Kdrama “Big Mouth” Episode 4 Recap And Review

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Here is a recap and review of the 4th episode of the new MBC drama “Big Mouth” starring Lee Jong Suk and YoonA.

“Big Mouth” episode 4 recap

The episode picks up right where we left, the criminals are escorted while No Park is treated. The warden sees him on the bed and asks him why he picked him, he whispers something into his ears that shocks him.

The warden lets Park Chang-Ho and his people go from the confinement while the killers remain there.

The VIPs have a fight with the warden who is upset at their scheme because if Gong Ji-Hoon finds out, they’re screwed, they fight but come to an agreement that he will do his best to stop it from happening.

At the hospital, the staff tries to set Mi Ho up for failure by telling her to inject the wrong dose to a patient, they try to blame her but she has a photo taken of the instructions. They fail.

The hospital nurses have a meeting and Mi Ho gets up and says she has professor Seo’s papers causing shock in front of Hyun Joo-Hee.

The mayor calls her and inquires about the papers. They decide to meet up. She tells him she doesn’t have them but knows its related to the DNRs being signed by everyone and tells him his wife might have something to do with it, he doesn’t agree and defends her.

At prison, one of the prisoners who wanted to kill Park Chang-Ho commits suicide but that is very difficult to do there so people suspect foul play. Gong Ji-Hoon shows up to intimidate Park Chang-Ho to give him back the millions he stole, he refuses, he tells him if he doesn’t give him the names of the people, he will know he’s a fake and will kill him.

Thus, Park Chang-Ho immediately calls the mayor from prison telling him he needs his help.

Then, the three prisoners who attempted to murder Park Chang-Ho are released while the others believe he killed the other one. The three people end up swallowing cyanide and dying immediately. Its ruled a suicide since the prisons ate it themselves. They search through Park Chang-Ho’s cell but find nothing that points to him. The warden takes him outside and threatens him about being a fake and tells him he must give up those names in the books if he is actually real.

At the outside world, Gong Ji-Hoon goes to meet the elder who is still mad he lost all that money. He sees Hyun Joo-Hee there, she knows the elder. He catches then a meeting of the mayor with important people.

At the bathroom, they get into an altercation and the mayor says he wants to be free from his hands. However, Gong Ji-Hoon knows something that would turn that ‘elder’ against him.

At night, Mi Ho is being followed and she catches the man along with her father. They find out its the mayor’s assistant and ask him to come. The mayor is not thrilled his assistant got attacked but hands her a paper with the names of the drugs big mouse sold to people. The mayor also finds out the prosecutor he had trusted joined hands with Gong Ji-Hoon.

At prison, Mi Ho hands Park Chang-Ho the paper. However, turns out that the notebook is fake and Gong Ji-Hoon planted it to catch two birds with one stone.

Prisoners begin to bet on who will rule prison whether its the VIPs or Park Chang-Ho. The VIPs also bet they will win.

At an art gallery, Gong Ji-Hoon talks to the mayor and tells him that the list is fake and he believes big mouse has someone he’s relying on, he invites him to join him as he will go see him but he declines. He rushes outside and tries to tell Park Chang-Ho the list is fake.

But Gong Ji-Hoon had already arrived there to meet Park Chang-Ho and no one from the prison is answering the mayor. He’s terrified they will be caught.

“Big Mouth” episode 4 review

I think “Big Mouth” episode 4 has become my fav in the drama thus far. Truly interesting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Jong suk gets to show off his range a lot in this drama. I think this is likely his most challenging acting role in a drama yet. He’s proving just how good of an actor he is.

Now onto the big thing. Who is big mouse?

First things first, I am happy the drama is progressing so fast and is so interesting. At the same time, I wonder how the screenwriter plans on handling the drama especially when it will definitely become difficult for Chang Ho to keep pretending he’s big mouse. I don’t think this should be dragged so it will definitely be an interesting situation to look at from a writing perspective.

It was pretty obvious big mouse planted Chang ho as the man in question. Now, I didn’t know big mouse would be in the prison. A lot of people are saying its Jerry and I honestly have to agree. I thought it was very odd Kwan Dong Yeon accepted such a minor role, I mean he’s played important roles in many other dramas, why would he pick such an insignificant role? He can definitely ask for a better character. I believe his character’s importance will grow a lot in the coming episodes.

And if he’s not big mouse, then I believe he can be part of big mouse. I am leaning towards the possibility that big mouse is a group, not an individual.

The only way out for chang ho is for big mouse himself to ‘save him.’ I think its in big mouse’s interest that people think chang ho is the one if he doesn’t want to get caught.

Definitely an interesting drama, there are so many ways this could potentially become one of either the biggest or most disappointing dramas depending on how the writing progresses.

The screenwriter is slowly trapping themselves with the progression of the drama so I definitely hope this won’t fizzle out.

So what did you guys think of “Big Mouth” Episode 4?

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