“Daily Dose Of Sunshine” Ending Explained: Finale And Episode 12 Recap

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Netflix has released the episodes of “Daily Dose Of Sunshine,” let us discuss the ending and explain the finale!

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“Daily Dose Of Sunshine” episode 12 recap

The episode begins with Da Eun and Go-Yoon heading to work together holding hands, but as they get near the hospital, they act like strangers and wonder if they’re caught.

When she arrives at her unit, Da Eun finds out that Byeong Hui harmed herself again too. They rush to aid her and stop her from doing more.

Byeong Hui gets escorted to a new more protective unit and more of her stuff get confiscated. She’s not happy and makes a scene.

At night, Deul-Re tells Da Eun she’s leaving her position as a nurse and she’s the 1st one she told. Head nurse Song tries but not too hard to persuade her. She ends up quitting.

Dr. Hwang and Deul-Re meet up with her friend and see a musical, she tells him she’s a free spirit, he’s pleasantly surprised. During the car ride home, he tells her she should do whatever she wants and that she seems to enjoy talking about cruises.

At dawn, Da Eun’s mother takes out the trash and finds Go-Yoon waiting for her daughter, they’re going on a morning walk. She quickly goes back to wake her up. During their walk, they run into Yoo-Chan who is going to work on his 1st day again.

At the hospital, Byeong Hui takes an IQ test because her mother says she was slower than others. Its revealed people harassed Byeong Hui and made fun of her and her dreams, she then began harming herself in front of them.

At his job, Yoo-Chan’s superior is told he’s a very good worker and had the highest evaluations and such. Yoo-Chan feels the pressure, so he takes medication and powers through the day.

Deul-Re goes to tell her friend she wants to work on a cruise ship too. She begins training with them and dancing. Her boyfriend picks her up after her practice ends.

And at the hospital, Byeong Hui IQ is 71, lower than average. She insists Byeong Hui should take the test again.

Byeong Hui is feeling down, so Da Eun uses a hair band and ties it around her wrist asking her to pull on it when she feels she wants to harm herself.

At dawn, Go-Yoon runs into Yoo-Chan who is now leaving work. He’s been pressured into doing even more.

Go-Yoon and Da eun go for a walk again and when they come back, they have breakfast with her mom. The mother then talks to him privately and gives him her blessings and says she’s happy he’s with her daughter making her feel better.

Byeong Hui retakes her IQ test but scores higher, this angers her mom, she needs her to score lower than 70 so she could go to a special needs school.

At night, Da Eun sees Yoo-Chan again and he gives her advice about not worrying too much. He also says he wants to find a girlfriend as pretty as an idol. She teases him saying he won’t ever find one.

At his work, Yoo-Chan is bombarded with so much, so many messages. He tries to tell his superior of that, but he’s unsympathetic. He goes to the bathroom and feels a panic attack coming, then water starts flooding in, because of the calls he’s getting, he drops his phone in the water.

At 6 pm, he gets up and tells his superior he’s signed a contract to stay until 6 and would be violating his contract if he doesn’t leave on time. He leaves right then and there shocking everyone.

On her final day, a goodbye party is held for Deul-Re and then she’s told everyone knows she’s dating Dr. Hwang. They also tell Da Eun they know she’s dating Dr. Dong.

Deul-Re is wondering if she should take on the job, Yeo-Hwan tells her she should, he looks cool saying she should follow her dreams even if meant the cruise lasts a year, of course, this doesn’t mean they’re breaking up.

On another day, Da Eun comes to say goodbye to Deul-Re at the airport. Her boyfriend couldn’t make it due to a seminar. After they finish their cute conversation, Da Eun runs into Byeong Hui who is now working there at the airport to be closer to her dream.

In voiceover, Da Eun says ‘we all cross between night and day.’

On the new day, Ji Seung Jae shows up, he’s now training to be a nurse there. She introduces him to their unit and says things are hectic so he has to work and learn at the same time.

Da eun ends with, ‘we’re all standing on the border between normal and abnormal.’

The end.

“Daily Dose Of Sunshine” Ending Explained- FAQ

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