“Bad And Crazy” Finale- Episode 12 Recap And Ending Explained

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tvN’s “Bad And Crazy” has come to an end earlier today, here is a recap of the finale and the ending explained.

How does Ryu Su Yeol escape the mental hospital?

Ryu Su Yeol spends a while trying to escape and each time, he fails miserably until he realizes he can use the drugs they gave him to lace it with drinking water.

He sneaks into the Doctor’s office and threatens to expose her for selling paid meds. She agrees to have transferred via an ambulance to outside the facility.

She orders the paramedics to kill him but he escapes.

What happens to Dr. Yum? Does he die?

Ryu Su Yeol escapes to Dr. Yum’s clinic that was shut down 5 months ago. They meet and talk, they discuss how to take down Yun Ho and agree that they must find someone who can expose his mask.

Later, the police force chase down people linked to the person who helped Yun Ho at the hospital and confirm he’s the real Shin Joo Hyuk.

Shin Joo-Hyuk or Yun Ho shows up at the doctor’s clinic and stabs him, he had bugged his office and found out as soon as Ryu Su Yeol escaped that he needed to kill that doctor.

Ryu Su Yeol calls for help but is forced to escape before he’s charged with attempted murder.

How does Ryu Su Yeol catch Yun Ho?

Yun Ho messes with Ryu Su Yeol’s mother by sending her a letter that basically tricks to into believing he isn’t her child and that he’s done some bad things. After he calms her down, he picks up a call from Yun Ho to show up at his father’s home where he was murdered.

When he arrives, Yun Ho still insists that he should thank him for getting him out of his misery, he lights the house on fire and it has Jung Hoon in it. He runs into the fire to save him, but he’s drugged by Yun Ho and stabbed.

However, with encouragement from K, he stands up again and saves Jung Hoon, he also rushes to his car.

They get into one last fight and Ryu Su Yeol begins to smash his head into Yun Ho’s. Police arrive and they arrest him.

Did K disappear? Why?

K ends up disappearing after this whole ordeal is over. They hug each other goodbye while crying. K says his actual name is ‘king,’ they part ways on good terms.

Does Ryu Su Yeol get reinstated?

Yes, eventually.

Ryu Su Yeol has to face a committee and his captain tells him to lie about K ever being real. But when he’s at the meeting, he recalls how K helped him out and ends up saying he’s real, he refuses to forget him or forget his influence on him.

He leaves after saying that.

He begins working in his mother’s pizzeria. One day, Hee Gyeom pays him a visit. Netizens had found out he’s been fired because of his mental issues and they protested to the police’s website. They want him to get back to the force. They agree to go back.

Does Ryu Su Yeol and Hee Gyeom begin dating again?

When Hee Gyeom visits him, she asks him who kissed her that day, he doesn’t answer but it seems they’re back on good terms and possible dating as well.

Does Shin Joo Hyuk die? How is he killed?

Shin Joo Hyuk is at the courthouse for his trial, his lawyer tells him they should argue he was mentally fragile due to abuse when he was a child but doesn’t promise him it would get him much of a reduced sentence.

At the bathroom, we find out that the drug gang Boss Yong was there too, she breaks free from her handcuffs and goes to the men’s bathroom. She strangles him and even bites his neck. She kills him to avenge Andrei.

“Bad And Crazy” Ending- review

“Bad And Crazy” was such a fun drama, it became serious at times, but it was still fun to watch. I don’t think I’ve seen a kdrama extensively cover gaslighting to this degree, I’ve dealt with someone close to me who would gaslight me, after a while, you do begin to doubt yourself and it changes you. I didn’t know it had a name until recently.

I also liked how they tackled the topic of mental health for detectives and police officers without becoming too gloomy.

Wi Ha Joon truly stands out here, despite how cartoonish his character was, he truly gave it his all. How was he able to give such a performance without becoming cringy… I will never know, but he was truly marvelous.

VIXX’s N also did well.

However, I am a bit conflicted about Lee Dong Wook’s acting here, I’ve seen him give better performances, that’s for sure. This time, in his performance, something felt missing. He tends to overreact when acting, it was suitable here because of the premise, but there were times, it felt a bit cringy. At other times, I could see he wasn’t fully into his character even with the ridiculous premise in mind. Wi Ha Joon, on the other hand, played it so seriously and with such conviction but it never came close to being cringy or over-the-top [acting-wise]. This is not my favorite performance of him, I’ll say that.

I am glad “Bad And Crazy” wasn’t longer than this. 12 episodes were more than enough for this drama. I am also glad that the screenwriter never hung on a story for more than she should have, the shift from the seemingly unrelated stories to the final one about Yun Ho was a bit jarring but I’ll accept that over padding the run time for the sake of it.

What did you guys think of “Bad And Crazy” ending?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Lee Dong Wook’s acting was good overall, He did really well if it was bad people would have complained from the start,or the director corrected him many times.Opinions differ sometimes

  2. I think the opposite. It should have been longer. It felt rushed and kinda repetitive…They should have explored more the other characters too and what about his past with Hui Gyeom, the reason why they broke up, her birthday’s day they spent together…Things we see marginally in the drama but not explained, why? And as for the others were just there randomly not even solving cases, because is always Ryu the one who saves the day. The alter ego thing it ends up being confusing…The ending too wasn’t satisfying either. Comedy but no answers and it left doubts. Loved the cast and Lee performance but the drama disappointed me. It started good and later became just meh! Such shame

  3. I really liked the drama! first, I agree about LDW’s acting… it felt half hearted but idk if it was his take on SY due to how SY seemed a bit meek/reserved doing just what he had to do or how he kept avoiding stuff that would put him in a tight spot. towards the end, I felt he became more true tonhis feelings expressing hinself maybe because of how he was ‘merging’ with K… It was interesting to me how I felt SY was a bit of a cliche being the ‘real’ one but K, the comic relief almost straight from a comic book superhero character that wasnt real, was played in a way that wasnt unreal! maybe that was the goal!I also felt puzzled about the shift to villain Jun ho and how they shoe horned the whole drug dealing scheme in SY’s story… I still dont understand how or why JH suddenly remembered or knew about K and why he suddenly wanted SY to thank him… kinda out of the blue but the actor got me with his acting.

  4. At one point SY did ask JH that why did he start all of it after 22yrs of being strangers; the answer to which was found in the last episode, that JH basically wanted SY to accept the fact that he had saved him.
    But yes the transition from the 2nd story to this story wasnt as smooth.

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