“Delightfully Deceitful” Ending Explained: Episode 16 Recap

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ending of Delightfully Deceitful

The tvN drama “Delightfully Deceitful” has come to an end, let us discuss its finale and explain its ending.

“Delightfully Deceitful” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with Ro-Woom calling Jay to set up a meeting.

Meanwhile, Jung Da-Jung has been arrested by police and brought into the prosecution office, she spills all the information and tells them where to find the files she collected about Jay, Jeokmok Kids and his horrible crimes. She also says Ro Woom is going to meet Jay, she set up location tracking on her device and asks them to trace her and then arrest her so she can hopefully be saved.

Jay meets with Ro Woom and she negotiates with him about how much money she’ll need, she says she wants over 300 million from his funds and accounts overseas. She tells him she knows where they are and she’s here to negotiate.

He ends up checking his device and when he does that, Da Jung is able to get the location for the device, which alerts the prosecutors too to more evidence. He loses his cool and begins to strangle her, he pulls out a gun and as he’s about to shoot her, he gets shot.

Han Moo-Young shot him. he’s about to deliver a killer shot as he’s on the floor but Ro Woom stops him.

Han Moo-Young gets questioned by police and admits to everything even owning that gun and aiding Ro Woom’s escape previously.

Jay is on trial and as he’s being questioned, he denies everything. He changes lawyers 5 times and his new lawyer says they need his trust to proceed and he must admit to some of the charges against him as its deeply disadvantageous for him to not to do so. He’s not happy with this.

Han Moo-Young sees Ro Um in prison and admits he went there with a gun frantically because he was worried about her.

Prosecutor Ryu Jae-Hyeok meets with the prosecutor responsible for Han Moo-Young’s case and tries to butter him up but the dude says he’s admitted to helping her escape, even though no evidence points to that. The prosecutor then meets him and convinces him to redact that statement so he can better defend her in her trial, as its useless to just admit to everything.

So he does that and he gets a suspended sentence for the gun possession.

Han Moo-Young ends up defending Ro Um, Da Jung and Na-Sa in one joint trial. Mo Jae-In testifies in their favor and says their circumstances forced them to do what they did.

At the closing trial, Han Moo-Young delivers a passionate closing statement pleading with the judge for a reduced sentence talking about how their childhoods and more were robbed from them due to Jeokmok’s society. When the judge asks Ro Um if she has anything to say, she says she’s not looking for a reduced sentence, she also says she’s sorry for what she’s done.

Na-Sa gets 4 months, Da Jung gets 6 months, and Ro Um gets a year in prison.

Jay is also on trial and the road is long as there is a lot to go through. He’s also locked up now. He’s sentenced to life in prison, he keeps making appeals but he likely won’t ever see the light of the day again.

After some time, both Na-Sa and Da Jung get out and she sends a letter to Ro Um letting her know that Ring-Go has woken up.

The children involved in the Jeokmok’s society get compensation in the millions including Ro Um.

Han Moo-Young meets with his mother who is apologetic towards him, but he says they’ve had some good times and assures her its fine.

Ro Um gets discharged and visits her group, she also begins to learn how to drive with the help of Han Moo-Young. Ro Um also gets Go Yo-Han as he probation officer and sees he’s now married with a ring.

Prosecutor Ryu Jae-Hyeok comes to recruit Da Jung to work on the case for Jeokmok’s society in the future because its not over, she’s positively thinking of it.

In jail, Han Moo-Young visits Jay to warn him to stay away from Ro Um and says she’s never coming. He also warns him not to try anything funny because unlike Ro Um, he doesn’t care if he lives or dies.

Ro Um also visits Han Moo-Young’s dad in prison, she tells him to now sleep soundly and that its ok.

The four friends move into a new big place and they ask if Ro Um told Han Moo-Young, she says no. but then, she wires him 100$, he comes by to visit and when she asks why he’s here, he says its because he has something to tell her implying he’s going to confess.

The end

“Delightfully Deceitful” ending explained- FAQ

Does “Delightfully Deceitful” have a happy ending?

Yes, it does. The drama ends with the capture of Jay, he gets put behind bars for his crimes and the friends group of Ro Um get their happy ending, despite serving some jail time, they end up getting compensated for what they’ve been through.

How does “Delightfully Deceitful” end?

The ending scene of the drama shows the four friends move into a new big place and they ask if Ro Um told Han Moo-Young, she says no. but then, she wires him 100$, he comes by to visit and when she asks why he’s here, he says its because he has something to tell her implying he’s going to confess. They both smile at each other.

Did Ro Um get arrested?

Yes, she did and she ended up serving some jail time for her crimes while attempting to catch Jay.

Was Jay killed in “Delightfully Deceitful” finale?

No, but he was shot. He eventually gets sentenced to life in prison.

Did Ro Um and Han Moo-Young end up dating?

Yes, its implied in the finale scene of “Delightfully Deceitful” that he was going to confess to her and they’d start dating, it also seemed as if she knew he was going to do that.

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