“Fight My Way” Episode 1 Recap

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The new drama starring Park Seo Joon and Kim Ji Won promises us amazing chemistry and real problems with its premiere.

The drama of the generation struggles, Fight My Way has aired its first episode this week, and we’re here to recap the first episode of the drama.

The first episode starts by showing you a glimpse of the hard life they lead, how they’re always treated poorly just because they don’t have or wear or behave like rich people do.

It starts with taking us back to when they used to in all-boys and all-girls schools, with both our leading men Ko Dong Man and Kim Joo-Man as they’re about to receive punishments for doing something bad in class.

It shows you that they were a little troubling and too focused on taekwondo which is something Ko Dong Man excels at.

Then it cuts to our leading ladies Choi Ae Ra and Baek Seol-Hee sporting what seems to be very terrible black hair wigs that looked like they were about to fall of their heads.

It then cuts into a fighting scene involving Ko Dong Man in which he shows of his amazing taekwondo skills and wins the game.

Skipping to the future ahead, the four of them youth spark has clearly vanished as they struggle with daily dead-end jobs.

Choi Ae Ra is working at information desk, Ko Dong Man is now working in pesticides “crushing” to be exact.  Seol-Hee works in customer service, and Joo-Man currently works as a buyer for home shopping channel.

Choi Ae Ra then runs into a very annoying high-school friends who keeps reminding her of how poor Ae Ra is and how rich she has become, she then invites her to a wedding of a doctor she’s getting married to.

The episode also shows that Choi Ae Ra already has a boyfriend played by Kwak Dong Yeon who is struggling to pass the bar exam.

It also shows Ko Dong Man trying his best at blind dates and failing miserably because he is not rich and keeps behaving like one.

It basically shows the main two characters carrying out with their love lives separate from each other “that will soon change” as Choi Ae Ra discovers that her boyfriend has been cheating on her.

However the two friendship is amazing, they have such great chemistry and they often spend time together complaining about how difficult their lives are, while Ko Dong Man always tries his best to protect and look after Ae Ra.

When Choi Ae Ra goes to console her boyfriend for not passing the bar exam she gets the shock of her life as she finds out he’s been cheating on her with a much older lady who has lots and lots of money.

The two seem to be sorry and not so sorry, she then finds out the ahjumma is actually pregnant and feels even worse and more embarrassed.

We also get a glimpse of Kim Sung-Oh playing Hwang Jang-Ho who is Ko Dong Man coach; they manage to still remain friends even after Ko Dong Man quit taekwondo.

The coach tries to convince him to join the game again and he fails because Ko Dong Man seems like he’s truly done with the one thing he was good at.

Coincidently, Ko Dong Man stumbles upon Ae Ra and her ex-boyfriend and his current ahjumma girlfriend and once he finds out tries to pick a fight and loses at it.

The last portion of the episode focuses on Dong Man trying to make Ae Ra feel better about herself and he succeeds at it.

The two have such great chemistry together even when fooling around and just being friends.

In the final scenes of the episode it shows Lee Elijah who plays Park Hye-Ran who seems to be Dong Man ex-girlfriend; she got divorced and seems to start over with Dong Man.

She arrives at his place to be shocked by him and Ae Ra being all too friendly, she decides to back off for now.

This was the quick recap of “Fight My Way” episode 1, what did you guys think of the premiere? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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