Disney+ “Connect” Ending Explained- Is There Season 2 Coming Soon?

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Disney+ “Connect” has aired today, here is a recap of its finale and its ending explained.

Firstly, its important to note that Disney+ “Connect” decided to air all 6 episodes on the same day, thus, they were released on the platform earlier today. There are only 6 episodes of the drama as well, not more, not less.

Disney+ “Connect” episode 6 recap

how many special connect people are there?

Turns out, there are many of them. They’re hiding. Irang goes to pick up one of her monster friends named Gideun, she tells him to pack his bags, they will no longer have to stay there, they finally have a place to be.

Its also hinted that she knows where there are even more of them and will tell Dongsoo about them soon.

She goes to kill all of the body parts traffickers at their location with the help of Gideun.

did Ha Dong Soo survive?

Yes, he does. He’s taken by Jin Seop who comes up with the idea of merging their bodies into one, transferring his head to Dongsoo’s body. He brings singer Z to him and cuts both of their fingers and attaches them to the other, it works like magic.

Then, Dongsoo gets locked up with Singer Z who passes away in the freezer. Dongsoo then hears Irang who came to help him out.

He escapes from the freezer and confronts Jinseop. Jinseop shoots him with a gun he obtained from a police officer who arrived at the scene. However, shooting him does not work and his eye ends up getting back to its owner, to Dongsoo.

Was Oh Jin-Seop captured? Did Oh Jin Seop get killed?

Dongsoo beats him up after getting back his eyes, he’s left unconscious. As he’s about to kill him, the detective who arrived at the scene stops him before he kills him. He tells him to get out before the SWAT arrive, they won’t listen to his sob story, he must leave with his people.

The detective says he’ll arrest Jin Seop and make sure he pays for his crimes.

How does Disney+ “Connect” end?

After the detective convinces him to leave, Yirang hears sounds and runs to Dongsoo to escape, she says, ‘they’re coming,’ her friend Gideun is trembling in fear hearing the sounds of helicopters arriving at the scene.

The two go to the roof and are confronted by nearly 10 helicopters. Meanwhile, Jinseop eye still has those things coming out of it, and the finger he had planted in singer Z’s hand is also moving despite the man being dead. This hints that they’re probably not dead/going to die after all.

This is the ending scene.

Did Disney+ “Connect” have a happy ending?

Its not easy to say, but for now, it does not seem it has a happy ending, more of an unfinished story.

It ends with Dongsoo and Irang stuck at the roof surrounded by these helicopters that seem to belong to people they don’t want to mix with. Irang is afraid of them for some reason.

Does Disney+ “Connect” have a second season? Will season 2 come soon?

Did Disney+ “Connect” only has one season. Disney+ has not revealed any information about a second season yet. However, judging by the ending of the drama, its safe to say the drama is gearing up for season two.

Once information about season 2 is updated, we’ll update the blog so stay tuned.

Disney+ “Connect” ending explained

Both Dongsoo and Irang are a special type of humans. Around the year 2000, a company named Jeongdo Pharmaceuticals made a groundbreaking discovery in biotechnology, they called what they made ‘connect.’ it was called a revolution in bio-transplantation.

It is said that they are people who are close to immortality but the people who are born like that live in hiding afraid of being called monsters.

Dongsoo and Irang are two of them. Irang has been investigating the situation but she can’t find much about the company. People think the ‘connect’ is an urban legend and don’t believe it to be true, at least it seems this is how their world operates.

The ending scene of Disney+ “Connect” might hint at the company’s plans to retrieve those people. It seems Irang is afraid of them and it might be because they want to take her away. Thus, she was trying to run away from them with Dongsoo who is unaware of whats going on.

Its also hinted that if their blood or organs get mixed with other people, these people are not the same anymore, but we don’t know to what degree.

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