Chae Jong Hyeop Attempts To Get Park Sung Woong Out Of A Smartphone In Newly Released Teaser Posters And Video Of “Unlock The Boss”

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Unlock The Boss” has unveiled new character posters as well as a video teaser!

The upcoming ENA drama was originally scheduled to air in November has been pushed back to December.

“Unlock the Boss” is based on a webtoon of the same name. It was greatly loved at the time of its serialization because of its unique storyline and dynamic development across comedy and thriller. On top of that, director Lee Cheol Ha, who directed the movies such as “Insane” and “Okay Madam,” and writer Kim Hyung Min, who co-wrote Netflix’s “Sweet Home,” will join hands for the drama. It tells the story of a jobseeker who picks up a smartphone where a company president gets trapped.

Chae Jong Hyeop plays the role of Park In Sung, a job seeker whose life has changed after picking up a smartphone in which the president is trapped. Park In Sung, who was born into a poor family and only learned “useless” acting as his major, worked hard, but he still remained a young man who has achieved nothing.

Park Sung Woong plays the role of Kim Sun Joo, president of “Silver Linings,” an emerging IT company who has been trapped in a smartphone due to a suspicious incident. Kim Sun Joo, a world-class developer who makes imagination a reality, is a man with everything but a good personality.

The newly released teaser posters captures Park In Sung holding a smartphone, he appears to be at crossroads. Kim Sun Joo is waiting for his touch impatiently.

Along with the teaser posters, the first video trailer has also been unveiled. Check it out down below!

“Unlock the Boss” will premiere on Wednesday, December 9 at 9 p.m on ENA.

Are you excited to see “Unlock the Boss”?

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