Yoo Seung Ho In Talks For Upcoming Crime Thriller Drama

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Actor Yoo Seung Ho has reportedly been discussing his appearance in the upcoming drama based on Naver Webtoon titled “Deal.”

According to a report by Exports News on October 25, Yoo Seung Ho will appear as the main lead of the original wavve drama “Deal.”

“Deal” is based on the Naver webtoon of the same name and will broadcast in eight episodes. It will be directed by Lee Jung Gon, who received the Feature Film Award for “Not Out” from Watcha at the 22nd Jeonju Film Festival

The webtoon “Deal” comes under the genre of crime thrillers and is the debut work of the author Unam 20, and is the winner of the 2020 Naver Webtoon Web novel Best Competition Award.

The webtoon begins with high school alumni Jun Sung, Jae Hyo, and Min Woo meeting at a drinking party after a long time. Then Jun Sung and Jae Hyo pretend to be Min Woo’s kidnappers and portray what happens in the story.

It is a work that engages with realistic and bitter character descriptions and unintentionally twisted developments. The anticipations are rising on how it will be dramatized.

Yoo Seung Ho made his debut in 2000 with a drama. He appeared in movies such as “The Way Home,” “Hearty Paws,” “The Clue,” “Blind,” “The Magician,” “City Of Fathers” dramas such as “Memorist,” “My Strange Hero,” “I’m Not a Robot, “Remember,” and more.

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