Disney+ “A Shop For Killers” Ending Explained- Is Season 2 coming soon?

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Disney+ has released the two final episodes of “A Shop For Killers” earlier today, here is the ending explained!

“A Shop For Killers” episode 8 recap

Lee Seong-Jo speaks to the twins telling them to be careful as they’re about to get inside the home of Ji-An.

Pasin takes out the bullet from Min-Hye’s abdomen as she fights the pain, for some reason when he takes a look at the bullet, he opens his eyes very wide, maybe she’s been poisoned.

Brother inspects the entrance to the shopping mall via the house and finds its been laced with explosives he had no idea existed.

Jeong-Min wakes up after getting beaten and tied up, he then frees himself by slamming his body back and forth. he then goes back trying to hack into the shopping mall system.

Brother explains the shopping mall has shut down and they have 20 hours until its activated. This happened in order to protect the base since if anyone is gone and unable to keep eyes on it, this is what it does. Brother then finds out the system has been hacked.

As they debate what to do, the killing machine sent to their home awakes and starts blasting loud eco sounds rendering the entire situation unbearable. they now cannot help but cover their ears. Pasin and Min-Hye try to beat it up risking their hearing but then Lee Seong-Jo crashes the place and stops the machine.

Pasin gets into a fight with the twins while Min Hye gets shot again. Lee Seong-Jo looks for Ji An who is now hidden, she tries to take him down but fails to do so. Brother jumps him and then gets shot in the chest.

Lee Seong-Jo then ends up chasing Ji An into the warehouse as she holds a gun. Meanwhile, Jeong-Min opens the place up and gets out holding a gun, he then trades it for a rifle and begins blasting. Lee Seong-Jo kills him. Then he starts looking for Ji An who is again hiding now in the shopping mall.

He goes down to chase her and installs some sort of devices that when they sense a human they blast.

Meanwhile, after one of the twins dies, the other one almost beats Pasin and then tries to get inside the shopping mall via the secret passage that has explosives, as he tries to enter it explodes and kills him.

Because Ji an has been injured, she tries to treat her injuries holding in her tears, the words her uncle said keep repeating, ‘Listen up, Ji An.’ She decides to use the corrosive liquid they have to set up Lee Seong-Jo who is going on about how her uncle is also a killer. He then sees her and gets blasted by the same device he had set up which gives her a chance to shoot the liquid setting him on fire. But then, the sprinkles come on and put out the fire. She then shoots him in the head killing him instantly as he challenges her to do so.

After this, Minhye goes unconscious and Pasin is worried sick, he tries to wake her up. Brother comes down and sees there are more men coming up as they there is now a bounty on their heads. Minhye wakes up and is handed a gun, as they see more men coming up.

Babylon put a hit on all of their heads so more will be coming. As they make their way into the warehouse, Brother is sent up, and Ji An begins an announcement. She tells them she just killed Lee Seong-Jo and shows his head. She says she’ll pay them for the bounties on their heads and allow them to continue doing business with them. The men all agree to leave.

Ji An then leaves the hide out and goes out to see the damage, she does not find Minhye or Pasin. She begins to ball her eyes out after seeing everyone is gone.

Then a huge bus comes along and the same man who helped her with the funeral preparations for her uncle shows up, they’re a cleaning company and they’re here to clean up everything.

As morning comes, a taxi shows up and man gets out, he then brings out an injured Jin-Man from the vehicle. He is alive indeed. They both smile at each other.


The end.

“A Shop For Killers” ending explained- FAQ

“A Shop For Killers” ending review


OMG, what a drama. Seriously, this is one of the top 5 Disney+ kdramas EVER.

so intense, and no dull moment and the action scenes, O.M.G, some of the best I’ve seen for a while, whoever worked on them deserves a raise, they did so well.

Deep down I knew Jin-Man was alive, it was so weird how he died, but I am guessing there is a good reason why he had to fake his death. There also must be a good reason why he was gone for a couple of days leaving Jian to deal with everything that happened not knowing if she’ll survive.

I hope there is a very good reason behind it, I am guessing he faked his death to go after Bale more confidentially without interruption.

The script was solid for the most part minus some minor details that aren’t that big of a deal for me, its tightly written for the most part and woven wonderfully together to create a full accounted for story that makes a lot of sense.

Loved the drama, that’s for sure.

Everyone did so well, Kim Hye-Jun gets a special shoutout she is just AMAZING here, she did so well. Lee Dong Wook shines here as per usual, this is my fav performance of him in a long time. EVERYONE was amazing, everyone.

Would love a 2nd season, even if it doesn’t happen, I am still happy with the outcome.

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