“Flower Of Evil” Episode 16 Finale Recap And Review, Did “Flower Of Evil” End Happily Or Not?

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“Flower Of Evil” Episode 16 has aired last night and we’re here to quickly recap what happened in the final episode.

“Flower Of Evil” Episode 16 was a rollercoaster ride filled with tears, our main leads go through lots of changes because of what happened in the previous episode and “Flower Of Evil” 16th episode is considerably longer than any of the previous episodes clocking at 1 hour and 18 minutes.

So what happened in “Flower Of Evil” final episode? and did “Flower Of Evil” have a happy ending or not?

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Table of Contents:

Note: the recap isn’t detailed. It only includes the highlights of “Flower Of Evil” 16th episode. Spoilers alert.  

The quick recap

A flash back: Ji Won and Hyun Su are taking wedding photos, Ji Won says its difficult, Hyun Su is there beside her to assure her. Then it zoom to the present, Ji Won formally talking to Hyun Su, she says she didn’t know she wasn’t going to be able to never see him again after what had happened to him.

It turned out that Hyun Su was shot in the head by Hee Seong. Hee Seong was shot dead at the scene due to that, Hyun Su was able to make a recovery at the hospital but it took him a month to wake up and when he did, every memory he had from 15 years ago vanished.

Hyun Su feels super awkward and uneasy around her and he tells her that considering everything that happened to him, he is overwhelmed. He doesn’t understand why someone whom he had deceived for 15 years doesn’t hate him.

Hyun Su testifies at his sister’s trial, he says that she acted in self-defense but when the prosecutor asks him why should they believe him if he had lied to his wife for 15 years, he can’t answer.

Hyun Su is currently living with Moo Jin since what happened. Moo Jin keeps visiting Hae Su in the prison to check up on her and chat. Hyun Su and Ji Won separated since the incident and he hasn’t seen his daughter since.

Hyun Su is remembering fractures from his past 15 years and he’s confused by it, in one memory he hears himself saying something nice to Ji Won then contradicting himself in another memory.

Jae Seop remembers that one witness had something else to say about Hae Su’s case, he says the witness uncle wanted to collect as much money as he could through lying to the villagers saying he’ll get an exorcist to work on Hyun Su. Hyun Su and Ji Won decide to go together to convince the man to testify in court.

They meet at a café and Mr. Yang tells them that his uncle convinced him to do things and blame it on Hyun Su and spread false rumors about him, the uncle promised he’d help pay his tuition if he helped him out. Mr. Yang is on fence about testifying cause he thinks it’ll ruin his career as a teacher.

Hyun Su decides to lie to him telling him he’s forgiven him and to do what he sees fit. Eventually, Mr. Yang calls back later to say he’d testify. Hae Su is saved as a result and she doesn’t get prison sentence.

In the car on the way back after getting Mr. Yang’s call. Ji Won asks Hyun Su why he’s so cold towards her, he says he’s a person who can lie and not feel guilty. He finds himself to be a despicable person and thus doesn’t want to get her to have high hopes if he acts nicer towards her. She asks him ‘how could you forget me?’ he says,

‘detective, I doubt myself. I wonder if there is a single ounce of sincerity within me. I can’t trust myself. I’ve never once cared about a person for an extended period of time…. for how long can these feelings I have for you last?’

Later at home, Moo Jin asks Hyun Su why he didn’t visit his daughter once. He tells him that he doesn’t want the child to see him and recognize that he doesn’t remember her at all. He asks Moo Jin if told Ji Won he’d give his inheritance to the child, would it hurt her.

Meanwhile, Eun Ha misses her dad terribly and asks her mom if they divorcedm she denies it and tells her, she wants her dad to live for himself once.

On another day, Ji Woo visits Hae Su and tells her she’s decided to let go of her brother, she also thanks her for protecting her daughter.

Hyun Su visits his fake mom to ask about Ji Won, he wants to know if his feelings for Ji Won were true or just a lie. She tells him that he didn’t bring her to them at all because he truly cared for her above all else.

She also asks him about his fake father, it turns out he’s been admitted to a hospital and has lost his mind/his memory. He sees Hyun Su as Hee Seong and doesn’t seem to recall whatever he did to hide his son’s crimes.  

Hae Su decides to go study abroad and do what she’s always wanted to do. Moo Jin says she has his support but leaves to cry outside. Hyun Su attempts to comfort him. Moo Jin wonders if he should wait for her or not. He still loves her and they stay in contact even after she leaves. He still goes to her place whenever he misses her.

