didn’t even know that. After the two got divorced they part ways and Ban Do goes back to his hometown.

We find out that Jin Joo’s mother has passed away, she visits her mother and cries on the spot, she talks about her son, that moment was so heart breaking, I teared up a little.


After the two throw away their wedding rings, the floor shakes, next day they wake up in their parents’ house in year 1999.

The two are taken back by the changes and despite it being so weird because of their miserable life they accept this beautiful new reality and embark on a new journey were they get to avoid their past mistakes.

I was slightly shocked by how the two got so used to it so fast, as if nothing that ever happened, as if those 14 years never passed by, what about their son? What about everything else?

It felt like the two were far too miserable to even want to wake up from this new reality, I mean who wouldn’t love to go back in time and re-write their destiny and correct whatever mistakes they’ve made?

Throughout the drama I felt so immersed, I felt like I had known them for a while and that I wasn’t a new spectator peaking at their lives, I teared up when Jin Joo cried and felt so sorry for Ban Do who was struggling with his job.

The writer eases in the main characters so well and makes u feel what they feel so easily, I mean if it was another actress crying instead of Jang Nara I would’ve laughed, but somehow I was so immersed, time went by so fast as I was watching the drama.

I was entertained and it was such a beautiful journey. I was also taken back by how well Jang Nara and Son Ho Jon suited each other. It didn’t feel awkward, it felt like they had known each other forever, it felt like they were truly a couple, a married couple.

I hated how Jang Nara was always paired with younger actors, it was annoying to see, I always felt like she deserved someone her age.

Son Ho Jon is 3 years younger but they have such cute chemistry together.

Onto what I didn’t like.

The time travel aspect I’d take in, but back to 1999 and them looking exactly the same (except for a hair change) felt stupid and forced.

I would’ve preferred if they went back to when they were 25 or 26 years old, I would’ve appreciated and believed the idea a lot more. They look old and feel old; they don’t look like they could be in their 20s.

Its not that Son Ho Jon and Jang Nara look like old people but they look like their age, they’re both beautiful there is no doubt about that, but the travel back theory to year 1999 is not sitting in well with me.

Which was my major problem with this drama, this is why I was so hesitant about watching or reviewing this drama to begin with, the plot outline didn’t sink in. it still hasn’t!

This is the only major problem I had with the plot, the reason for their divorce wasn’t so clear because after seeing those cards she just suddenly asked for divorce without even asking for an explanation but my argument could be proven wrong with the fact that the two just couldn’t stand each other anymore.

Chang Ki Yong takes on the role of the rich and handsome oppa that Jin Joo rejected back in 1999. He is a 92 liner, but he looks way older than I had expected him to be, so far I like how he represents himself and I am looking forward to their interactions.

I have only watched 1 episode and I am excited about the second episode tomorrow. But the main question remains the same; will it become the same as all the other time travel dramas we’ve seen so far?

I am impressed don’t get me wrong but I am a bit worried about what will happen next, will they go back to the present time? Will they remain in the year 1999?

Its far too early to tell. The drama is a pleasant drama and also fun to watch, but it could turn into something repetitive in the future, therefore I am not sure whether I should be recommending this drama to you guys or not!

Therefore I would recommend you keep an eye on the blog, I will be reviewing episode 2 tomorrow.

Did you guys watch the first episode? What did you think of it? Did you like it?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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