“The Veil” Announces Spin-Off Focused On Park Ha Sun’s Character After Its Shocking Fate Is Confirmed

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“The Veil” will air a spin-off that focuses on Park Ha Sun’s Character!


Reps from the drama confirmed to news outlets that Park Ha Sun’s Character Seo Soo-Yeon is indeed dead after people were speculating on her fate following the drama’s latest episodes.

The drama reps announced a spin-off titled “Moebius: The Veil.” The spin-off will air on October 29 and 30 following the conclusion of “The Veil.” The spin-off will help shed more light on the ambiguous character that met her fate so soon in the series. It will also focus on actors Jung Moon Sung and Jang Young Nam.

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My personal thoughts- written by Jass K.

Well… this was indeed a surprise, I actually thought her character wasn’t dead. I was among the viewers who believed she was going to make a surprise appearance later on.

I guess what shocked me beside her death is the fact that the character passed away halfway through the drama. Park Ha Sun is credited as the main female character in the drama, but it feels more of a supporting role type of character rather than a main character. Of course, part of the intrigue had to do with their marketing strategy which I believe worked because everyone I know was shocked by her early death.

So in a sense, this means Park Ji Eun is more or less the actual main female lead of the drama, I was wondering why there was much more focus on the 2nd lead since the beginning.

I am enjoying “The Veil” and I think its one of the best series of 2021. However, I wasn’t particularly fond of Park Ha Sun’s Character or her acting style. A spin-off that focuses on her character feels like it could be warranted if you want to understand more about her character’s motivations, I think it will tie more loose ends because “The Veil” has been moving at an incredibly fast pace.

The only issue for me is the fact that the character was very unlikable. Park Ha Sun’s performance didn’t really help either, but I am not quite sure whether its the writing that led to her acting in that specific direction or whether she’s always been like that. I’ve seen some of her other dramas but her performance in this one feels a bit different­- in a way that I am still trying to grasp.

However, I was intrigued by Jung Moon Sung’s performance especially considering how he’s always played inferior characters, his energy felt so different in this one. He was fun to watch.

By Hilda Moore

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