Meanwhile, Hyun Su is looking over an apartment, on his way, he walks through places he’s been with Ji Won and starts to remember some of their memories together. It seems that his memory is coming back to him.

Meanwhile, the real estate office finds a house exactly like what he wanted, it turns out Ji Won is selling their place to move away to Busan. He finds out that the place he’s looking at is his workshop. He sees notebooks he wrote about her, details about how she smiles and what she likes. He becomes slowly convinced that his feelings for her were real.

He takes a step closer to Ji Won and finds out she moving away, he tells her,

‘I’ll be nice to you, I’ll like you for real [repeating what she said when she confessed to him years ago].’

Both of them start crying.

Ji Won finds out he’s regained his memory and they share a beautiful kiss.

Later, she tells him she’s going to pick up their daughter and asks if he wants to tag along. He still doesn’t recall her but tags along. When Eun Ha sees him she screams ‘dad,’ suddenly he recalls some of his memories with her. He hugs her back with tears in his eyes. She says he’s her favorite person in the world and he tells her he also loves her. Ji Won joins the hug.

The end.

What did you think of “Flower Of Evil” ending? did you like it?

The Review

First things first, I just want to thank everyone in the cast and crew of “Flower Of Evil,” thank you so much for your hard work and thank you for such an enjoyable drama. You all did so well.

If you’ve been following my “Flower Of Evil” reviews, then you already know that I like the series. However, the 14th and 15th episodes felt overly dramatic to me and for no good reason.

I could sense that the writer was onto something but towards the end it just felt like she went off the rails. I believe “Flower Of Evil” ending episodes could’ve been handled better. I felt like she created drama for no solid reason other than for the dramatics of it and that bothered me. She skipped over parts that I would’ve found more interesting for the sake of what?? I don’t get it…

“Flower Of Evil” is dramatic but even when it felt over the top, it always stayed true to its essence and this is why I loved it. With the final episodes, I felt that the writer just wanted to make everything go crazy, why?

The memory loss part had me baffled, I didn’t believe they were going to pull this one trope for the final episode… aaaand attempt to wrap it up in such a short period felt over the top and forced.

The whole part where Hee Seong just takes the gun from the officer and shoots him felt like something so absurd, I was shocked not afraid, shocked at the idea itself… my thought was ‘why?’

I would’ve loved for him to have woken up and handled the fall out with his wife and daughter by his side and to see his parents get arrested and for the entire crimes to be properly revealed. I want to see how the public goes from giving him a hard time to pitying him and how he handles this with his wife. I wanted to see the humane part of this debacle not the absurd dramatic part that didn’t need to exist.

But I wouldn’t say I was disappointed but rather baffled, “Flower Of Evil” episode 16 was still fun to watch and engaging.

Aside from my thoughts on the final episode of “Flower Of Evil,” the sheer dedication everyone had for their roles was marvelous to see. Even if you don’t particularly like any of the actors this should be a fun watch. They all took it so seriously and shined in their perspective roles, everyone from the main to the supporting actors and the cute child actress. A special shout out to actor Kim Ji Hoon who was such a beautiful addition to the drama. I will keep an eye on his next role.  

Aside from the absurd ending, “Flower Of Evil” remains one of my favorite of 2020 and one of the few kdramas that I actually enjoyed watching until the very end. I know I am extremely picky so I don’t expect the majority to agree with me on this one, the purpose of the overly dramatic parts was probably to keep you glued to your screen and it did. For most fans, I don’t think they’ll see it from my perspective which is totally understandable.

A spoiler free review is coming so keep an eye on the blog.

Let me know what you guys thought of it in the comment section below.

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  1. I don’t quite agree with you about the ending. I think it was perfect in its own way. My heart was breaking the whole episode and then that end made it whole again.
    But I do agree when you say it was enjoyable.
    I’m really sad this drama is over, and only because it’s perfect for me.
    There’s this channel on youtube that did analysis and recaps on every episode and predictions based on previews. It made me appreciate the drama even more. If you can check it out, the channel’s called Drama Addiction.
    Thank you for giving attention to this drama! Will look forward to any drama you’ll be reviewing that I’m watching ☺️

    1. I do think it came out perfect in its own way as you said. you’re welcome and I am glad you enjoyed reading my reviews. I’ll look forward to your future comments on any of my reviews 🙂

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