“A Killer Paradox” Ending Explained- Finale Recap And Review

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Netflix has released its newest series “A Killer Paradox” earlier today, let us recap the finale and explain the ending!

“A Killer Paradox” episode 8 recap

Lee Tang reads Roh Bin’s letter and now is given the choice to make a certain decision, he chooses to come to his aid and go back, not leaving Seoul.

Nan-Gam shows up to his father’s hospital bed and discovers the crime scene, he’s told his mother is fine. Nan-Gam is told to take a rest but the police officers mark he didn’t return his gun and they fear he might do something.

He runs back into his car very agitated and Roh Bin hides when his superior shows up to offer condolences. Nan-Gam then leaves in a hurry and has a fight with Roh Bin in the car when he tells him he’ll help him catch Song Chon if he let Lee Tang go. He calls him out on his attitude and says he’s not a god to be doing what he’d been doing.

They end up agreeing to meet Song Chon in the warehouse, and Lee Tang drives there using the GPS tracker he put into Roh Bin’s device.

at first, Song Chon is upset that Tang didn’t show up but when he sees him he remarks its now ‘fun.’ They get into a fight and Tang and Bin try to stop the man physically since he has a gun, Nan-Gam shoots at his abdomen and Bin also gets fatally shot in the process too by Song Chon’s gun.

Tang goes to his body and begins to cry, Song Chon says he’s puzzled he didn’t see this ending coming. Song Chon then challenges Nan-Gam to kill him but says he’ll never know why his father died.

He then begins to retell the story of how he was a murderer’s son and tried his best to please his superiors including Nan-Gam’s father who was very aloof and always rude. He also denies he cheated with his mom and refers him to the superior who did it. Once, he helped a woman working at a cafeteria they frequented to go to China, then when it was time for people to chip in as she prepares to move, Nan-Gam’s father asked Song Chon to give her what appeared to be beverages in a box, he does so and is told she was told to deliver them to someone in China.

Later, through news he finds out she was arrested in the airport while trying to enter China as the beverages had drugs laced in them. He then goes to confront him thinking he must’ve thought it wrong, Nan-Gam’s father snaps and starts disciplining him but he then gets up and stops him from hitting him any further, he asks him why he did it, Nan-Gam’s father says it was a mistake he even allowed him to be brought in and work here, Song Chon then uses a hammer and begins beating the man, he hits him five times.

Nan-Gam has heard enough and wants to kill him but Tang interferes and says he’ll do it, but as they have a fight about this, Song Chon gets up, takes the knife out of his body and prepares to attack Tang before Nan-Gam shoots him.

He dies.

A while later, Nan-Gam decides against euthanizing the dog he’s been looking after and takes him back home. They also hold the funeral and he looks the man who cheated with his mother dead in the eyes.

after a while, Nan-Gam visits his former partner who recovered from brain surgery and recovered well in just a couple of days.

During an interview, Lee Yu-Jeong speaks to Nan-Gam asking him if Tang had anything to do with it. We get flashbacks to when Bin set it up so he takes the fall for everything to exonerate Tang. When Tang had left an apple with his teeth marks, Bin knew and even changed his teeth to have a shape resembling that because they knew police had it as evidence.

We also get flashbacks to when Nan-Gam and Tang talked after both men died that night, Nan-Gam asks Tang why he came back and he says he felt he should end it all like he started it, he even points his own gun at him trying to end himself but when he shoots himself via Nan-Gam’s gun, it fails. He collapses to the ground.

Nan-Gam is tired, he tells him he will be caught in the end whether it be him or someone else and he should do as he sees fit, he doesn’t even arrest him and just leaves.

A fire then starts in the warehouse and he attempts to drag Bin’s body outside but he couldn’t so he ends up leaving alone.

Somewhere overseas, Tang now lives there working hard jobs, and it happens to be where former detective Park Chung-Jin also lived, so he happens to see him, he reports him, and he gets arrested, but his record is clean so he’s sent back to Seoul.

he even leaves wearing minimal clothes in the cold Seoul winter.

When we flashback to see what Nan-Gam told the profiler, he had refused to help and the prosecutor turned away the investigation into Tang due to lack of evidence.

Nan-Gam now lives a quiet life and is no longer a detective, as he’s taking his dog for a walk, he goes inside a convenience store and sees the news, a man was killed and it turns out he’s been wanted for crimes.

This hints that Tang has began to kill again.

the end.

“A Killer Paradox” ending explained- FAQ

did you like “A Killer Paradox” ending?

“A Killer Paradox” ending review

I have some mixed feelings about the ending, and personally speaking, I don’t think “A Killer Paradox” needs a 2nd season either.

I feel like still, even with an ending setting up for another installment, it would be fine without it. I personally doubt Tang goes back to killing again, because he would have done so where he was smuggled overseas. one thing I liked was how he never reveled in the idea of killing like Song Chon did. He was hovering that line between doing it for good and being consumed by it, I ultimately liked how it never consumed him in a bad way or turned him into something unrecognizable. He maintained his humanity and I appreciate this aspect of the script, I walked in expecting him to be more consumed by it judging from the teasers I saw.  

I like the ideas the drama was aiming for, but I feel conflicted, I need a couple of days to soak in the ideas and see how I truly feel about the script. I would say the performances were amazing and so was the directing and cinematography.

Good job to the “A Killer Paradox” team, I hope this drama finds success in the coming weeks.

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